Year of Dreams Free Coloring + Journaling Pages (day 1 of 5)

December 28, 2015

My big project for 2016 is The Year of Dreams Epic Playbook: Guided Journal + Coloring Book for Healing, Magic + Dreams Come True.

The playbook is designed to shift your energy and spark new insights and self-realizations to help you grow into your biggest, brightest and dreamiest self… and to make it fun and inspiring to keep at it so you can take your creative dreaming and personal growth skills to the next level.

I’m so happy and grateful about this – to spend the year building the ultimate guided journal and coloring book for creating deep and lasting change is my ultimate dream job.

I’m celebrating by giving away a page a day all week!

From December 28 to January 1 I’ll be posting a new page here every day.  Here’s today’s page:


Click here to download the full resolution page – if you just save the image above you’ll get a too-small version.

The playbook pages combine insightful journaling prompts and energy alchemy exercises with fun stuff to color and space for your doodles and journaling.

Today’s page is a mandala with a message for you.

Sometimes the messages will feel comforting, reassuring or inspiring.  Sometimes they’ll piss you off or trigger your fears and insecurities.

Whatever happens is perfect.

The aim is to be with your actual experience with the mandala, not to try to have “the perfect happy and inspiring mandala experience”.

Being with your actual experience will lead you to new discoveries and insights about what it is you really need right now to claim your inherent worthiness.

As you color the mandala imagine your colors activate its magic.

Pay attention to how this feels.  Pay attention to the thoughts, ideas and questions that come up in response.

There is lot of white space on this page to journal about your reaction to the mandala.

Keep going – especially if you absolutely hate the mandala – coloring and journaling and expressing your feelings.

Do your best to trust that however this unfolds for you, this is leading you to exactly what you need right now.

If you want to share a pic of your colored page on Instagram use the #yearofdreams hashtag so we can find you!

Then come back here tomorrow for the next page.

The Year of Dreams Epic Playbook: Guided Journal + Coloring Book for Healing, Magic + Dreams Come True year-long playbook starts on January 4.

Every week in 2016 you’ll get new heartfelt hand-drawn pages that make it easy and fun to stay with the process so you can take your creative dreaming and personal growth skills to the next level.

It’s designed to have enough new stuff coming at you to be inspiring and helpful and not so much stuff that it gets overwhelming.

This is the ultimate BFF for your dream – to cheer it on, help it grow and pick it back up when it falls down.

You can work through your playbook in 5-10 minute increments and changes will start to seep into your life. Or you can dive in and delight in the magic of it for hours and hours – your choice.

And if you’re ever too busy to play you can just ignore the emails until you’re ready to dive back in, knowing that more magic is always on its way to you.

More magic is always on its way to you!

The Year of Dreams Epic Playbook: Guided Journal + Coloring Book for Healing, Magic + Dreams Come True is only available inside the Creative Dream Circle.

As you may have guessed, it does take a bit more than a coloring book to make REAL magic in your life.

The coloring book makes it easier to stay in the process while the classes, tools and resources in the Creative Dream Circle help you build the path that leads to your dream come true.

Click here to read more + join the Creative Dream Circle.

The first part of the Year of Dreams Epic Playbook will land in the Circle on January 4, and then you’ll get three new playsheets delivered to your inbox every Monday for all of 2016.

Click here to read more + join the Creative Dream Circle.

Looking forward to making magic with you in 2016,

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Meeting with the cranky fairy of holiday resentment.

December 21, 2015


I’ve been really snippy lately – just quick to get frustrated when things don’t go right.

The holidays are a stressful time.

Most years I take great effort to avoid this and to create a really peaceful and happy end of the year – but this year I just walked right into the madness of the holidays.

(Last year I even did a whole class on having a happy, calm and peaceful holiday season, which is now in the Creative Dream Circle – at the beginning of the month I reminded the Circle members that it’s there if they need it but I didn’t think I needed it.  Ha.)

I just walked downtown in the snow before sunrise – one of my treasured winter rituals which usually makes me feel so peaceful and happy.

But this morning I spent the whole walk following my negative thoughts around in sad, angry circles.

And then when I got to the coffee shop to work of course I couldn’t.  I mean I can’t do the work I do from that kind of headspace.

So I am asking my cranky feeling to meet with me and see if we can work this out.

Cranky feeling appears as a blue haired fairy.  Her fairy wand is bent… actually when I look closer, she looks like she’s been on a bender.

Hey fairy, how are you doing?

How am I doing? How can anyone be expected to think with that horrible banging?  What is that?

That’s the music in the coffee shop.

It’s terrible.

Well, yeah, but I’m sure the next song with be less bangy.

Let’s never come here again the sound system is wrong for my ears.

OK, I agree.  But since we’re here now I’d like to be able to just get to work.


What else is bothering you?

Well everything is changing and I’m so scared.  

The fairy bursts into tears.

Oh, I’m so sorry you’re feeling scared.  How can I help?

[Fairy asks for something that I don’t want to share online]

Well, my intuition says yes.

But I say no!

Hmmm, can you remember some other times when my intuition said yes and you said no?  Like when I bought the loft?  You were terrified, remember?


And that worked out really well, right?


And then this bright light eclipses everything.

My heart softens.

I remember that I can trust my inner truth.

I look around for the fairy, she’s teeny tiny now, sitting on the armrest of the chair.  I pick her up and put her in the palm of my hand.

I want you to feel safe – more safe, more of the time.  How can I do that?

I want you to be more aware of how much things are changing! You’re just carrying on like you’re fine!  

Well I guess I thought I was fine.

I want you to be more present with the change, so I can be fine too.

Oh, ok I see that.  I’m sorry I haven’t been doing that for you.  I love you, you know.  I want to take care of you. I don’t want you to feel afraid.

Fairy sparkles for a few minutes, then flies into my heart.

Here’s what I got from this:

Well, first – a healing.  My heart is soft and sparkly and I’m not all cranky anymore.

But more importantly I got a reminder that that small, scared parts of me are small and scared.

Small as in easy for me to not notice.

Scared as in really afraid of things that I think are “not a big deal”.

This is one of the ways that stuff like PMS is actually a gift – it makes those small things bigger and sharper and unavoidable.

We think we’re being crazy, getting so upset about something so insignificant.

But we’re not crazy.

The world we live in is crazy.

We do our best to cope and carry on like everything is fine, but these tender, vulnerable parts of us always remember that what’s happening out there in the world is completely crazy.

And we need to tend to these tender, vulnerable parts of us so that they don’t get hard, so that we don’t get hard.

Because when we’re hard we disconnect from our inner gifts.

And when we’re disconnected from our gifts the whole world changes.

It gets harder and meaner.  And we get harder and meaner in response.  Or we get sad.  Or we just shut down and get really quiet and small.

And suffice it to say, that path that doesn’t lead to your dream.

So as uncomfortable as it it so make space for the discomfort – what else are you going to do?

And for Creative Dream Circle members: remember you can take your holiday crankies into the Un-Sticking Station so you can transform them into helpful gifts.

PS: Come back next week – I’ll have free journaling + coloring pages for you to download.

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Inner Work 101: How To Handle Fear, Self-Doubt + Uncertainty

December 15, 2015

Inner Work 101 is a series of in-depth blog posts I’m working on to de-mystify the inner workings of inner work.  I’m tired of seeing brilliant creative people stumble around and settle for less than they really want because they don’t know how to navigate the path of their own potential and this is what I’m doing to help change that.  Find all the Inner Work 101 posts right here.

How To Handle Fear, Self-Doubt + Uncertainty

This is the main thing people ask me about, which  makes sense because it’s the main that that holds people back from going after their dreams.

And the answer is always the last thing that anyone wants to hear: the only way out is through.

When you avoid feeling the terror of your fear or the pain of your self-doubt then you avoid moving through it.

Which  means you avoid moving forward.  You avoid your dream.

Most of the time, people are looking for a way AROUND it, not through it.

So they’re asking: how do I stop feeling afraid? How do I avoid my self-doubt?

But the only way to get there is to be with the pain.

On why you have to deal with your shit before you can have your dream:

People hit a point on the path to their dream where they feel fear or pain or doubt and they think something is wrong.  That they made a mistake or this doesn’t really work or something because it’s all supposed to feel good, right?


It’s supposed to feel exactly how it feels.

And when you ignore/avoid/stuff your feelings you hold them where they are.  You freeze them inside you and you keep freezing them inside you until they turn to stone.

Those stones turn into walls that force you to live inside their boundaries.

Living inside their boundaries keeps you from having to feel the feeling you don’t want to feel – because you’re numb to it.

But living inside their boundaries also keeps you from expanding your creativity and potential.  It keeps you from hearing your inner wisdom.  It keeps you from your dreams.

It keeps you numb and stuck.

Most of the time, you’re doing this in totally unconscious ways.


I know I spent many years convinced that it wasn’t me.

I didn’t have my dream because it’s hard out there and people don’t support artists the way they should and I didn’t have enough money or time and that I was doing the best I could it just wasn’t possible for me to have what I really wanted.

As long as I was in those excuses of course there was no way for me to create the path that led to the life I wanted to be living, the one I live now.

I was working with a client who has been through a lot of shit in her life.

As we started working together to build a path that led to a more optimistic, expansive, creative and joyful way of living, we started to clear the shit that was in the way – the old wounds full of pain and grief and hurt.

First, I asked her to sit with her pain.  To write about it and make art about it and just sit quietly with it.

This was to help to untangle the energy patterns that kept her from facing all of these hard feelings, so that we could re-wire those energy patterns to aim her towards her goal.

Of course we’d all rather skip this part but this is the first step, being with the pain.

So I asked her to sit with the pain and really tend to it as best she could.  And you know what happened?  She kept discovering new layers and levels of pain.

It was awful.

It’s like little trap doors kept opening up and leading to new rooms of hurt feelings and grief and sadness and broken dreams.

But my intuition has never been wrong when it comes to this kind of work and my intuition kept urging me to keep urging her to stay the path.  And so she went deeper and deeper into her grief and pain.

And you know what?

It took time, but as she kept doing her best to tend to the pain she started to heal.

The ground softened beneath her.

The sun started to shine.  Dimly at first and then brighter later.

She got really good at tending to her pain.

Not obliterating it or avoiding it or throwing it someone else or making sure she never feels it again.  Tending to it.  Taking care of it without letting it take over.

And over the course of this process her inner landscape shifted.

The ground is softer the sun shines brighter and possibilities abound.

When pain comes in it doesn’t take over.  There is space for pain.  There is space for love.  There is space for creativity and magic.

Possibilities bloom.  There is space for dreams now that wasn’t there before.

Not to be a downer or anything but you’ll probably never stop experiencing fear, self-doubt or uncertainty.

That’s not the goal of inner work.

The goal is to stop letting that stuff stop you from being who you want to be and doing what you want to do.

To get better at allowing your actual feelings and being with your actual experience.

This allows you to inhabit your inner world more deeply.

When this happens you’re also connected to all the good stuff in there: your inner gifts and intuition and power.  The stuff that brings dreams to life.

Feeling like it would take a miracle? You’re in luck :)

Project Miracle is for people who believe in the magic of their dreams and are ready for something to change.

It’s a 30 day Choose-Your-Own-Adventure creative support groups for making change happen.

Find out more + grab your spot today.

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Free Coloring Pages Coming Your Way…

December 8, 2015

My big project for 2016 is The Year of Dreams Epic Playbook: Guided Journal + Coloring Book for Healing, Magic + Dreams Come True.

I’m so happy and grateful about this – to spend the year building the ultimate guided journal and coloring book for creating deep and lasting change is my ultimate dream job.

To celebrate I’ve decided to share some of those pages with you!

December 28 to January 1 I’ll be sending out one free page every day.

The pages will include:

* Insightful journaling prompts to spark new self realizations that help you grow into your biggest, brightest and dreamiest self.

* Creative Soul Alchemy processes to transform your energy on the spot so you can make more space for your dreams (while minimizing fears, doubts and obstacles along the path).

* Fun stuff to colour that is designed to keep you marinating in the magic of it all because amazing answers and ideas come to you when you spend more time exploring your inner world.

The pages are designed to be the ultimate BFF for your dream – to cheer it on, help it grow and pick it back up when it falls down.

Makes sure to sign up for my email list so you’ll get all the pages right in your inbox (and you’ll also get my free e-course Give Your Dream Wings).

In the meantime, there’s always the Creative Journal Prompts for the New Year to play with.

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The Creative Dream HOLYday: A creative/spiritual retreat, a healing/transformation session and a magic playdate with your dream.

December 3, 2015


A day of healing and magic to leave you feeling so excited about your dream and so in love with possibility that you are actually glowing with the magic of it all.

(I mean I can’t promise you’ll glow but when I’ve done this in the past, this is what participants tell me happens for them)

You’ll get:

 * Two tele-classes (attend live online or on the phone or work with the recordings) where I lead you through creative energy alchemy processes to create a deep internal connection to your dream, your magic and your infinite possibilities, leaving you feeling inspired and sure of yourself.

 * A playbook to play with what you learn in the tele-classes, taking the process deeper into your unique relationship with your dream and leaving you crystal clear about what you can do next to grow your dream.

The answers are already inside of you.  This will help you find them.

The Creative Dream HOLYday virtual retreat/ healing/transformation session/magic playdate is FREE for all Creative Dream Circle members.

It’s happening live on Saturday, January 9, 2016 with calls at 11am and 2pm (Central, North America).

It’s easy to participate.

The tele-classes are accessible through local phone numbers in the US, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, or you can listen in online or work with the recordings – they’ll be available immediately after the live class.

And there’s a private forum for asking questions, sharing your stories and connecting with everyone else.

Click here to read more + join the Creative Dream Circle.

I look forward to HOLYday-ing with you!

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