art journal page: sleepy goddess

November 20, 2009

i was kind of sleepy one night. but it was still early and i just didn’t want to go to sleep yet. so i went to my art room opened up my self-portrait art journal and this is what happened. it felt satisfying to make a page that felt soooooooo sleeeeeeepy. calm peaceful relaxed with…

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adventure = opening up the doors and letting fresh new energy in

November 19, 2009

last january i taught a creative visioning creativity workshop.  a big part of that workshop is looking at our whole lives, not just one part where we already have goals and dreams and aspirations, but to look at the bigger picture to create a life that is really full and inspiring in all areas.  we…

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dreams come true affirmative meditation

November 17, 2009

my “dreams come true” paper doll had something to say. here she is bathing you in the positive energy of an affirmative meditation, filled with affirmations about knowing that you can make your dream come true, opening up to dream bigger dreams, and seeing a whole world filled with big beautiful dreams come true: i…

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creative prayer

October 26, 2009

remember that you are a creative being. you can create anything, get out there and make some magic! andrea schroeder creates art, creativity workshops, downloadable creativity kits and guided meditations to support you in knowing and remembering that you are a creative being and you can create anything. you can do it. let’s make some…

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