Free Art Journal Class: Dreamtastic Creative Journals


free art journal class

In almost a decade of teaching from the intersection of creativity & spirituality, I have found that everyone, literally everyone, benefits from keeping an art journal.

I put these free resources together to help you make the most of YOUR art journal practice.

Keeping a creative journal can help you:

  • connect with your inner voice
  • give you space to express your uncomfortable feelings, and then heal + transform them
  • support self-care
  • nurture your dreams + change your life

A strong and consistent creative journaling practice gives you space to unfold your true potential.

This is an art journal class with a twist: In Dreamtastic Creative Journals I’ll teach you how to use your art journal as a tool for making your dreams real.

This art journal class is completely free – everything is accessible right here from this page.

I made this creativity meditation for helping you get in the zone before you get out your art journal:


Creative Journal FAQ:

How To Get started with creative journaling

Art Journal Supplies Demystified

How To Do Creative Journaling When I’m Not Artistic

Do I Have To Do It Every Day For It To Work?

Should I Be Looking Back Through My Journal To Spot Patterns?

I Get Stuck Trying To Put My Dreams Into Action

Do I Have To Get A Whole Ton Of Art Supplies Or Do A Lot Of Crazy Art Stuff?

How Is Drawing Mandalas Different From Drawing Anything Else?

What To Do About The Negative Voices That Shoot Dreams Down?

The real reason why you avoid your journal


Creative Journal Tools, Prompts & Processes:

It’s Not About How It Looks, At All, Really

List of 100 Reason Why You Can Do This

Journaling Prompt For When You Don’t Know How To Make Your Dream Real

Creative Journal Prompts for Finding Your Dream

Creative Journal Prompts for Overcoming Fear

Easy Peasy Mandala Tutorial

Art Journal Lessons from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Weekly Journaling Prompts For Staying On Track With Your Dream

Cranky “I don’t wanna” Creative Journaling (how your journal can help you get out of cranky town)

I’m also opening the door on my own personal art journal practice.

Every day, for 30 days, I made a video sharing the stories, insights + magic that came from my art journal that day.

I also shared honestly on the days when I was cranky and scared and didn’t believe in myself to show you the true story of how my art journal practice helps me with all of that.

I’ll show you how I use my journal as a tool for actually creating my life:  Planning maps.  Building paths to my dreams.  Working through the obstacles and the hard parts.  Deciding where I want to go and how I am going to get there.

Following my practice can help you see what kind of magic is waiting for you in YOUR art journal, when you approach journaling the dreamtastic way.


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