Does your day job get in the way of your dream?


Most people who have built their own thing did it while working full time for someone else.

I mean – you have to pay the bills. Very few of us have enough money to fund our dreams without working, it’s just a fact of life.

But don’t let the facts keep you from your dream.

Just because you have to have a job right now does not mean that you can’t stay connected to your dream full time.

You can have a boring or crappy job and still be excited and inspired about your dream! And when you do this – you generate more energy for your dream.

And then you get to leave work feeling energized and excited to work on your dream.

When you don’t stay connected to your dream, you tend to leave work feeling tired and resentful about not having enough time for your dream. And then you don’t have the energy to work on your dream… and you make no progress…. and you get more tired and resentful.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can have your job AND your dream.

You really, absolutely, totally, do not need to wait until you’re ready to quit your job before you can have that joy of being connected to your dream.

I promise.

And of course this works for people who don’t have day jobs too! No matter what you do all day, doing it while feeling connected to your dream makes it better.

So let’s do this!

The Creative Dream Coaching Circle: Staying In Touch With Your Dream While At Your Day Job is happening live online via streaming video on Tuesday, March 21 at 1:00 pm (Central, North America).

(And yes it will be recorded so you don’t have to be there live.  You can even email me your question ahead of time and I’ll make sure to talk about your specific situation during the call)

I’ll walk you through the process I use stay connected with my dream and you’ll have a chance to practice it right there on the call.

I’ll talk about little things I did to help me stay connected to, inspired by and excited about my dream while working at my day job.  Plus we’ll brainstorm together to come up with even more ways.

And we’ll have time for coaching you through the places where you get stuck with this and answering your questions.

The cost: $0 or $25.

This call is free for all Creative Dream Circle members. (If you are a member, check the weekly emails I send out for a link to get all the details for this call)

If you’re not a member you can join us just for this call for $25 US.

>>> Reserve your spot now.

I am so looking forward to exploring this with you!

You’ll stumble along the way. Don’t let that stop you.

you will stumble along the way. don't let that stop you.

Putting your creative work “out there” into the world is hard.

I mean you’re putting your heart out there for the whole world to judge!

When I started doing in-person creativity workshops I didn’t know anything about how to get people to actually register for my workshops.

I think I’ve told this story on my blog a few times already, but the one that stands out for me the most is one night when my car was in the shop.

I took the bus out to the suburbs to borrow my mom’s car, drove to my house and packed it up with art supplies, drove to the hall where I was doing the workshop, unpacked the car, set everything up, sat and waited and waited and no one showed up.

Then I packed the car back up, unpacked everything at my house, drove back to the suburbs and (thankfully!) my mom gave me a ride back home.

You’ll probably stumble along the way too. Don’t that stop you.

You struggle because it’s hard – not because your work isn’t good enough or no one cares or whatever your fears want to tell you – you struggle because building an audience for your work is a long, hard job.

That said – it’s also some of the most rewarding work you can do.

And I believe it’s actually a part of your creative work – as the creator of the work it is your responsibility to find or create an audience for your work.

I think it’s a pretty common fantasy for artists to be discovered and have someone sweep in and take care of all of that for you. But we can’t side-step the work. And this is just as much a part of the work as doing your creative work.

You know how long it’s taken you to get to where you are with your work. You’ve put a lot of time and effort in to grow your skills.

You’ll also have to put time and effort in to learning how to put your work out there.

So please don’t give up.

Knowing how to put your work out there and have it be received is a learnable skill.

I just wrote the above for the Launching Your Creative Projects Out Into The World coaching call – which is happening on Feb 28 (that’s tomorrow!).

And then I thought I wanted to offer that bit of encouragement out here too.

No matter how badly this has gone for you – you can learn and get better.

PS: If you’re working on this right now then come to the group coaching call tomorrow!  Even if you can’t be there live there will be tons of helpful stuff in the recording.

I was going to release my book today but…

I don’t know if it’s in spite of everything that’s happening in the world and how terrified I feel by it all – or in LIGHT of it – but I feel more inspired and motivated right now than I have felt in a long time.

I am working CRAZY hours and loving every second of it. It feels important to me that the Creative Dream Incubator be working overtime right now to send out more inspiration, light and magic into the world.

This week I did the Creative Planning + Project Management group coaching circle (you can still grab the recording right here) which was so fun and inspiring I want to do a LOT more of these…

So the next one will be on LAUNCHING Your Creative Project Out Into The World and it’s happening on Feb 28.

(Find out more + reserve your spot here.)

And while we’re on the subject of putting your creative work out there…. I had a message prepared to go right here to go here to let you know that my book is launching today.

Edited to add: It’s there now!!!! Go looooook! 

You Got This. Guided Journal and Colouring Book for Dissolving Doubt and Bolstering Your Capacity to Believe In Yourself.

you got this guided journal and coloring book

Except now it’s not.

Since this is my first time self-publishing, I have things to learn about the process!  I was waiting until today to click the final confirmation, because the site said once I clicked it, the book would be available.

So then I clicked it this morning, and now it says the book will be available on Amazon in 3-5 days.

So – these are the things you learn when you do something new for the first time!

And again – it’s there now! OMG! Go look!

It’s on sale until Feb 14 for $10 as a Celebratory Introductory price, the regular price will be $15.

As always, I want to share the REAL stories of making my dreams real – including the parts where I mess up and things don’t quite work out.

Because you don’t stretch out of your comfort zone without fumbling around a bit.

And the more comfortable you can get with fumbling around the more you can stretch that comfort zone so it can fit more of your dreams inside it.

Creative Planning + Project Management Call is tomorrow

You want a plan that makes you excited to bounce out of bed in the morning and get to work, yes?

Or, at the very least, you want to feel like you know what you’re doing.

Because the curse of creativity is also the gift of creativity: an abundance of amazing ideas. And the creative mind which comes up with all of these ideas tends to have a difficult time corralling them into finished projects.

I love this idea but what do I DO? How do I plan? What do I need to do to make sure I get the work done this time?

You want to have enough of a plan to give you the direction and support you need, but you also want enough freedom to make space for the magic to happen. Finding that balance can be tricky, to put it mildly.

You want to believe in yourself, your project and your creative voice.

But sometimes the planning process itself can be a challenge, I mean there is nothing like planning to step out of your comfort zone to wake up your inner critics!

And then you’re tangling with self-doubt instead of drawing up a plan. And you wind up just stuck.

We’ve all been there.

Tomorrow’s call on Creative Planning + Project Management we’ll explore this together.  You’ll get:


Clarity on where planning mishaps come from and what to do about them. Plus a healing process for releasing fear/shame/guilt/frustration about past planning mishaps so you’re ready to plan from a fresh slate.


I’ll share how I used to plan (like an absolute maniac and then I’d work my tail off to keep up with my to-do list while still not hitting my goals and getting crazy stressed) and how I plan now in a more creative, nourishing, holistic way that honours my creativity and energy levels.

(Since I started planning in this way, I actually work less and accomplish more – plus I think I do better work.)

Plus, of course the magic that comes from gathering with creative kindred spirits to explore and grow together, including the chance to get on-the-spot coaching from me during the call to help you transform your personal planning pitfalls.


Find out more + reserve your spot here.


Looking forward to exploring this with you,

The “anti-plan” plan. How to get things done when you can’t make a plan (or just don’t want to)

the anti-plan plan

Last week I wrote about how I tend to make detailed plans.

Detailed plans are usually necessary for me, since I have so many projects on the go at once, plus I have all of the regular tasks of running a business by myself.

Having a thoughtful and organised plan helps me get more done with less effort – every time I sit down to work I don’t waste time figuring out where I’m at and what really needs to be done, because it’s all right there in my project management software.

But some projects don’t need that kind of planning.

Some projects have so many unknowns that making a plan is kind of ridiculous.

And sometimes you just don’t feel like planning.

But you still want to do move forward with your creative projects!

Introducing the anti-plan creative project plan.

This is the planning approach I use when I’m doing something I’ve never done before and have no clue how to make it happen so really can’t make a plan.

First you ask yourself how much time you can devote to your project.

An hour a week?

Ten minutes a day?

A day a month?

Two evenings a week?

Doesn’t matter how much or how little, just write down how much time you can (and will!) devote to your project.

If you use a daytimer then schedule this “creative project time” into it.

If you don’t use a daytimer write this down on a sheet of paper and leave it where you’ll see it, to remind yourself of your commitment.

Or set up reminders on your phone – whatever is going to work for you so you don’t forget that you’re doing this.

Then: spend time with your project.

When you get to this time in your schedule while you have allocated to your creative project, work on your project:

  • If you’re inspired to do something specific – do that. Don’t worry about the finished project and how all the different parts will need to come together- just create forward movement by doing what you are inspired to do in the moment.
  • If you have a bunch of ideas of what you could do and aren’t sure what to do to – list them then do the one that feels the easiest or most fun to start in the time you have allotted to it.

ALL that matters is that you’re doing something.

But what if you’re stuck?

Well, the aim is to spend time with your project.

Actually working on it is usually the ideal way to spend time with your project – but not always and there are lots of other fun ways to hang out with your project, like:

  • Writing a love letter to it.
  • Creating a vision board (or page in your journal) of your completed project.
  • Writing about why you want to do this project and what you hope will change once you’ve done it.
  • Writing out all of the questions you have about the project.
  • Doing the practice that I teach in my free class Give Your Dream Wings to connect with the essence of your project or just meditating on your project
  • Visualize your completed project and really get into how you’re going to feel while you’re creating it.
  • Research! Find out how other people have made similar things happen.  Explore what all of your options are.

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Your devotion to your project will turn into creative momentum if you keep showing up and hanging out with it.

Spending time with your project, even when it’s not “productive work time”, is vital.

Working on a creative project is the same as any creative dream – there is this invisible process happening that is much larger and more important than the “real life physical work” part.

By spending time connecting with your project you keep yourself in this process.

It’s through this invisible process that you stretch and grow into your project.  You become the person who can make this happen through this process – you don’t start out already as that person.

And you certainly can’t WAIT to become that person first! If you feel inspired to do something that means you’re ready to begin this process NOW.

You’re ready.

Go hang out with your project and see what happens…

And if you want to explore more about making your creative projects HAPPEN – I’m hosting a Creative Planning + Project Management call where we’ll dive in deeper so you can understand more clearly where planning mishaps come from and what to do about them.

I’ll be sharing detailed stories of my own planning pitfalls and successes plus answering questions, offering suggestions and coaching people through the places where they get stuck in their planning process.

It’s happening Feb 7.

Find out more and reserve your spot.

How to plan so you actually follow through – even on those days when you don’t feel like working.

I’m writing a lot about creative planning to help me get ready for a special Creative Dream Coaching Circle I am offering on Creative Planning and Project Management on Feb 7.

Last week I wrote about why planning is so hard sometimes. Today’s post is about making detailed plans – but this isn’t applicable to all kinds of creative projects.  My next post will be about a super-simple “anti-planning” plan that works really well too.

plan and follow through

Do any of these sound familiar?

I want to write a book, but I’m not sure where to start. Get an agent? Get a book deal? Write the thing? I don’t know, and it makes me uncomfortable so I don’t do anything.

(Books get written when writers write.)

I have a business plan for my creative business but, I don’t know, I haven’t done anything yet. I guess I’m not sure I know where to start, so I don’t start.

(No one will find your creative work if you don’t put it out there. Starting anywhere is better than not starting at all.)

I have this idea for a series of paintings I am CRAZY inspired about, but I can’t seem to, like, get to work. I don’t know, I just don’t have time. How do you fit a really big creative project into your schedule anyway?

(You do the work by doing the work. There really is no way around that.  If all you have is ten minutes a day – then do ten minutes a day. That will certainly get you there faster than waiting for your “ideal conditions fantasy” which is never going to come true)

What’s going on?

First: there is this creative tension between planning for what you want to create in the future and being present in your creative energy in the moment.

You want to direct where you are going by having clear intentions.

But you don’t want to become a slave to your to-do list.   I mean you’re an artist! You want to be free and creative.

This creative tension is why so many creative types resist planning, but on some level I think we all know that when you resist structure, you sabotage your dream (follow the link for a video I did on that).

Second: your creative project is likely connected to a creative dream of yours.  So all the normal “OMG I HAVE A DREAM” stuff tends to come up, like: inner critics, limiting belief systems, comfort zones that are impossible to get out of, etc.

(For the sake of simplicity, consider a creative dream the big picture of how you want to live your life and your creative project is a specific project that supports your dream. For example, my biggest dream is to move towards my creative and spiritual potential (AKA be who I actually am) and one of my creative projects is the Year of Dreams 2017.  A dream can have a lot of different projects.)

Whatever your personal issue with planning is – it’s likely more about those two things than it is about planning itself.

Planning is simple.

It seems complicated when something else is tangled up.

Usually facing that something else is so uncomfortable that we just say “Oh planning doesn’t work for me, I’m too creative” and in doing that we shut the whole thing down.

So then you don’t have to face the uncomfortable thing.  But you also don’t get to move forward with your project.

If you’re willing to get uncomfortable in order to bring your creative projects to life, read on.

Here is how I handle it:

First, the completed project is my guiding light, the plan is NOT my guiding light.

My plan is a map I draw of what I think the path to my completed project looks like. But I keep in mind that I could be wrong.

Each time I take a step – my perspective changes and I know more about this project and what it needs.  So the steps that I map out before I even begin the work are just guesses.

I need to make these guesses to give myself some kind of idea of where I’m going and how to get there but I have to be willing and able to change the plan as I move along that path.  So I stay VERY flexible.

To keep my completed project as my guiding light, I connect with the essence of my project every day and find out what it needs.

This is similar to what I teach in my free class Give Your Dream Wings about learning how to connect with the essence of your dream.

That process, done for 5-10 minutes a day, keeps the flow of inspiration, motivation and magic moving strong.  It’s not a substitute for doing the work of course, but it helps make the work more possible on days when it feels impossible.

That process is also how I get the intuitive ideas and information about what next steps to take to move my project forward. – and then I adjust my plan accordingly.

Staying flexible and able to adjust the plan is easier to do when you are super organised.

To organise my tasks, I group my work by different types.  For example, this is what is involved in most of my current projects:

writing: rough
writing: editing/final copies
admin prep: website, shopping cart, back-end stuff

(You will have different categories depending on the kind of creative work you do and how you like to group tasks together)

So when I talk about planning out the project, it means I have written out what needs to happen for each stage.

First I list everything I need to do.

This includes writing out questions like “figure out how to do ____” and “research what is the best tool for  _____”.

Don’t let “not knowing” stop you! There is no reason to already know everything before you start – you learn as you go.

And then I give each task a deadline.

Some tasks have to follow other tasks. Some tasks have natural deadlines. Some tasks I have to pick deadlines for (if I put a task without a deadline into my planning system that means I’ll never do it).

If it’s complicated I draw out a flowchart first to help me see how it will all fit together, then I put everything into Asana (I like Asana but use whatever you like!) with sub-tasks and due dates.

I know this is boring and annoying.

I do it anyway because when all of the details are scheduled I can relax.  And when I can relax, I make space for my creative genius to come out to play.

Some people can be totally relaxed without being organsised.  That’s great – except that those people tend to get stressed out at the next step – when they start dropping balls because they’re not organised enough to move the project forward.

So – get organised.

It’s MUCH more annoying and time consuming the first few times you do this.  Once you get used to organising your projects in this way it gets much faster to dump all of the details into some kind of project management software.

And be practical about how much work you can actually do.

I give myself lots of white space in my schedule.

I set deadlines that don’t feel tight. I say no to a lot of opportunities in order to have lots of space for my own creative projects.  I put some of my projects on hold to give my attention to other projects.  I do what I need to do to protect that white space.

I’ve also been working at this business full time for the past 6 years so I have a good sense now of how long things will take me to do. When I started out I did NOT have that sense, and I consistently planned to finish work much faster than I was actually able to and then trying to keep up with my plans was a bit of a nightmare.

So I recommend being generous with your timing.

If your deadlines are too tight and something comes along and derails you (as life has a tendency to do) it’s a lot harder to get back on track.

Shit’s going to happen, be committed to keep working the best you can anyway. It’s the only way to get your project done.

One really cool thing about being super organised: you get to be super picky.

When I am uber-organised like this, that means I can pick and choose what I do on any given day.

See, the deadlines are there to let me know when a task really needs to be done by, but, with lots of white space in my schedule, I tend to complete my tasks at least a few weeks before that.

This means I am free to choose each day what kind of task I want to do – so I get to work with where my creative energy actually is on my given day!

This is how you get more work done with less effort.

This is also how you get to feel free and creative while staying organised and on track.

  • Some days I’m just in more of a brainstorming kind of space, I just want to drink lattes and explore in my journal.
  • Some days I feel like I am swimming in ideas and I want to organize them into groups.
  • Some days I want to take all the brainstorming and rough writing and put it together and edit it into something useful.
  • Some days I just want to drink tea and draw.

It really depends on where I’m at. Forcing myself to be somewhere I am not has never worked for me.

When my daily routine gives me lots of space to focus on the kind of work I want to do on a particular day – I don’t rebel against the tasks that I don’t like so much, like the admin stuff.

I do it cheerfully because I see how it’s supporting the rest of my work.  And because I’m spending most of the day doing what I feel like doing, so it’s no big deal to spend an hour doing something kind of tedious.

And because I am still connected with the essence of my project every day, and deeply committed to getting the project done – I tend to gravitate towards wanting to do the things that most need doing.

(This is one of the magical side-effects of connecting with the essence of your project)

Again – the key is being VERY organised while also staying VERY connected to the essence of your project.

I know – it’s more complicated than this!

For one thing – your inner critics and (mostly unconscious) limiting patterns are going to influence both how you plan and how you implement your plans.  So doing the inner work is also necessary to keep your project moving forward.

And some projects have so many “unknowns” that there just isn’t a way to make a plan.  (I’m going to write about that in my next post – how to make a simple “anti-plan” that gets you moving forward anyway).

I mean – creative planning is SUCH a big topic.

If you want to explore this with me – I’m hosting a Creative Planning + Project Management call where we’ll dive in deeper so you can understand more clearly where planning mishaps come from and what to do about them.

I’ll be sharing detailed stories of my own planning pitfalls and successes plus answering questions, offering suggestions and coaching people through the places where they get stuck in their planning process.

It’s happening Feb 7.

Find out more and reserve your spot.

Creative Planning: Why is it so hard sometimes?

why is planning so hard sometimes?

You want a plan that makes you excited to bounce out of bed in the morning and get to work.

Or at the very least, you want to feel like you know what you’re doing.

Which is a pretty small dream to have so why is it so illusive sometimes?

We tend to think if we can just get our shit together and come up with a good plan – then we can make our creative dreams real.

But it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Planning is where the invisible ethereal essence and vision of your dream coalesce with outer-world action and work and transform into a real, live, fully birthed creative project.

I mean that’s kind of a big deal.

So even thought we’ve all failed at creative planning I think we should pat ourselves on the back just for stepping onto the field and giving it a shot.

This is brave work.

And over the next few weeks I’m going to be blogging about creative planning in hopes of offering some insight and ideas to help you brave the many pitfalls of the creative planning process.

Starting at the beginning.

Before you can make a workable plan you have to know WHY you want a plan.

I mean I know this seems obvious, but give this a chance – really give this some thought.

  • I want to feel sure about how to make this happen.
  • I want to feel organized.
  • I want to feel confident that I know what to do.

Then, once you have some answers that feel true – dig deeper.

  • I want to feel sure about how to make this happen BECAUSE: I’m worried that it’s not going to work out. I need to see it all planned out in black and white before I am going to believe that I can really do this.
  • I want to feel organized BECAUSE: I feel so disorganized and like I just don’t know what to do or how to do it. When I think about this I feel chaotic and frustrated.
  • I want to feel confident that I know what to do BECAUSE: I don’t trust myself to follow through. I have tried and given up so many times before.

You need to work with the uncomfortable feeling that gets triggered when you dig deeper, otherwise those feelings will take over and sabotage your planning process without you even noticing.

You want to create a plan that is supportive of you, your creative process and the result you are looking for.

To get there you need to do your planning from a place of deep alignment with your inner wisdom, your creative genius and the heart and soul of your creative project.

Because otherwise you are unconsciously planning from your inner critics, un-helpful patterns and limiting beliefs.

So you start by clearing out those feelings, first by naming them.

Everyone wants to skip this step but it’s the most important step.

So – go do it.


Ask yourself WHY you want to plan. And then dig deeper into your answers.

And, as I said, I’ll be writing about creative planning for the next few weeks so we can keep exploring this together.

Then, on Feb 7 I’m offering a special Creative Dream Coaching Circle on Creative Planning and Project Management.

Crystal clear clarity on where planning mishaps come from and what to do about them.


Find out more and reserve your spot right here.

Free Class Dec 20 Let’s Just Leave This Crap Behind in 2016: An Obstacle Release Party for the New Year

obstacle release party

Your mission: to release the things that hold you back so you can step into your dream.

The thing is – releasing fears and obstacles is really different from avoiding them.

Avoiding them means you have to stay tucked inside your comfort zone because stretching will inevitably force you to face fears and obstacles.

And that means your dreams will always be just out of reach.

Releasing them means being brave enough to face them, to feel the uncomfortable feelings, to stand strong in your own power and then to let the part of you who trusts your dreams get bigger than the part of you who is afraid.

This is tricky work, but I promise you’re ready for it.

So let’s do this. The Obstacle Release class is happening on Dec 20 and it’s free.

** Click here to register now ** (this class already happened – the recording is now available only inside the Creative Dream Circle)

I’ll lead you through a deep releasing process and we’ll talk more about releasing what doesn’t serve you and then *not picking this stuff back up again*.

There will be lots of time for questions and coaching – this is where the magic happens as we dive in deeper and explore what you are facing right now.

You’ll end the class feeling a whole lot lighter and like there is more space inside you for your dreams.



All classes will happen on Tuesdays at 1:00pm, Central Standard time, North America – when you register there’s an option to see what time this is in your time zone.

Classes will be about 60 minutes long (they may go longer if there are lots of questions but they will definitely not be more than 90 minutes).

These are live streaming video classes in a private classroom. You’ll be able to type questions, or if you want to talk to me I can bring you onto the line as long as you’ve got a microphone on your computer, have a google account and are using a headset or earbuds.

YES all classes will be recorded and the recordings will be available for free for 24 hours.

After 24 hours the recordings will only be available inside Creative Dream Circle.

And when you sign up, if you’re not already on my email list, you also get my free 10 day class Give Your Dream Wings – I highly recommend starting that class right away as it will help you get more out of the other classes.

This is just one in a whole series of free classes I’m doing to help you build your solid foundation for a magical and fulfilling 2017.


Find out about the other classes here.

We’re going to have the best time.

How To Choose Between Two Creative Projects That Both Want Your Attention

How To Choose Between Two Creative Projects That Both Want Your Attention

Ever since the snow hit Winnipeg, I have been on such a creative high.

Staying inside, spreading out a blanket on the floor and drinking lattes and drawing and journaling and creating and dreaming and scheming.


And I worked myself right into a tangle.

So I have two or possibly three creative projects that I want to do right now.  They are all a part of the same overall project, but each one is a unique thing.

I was all set to work work on Project A because it’s the simplest one. And so I’ve been working on Project A like a bit of a maniac (well the kind of maniac who stays up until 10pm drawing on her iPad).

But then Project B came along and it just seems so much better.  Maybe I want to work on this one instead?

And Project C… no Project C is fine with waiting so let’s not even go there.

OK. Project A and Project B. Which one of you do I give my time and attention to right now?

(Using the same basic technique I teach in the free Give Your Dream Wings class that we’ve been doing in all of the free live classes these past few weeks)

Project A is a disc. Like a CD. Glowing. Simple.

Project B starts out briefly as a disc/CD but then a glowing/sparkling lotus flower grows out of it.

OK so what does this mean?  I sit with the two images quietly.

I am so drawn to the lotus flower.

The part of me who is drawn to Project A is like this tiny little cartoon jumping up and down: “Oh but I’ve been working on Project A! I have progress! And it’s so simple I could get it done so fast and have the glory of finishing and putting it out there!”

But the part of me who is drawn to Project B comes from a much deeper place.  Love. Expansion. She just whispers “This is the path”

(I just sit with that quietly for a bit)

Hmmm but is this just shiny object syndrome? I mean I’ve been working diligently on Project A. Why put it down now? Why not just do Project B after Project A?

I look at them again.

Project A is just so blah compared to Project B.

I keep watching and get the sense that working on Project A was a  necessary stepping stone to get to Project B.  And that once I have done Project B I can re- design Project A to have the same level of magic.


With that I felt everything snap into alignment inside me.


Project B it is. I’m off to make a cup of tea and get back to work.

Don’t Let This Distract You From Your Dreams.


don't let this distract you from your dreams

So the internet is exploding this morning.  I told myself I would stay off Facebook and not get sucked into the black hole of drama.

But it’s kind of hard.

So I thought I would write this instead.

We can’t let this get us down. We can let this be a gift.

I mean it…

As always, I stand wholeheartedly with Deepak Chopra. His assessment of Donald Trump as America’s Shadow feels like the most honest thing I saw in this election.

I mean thankfully my prime minister would never brag about committing sexual assault but after actually going to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia and talking about how this is no place for a pipeline, and promising to work in collaboration with indigenous people – he actually announced plans to begin construction on a pipeline through the Great Bear Rainforest, without consultation with the First Nations people impacted by it (who had been actively opposing it).

So do you want the shadow hidden under pretty selfies and meaningless soundbites or do you want the shadow out in the open?

When shadow is out in the open it can be dealt with. It can be transformed into light.

This is hard work.

But this is THE work. This is how transformation happens.

And you know what? The United States has a lot of transformative work to do.

I mean, like Canada and other countries, it was founded via genocide. And then it was built on the backs of slaves. That kind of history doesn’t just go away if you ignore it.

This is the hard work of evolution and liberation. Facing the shadow.

It gets messy.

And when it gets messy, as we think it’s about to, it becomes important that we hold onto the light wherever we can find it.

Your dream is a source of light.

Love is a source of light.

Creativity is a source of light.

You hold infinite sources of light within you.

And we don’t tend to turn on the light until the world around us gets dark.

So that means it’s time to shine.

You are infinitely gifted and infinitely creative. So is everyone else. Together we can create a better world, a world where there’s room for everyone, where we take care of each other.

This is the path there.

It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.

– Joseph Campbell

(I did a video about that quote here.)

Shadow seems big and tough but it just can’t stand up to light.

Light will prevail.

Dreams will win out in the end because dreams are creativity and purpose and spirit – each of which are more powerful than shadow.

You just have to stop letting your own shadow block your light. And then learn how to shine your light brighter and brighter.

And that there is the real work.

So  let’s do it!

I’m so glad that yesterday I decided to do a new series of free tele-classes.  You can read about that here and sign up for my free Give Your Dream Wings class here (and that way you’ll get updates about the other free classes I’m doing this November and December)

We’re all being called to stand up taller and shine brighter. We’re ready.