Your dream is your soul calling you into alignment with yourself.

A creative dream is any idea that lights you up… from wild life-changing adventures to the tiniest slice of joy.

Wish-fulfillment. Spaciousness. Freedom. Fullness. Love.

I’m Andrea Schroeder, founder of The Creative Dream Incubator.

andrea.jpgI help bright  + soulful creative types make their dreams real — with transformative spiritual practices & personal development techniques that feel like magic potions, tea parties and creative playdates.

I’ve been studying the intersection of creativity and spirituality for 25 years.

My official-type education includes a degree in fashion design, half of a degree in interior design and an accreditation (which means 3 years of focused study, 1 year of interning plus passing some tests) as a New Thought Spiritual Teacher/Healer/Counselor. plus training as an intuitive energy healer and Reiki practitioner.

I work in my very own Dream Factory where I teach open-hearted, creative people how to access whole new worlds of inner magic & power, so they can bring their dreams to life, with ease and joy.

When people join my Creative Dream Circle they’re often stunned by how effective and wildly transformative everything is, like how the Un-Sticking Station actually un-sticks things that they thought were permanent blocks.

But it’s no accident, I take my job as a Creative Dream Incubator VERY seriously.  I have a lot of training and experience. And I have a LOT of love for dreamers and their dreams. I work hard at this and I love every minute of it.

I believe, more than anything, that creative people bringing their dreams to life is going to save the world. This means everything to me.

In twenty-five years of studying the most important thing I have learned is that ALL dreams ARE possible.

The whole concept of “impossible” is bullshit!

I am now living with many dreams that I used to think were absolutely impossible for me (like owning my dream loft home/studio, being a full time creative being, traveling around the world, feeling truly happy in my own skin and marrying my soulmate).

Though if you read my blog you already know – I stumble and fall as much as anyone! I know what it’s like to try, and to fail. I know what it’s like to be so scared I want to give up.

I know how soul-numbing it feels to not believe in yourself, or your dream.

I spent a lot of time living as a typical “starving artist”. I spent some time working in an office job that was really really nice, but didn’t make my soul sing.

I also know how delicious it is to GET my dream and how living my dreams lights up my whole life.

I know how to get from struggle to flow. And I can show you how too.

Over the years as I’ve developed my skills, I have created my own unique tools – bringing the bliss and freedom of wild creative abandon into the sometimes-stuffy practices of personal growth and conscious spiritual evolution.

I have the tools to help you get what you want. And I’m literally wiggle-dancing with excitement to share them with you.

Here is how I can help:

Creative Dream Circle: In the Circle you’ll get access to all of my best tools and resources for making your dreams REAL.  This includes my signature e-course The Creative Dream Incubator which has already birthed hundreds of dreams.

Plus, when you join the Circle, you get ALL of new classes I do – all year long!  A steady stream of inspiration & magic.

Creative Dream COACHING Circles: In-depth calls on specific topics relating to your dreams. These calls are all included in the Creative Dream Circle, or you can register for them individually.

Guided Journals + Colouring Books. I published my first one in Feb 2017: You Got This Guided Journal + Colouring Book for Dissolving Doubt + Bolstering Your Capacity To Believe In Yourself my second one is Hello Day: 30 Days of Mindfulness, Coloring + Self Discovery.

If you’re new to the Creative Dream Incubator, you may want to start with my free 10 day email class Give Your Dream Wings.

Andrea Schroeder