Daily Dream Journal

Daily Dream Journal Video Update

So I’m still not doing the Daily Dream Journal Videos.

But I am journaling every day and sharing some of my journaling pics and stories on Instagram as I was all along.

I mean I had a lot of fun making those videos and I LOVE the idea of sharing a daily video because of how that encourages you to think of journaling, inner work and dream-growing as a daily pratice.

But I am a very introverted person and making public videos takes quite a lot of energy for me.

So I am going to try a weekly video – I can share more than one journal page in each video and that just makes it easier for me to keep up with the admin tasks of getting the videos ready for sharing plus it feels more sustainable.

Hoping to start next week!

No video today

When I started doing the Daily Dream Journal videos (three weeks ago) I was following my intuition and creative inspiration. I felt pretty unsure about my capacity to keep doing them, but I wanted to follow the flow to see where it leads to.

This is what dream-growing is all about.

Today it’s led to this – I just ran out of steam.

I don’t know if I just need a break or to stop doing them completely or to start doing them once a week or sporadically or… I don’t know.

It’s ok to not know.

If you always stay with what you know then there’s no space for anything to change. So being in the discomfort of not knowing means you are living with more possibilities and I like that.

But I have an inkling as to why I was pushed to start doing the daily videos.  I have been working on a class on Creative Ritual, Magic and Daily Practice for Growing Your Dreams, Your Self and Your Whole Life for over a year and it’s just not coming together.

As I started doing the daily videos and was getting feedback – especially from people in the Creative Dream Circle who were feeling more supported in their own daily dream-growing practice through watching mine – I started to see that a daily video format would actually bring all the pieces together for that class.

So I’ll explore that.

And I’ll explore how/if/when to continue with the videos here on my blog. What it feels like right now is that a more creative and human approach would be to do videos when I have something to say and feel inspired/ready to say it, instead of keeping up with a daily schedule.

Like doing the daily videos these past weeks put me into a new relationship with making videos about my journaling practice. And now I’m ready to take the next step in that relationship.

But, as I said, I don’t know right now.

The creative process is full of twists and turns.

Just like the healing/transformation/empowerment process of making your dreams real and creating a life that feels like a real fit for you – is VERY messy sometimes.

We try things. It feels great. Then it stops feeling great.

We need to follow our feelings and not keep doing things just because we said we’re going to do them, or because other people like that we’re doing them.

I mean we want to keep our word. I deliberately didn’t promise how long I’d do the videos for because I didn’t know. 

And we want to grant ourselves the freedom and space to follow our creative instinct.

ps: I’m doing a coaching call on Procrastination on Tuesday – come join me!


How Spiritual By-Pass May Be Holding You Back: Daily Dream Journal Video March 27

I’m working on my weekly planner page in my Dream Journal and feeling so buoyed up with the positive affirmations from the Year of Dreams Journaling Kit which is wonderful but also reminded me of how it’s possible to go over-board with this stuff.

Yes, there is a such thing as too much positivity – not making space for your actual feelings is toxic.


So that’s what I am talking about today: