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Over the weekend I shared this post from Chani Nicholas who had re-posted the image from Traceee Ellis Ross but added her own comments.

If you’ve got white privilege put the words in your mouth. Call it what it is. White Supremacy. White Terrorism. Anti-Semitism. Nazism. Call it. All. The. Time. Put the words in your mouth so they can find their way into the ears of the folks around you that are sheltered by their privilege. This is love. Love cares enough to be honest. Love cares enough to be angry at injustice. Love cares enough to put itself on the line.


It really speaks to me how Channi connects outer-world political work that needs to be done with the inner-world cycles and journeys that we go on as we grow towards our wholeness.

These two cannot be held separate.

When you’re working on your dream you are doing your own inner work of growing towards your full creative and spiritual potential.

This grows you. This changes how you show up in the world and it deepens the impact you are able to have on the world.

I mean at the core your dream is about changing the world.

It’s easy to think that your dream is about changing YOUR world. But dreams are more connected than that.

Your dream is your purpose, authenticity and creativity brought to life. Your dream serves as a light that lights the path for the dreamers who come next.

Your dreams support other dreamer’s dreams. And other dreamer’s dreams support yours – in millions of ways known and unknown, seen and unseen.

Dreams do not get divided up by the race of the dreamer!

When people of colour have a harder time making their dreams real because they are facing the obstacles of systemic racism as well as the obstacles to dreaming that we all face – it means we all miss out.

We are all in this together. We need to support each other.

Most of the people reading my blog are white women.

White women are being called upon to help right now. It is time (I mean it’s way beyond time but the present is all we have) to dismantle the systems of oppression that make life easier for white people and harder for people of colour.

I know you want to say “Wait! I struggle too! My life has not been easy!” and of course it hasn’t. No one’s life has been easy.

But you and your family have not been treated differently by society at large your whole life because of the colour of your skin. Your sons are not more likely to be incarcerated or even killed by Police (if you live in the US). Your daughters are not more likely to be murdered or go missing indefinitely with no answers (if you live in Canada). You job applications do not get rejected because you have “a weird name”.

There are millions of obstacles, big and small, that people of colour face that we white people don’t even think about.

So I will say it again. It is time (I mean it’s way beyond time but the present is all we have) to dismantle the systems of oppression that make life easier for white people and harder for people of colour.

And white people need to be a part of that process.

This helps create a better world for all of us. This helps create more possibilities for all of us. This supports everyone’s dreams.

This is a part of your dream work.


It’s best to do some googling yourself to look at the issues that are facing your community specifically – that’s where you can be the best help.

Please come to this post on Facebook so you can add links to helpful resources that you know of. I am not an expert! We need to help each other here.

How to fight racism

Hard Conversations: An Intro to Racism course

How Racism Spreads

In America:

Ten Ways To Fight Hate

I need to talk to spiritual white women about white supremacy

In Canada:

Read this book!!!

Ryan McMahon’s 12-step guide to decolonizing Canada on CBC

And please do comment on Facebook to add more resources.

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Creative Dream Oracle Message: Be Devoted

[I’m going to start posting readings for all of the Creative Dream Oracle Cards. There are 48 cards, so this is going to take a while!]

All of the cards can have many different meanings (which can change from time to time) – when doing your own readings trust you gut and ask your dream about what the message means for you.

creative dream oracle cards

Your relationship with your dream is like any other relationship in your life – your own commitment to the relationship plays a huge role in the quality of the relationship.

Your dream is already devoted to you. It picked you. It’s staying with you.

Are you staying with it? Are you making time for it? Are you treating it like it matters to you? Are you making sacrifices for your dream?

Devotion has magic in it.

True devotion can change everything.  But we tend to wait to devote ourselves to something until we feel sure that it will “pay off”. And that kills the magic.

Right now your dream needs you to be more devoted to it – no matter what’s in it for you.

What would it look like to be truly devoted to your dream?

Creative Dream Oracle Cards: Messages + advice from your dream – any time you need it.

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NOTE: I only designed the cards.  The cards are sold, printed and shipped in the United States by a company called Game Crafter. All questions about ordering and shipping must go through Game Crafter

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Dream Lab: Live Q+A Call

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This is a page from the Dream Lab: Explore The Miracle Of Your Dream Playbook (which you can download for free as a part of the Dream Lab class right here)

Exploring what feels uncomfortable about your dream is tricky work so I thought I would share my process today in exploring that voice that says that I AM NOT DOING ENOUGH.

This voice has been getting louder lately.

And I have been assuming it’s because I am in this big creative expansion and I don’t really know where this process is leading me to. I just have so many ideas I want to do them all at once. This part of the creative process is always confusing for me.

I have been assuming this voice comes from my creative process.

But I just remembered – hey! Fears are TRICKY!

They like to dress up as reasonable responses and ideas. They know when they show up as fears they are treated differently than when they show up as reasonable voices.

Oh shit I fell for it.

This voice isn’t a part of this creative expansion I am in.

This voice is a fear that is coming up in response to the creative expansion I am in.

So, ummm, hello voice? Can we talk?

Voice shows up as a GIANT rainbow caterpillar, about 6 feet long, floating about 3 feet in the air, cool as a cucumber and says “Oh sure we can talk”

I stand there for a few minutes, just getting used to being here with the caterpillar.

And I notice that the caterpillar isn’t real. It’s a costume. There is a person standing there wearing a caterpillar tied around their waist.

“So could you take off the costume?”

The caterpillar is furious. They rip off the costume. Now it’s a very angry person.

I shift my weight around a bit, feeling very uncomfortable all of a sudden.

“You want to know why I’m angry?”


  • You work so hard for so little.
  • You’re sharing your heart out there, day after day and people ignore it.
  • You take the work so seriously and no one else takes you seriously.
  • You are not properly seen or understood.

I am feeling bowled over by the intensity of the anger, which I had not noticed was there!

“This is why I have been pushing you to share more do more be more. To get the recognition that you deserve.”

Oh wow.

I struggle to find a balance between acknowledging the voice of anger and also wanting to rush in and remind it of all the good…. that I am not wealthy but have a good life and there are people who listen and take me and my work seriously and that I love my students and my work.

But I know I need to give this anger space. It doesn’t need to be right it needs to be heard.

So I sit down and let my anger know I’ll sit and listen for as long as it wants to talk.

Anger mumbles “Yeah I know actually we have it really good.  We have amazing people in the Circle. We have a fantastic life with enough money to enjoy it.”

Then anger asks “But still, can’t I just be pissed about how hard this is sometimes?”

“Oh of course. How can I help?”

“Well I was thinking if you would just work harder at doing the right things then everything would be easier and I wouldn’t be upset anymore, but now I can see that that’s not right.”

So I say “Right. You’re upset and you need to be heard and respected. Once you have enough space then we’ll know what to do about this.”

OK something is really shifting in my heart. I’m not sure what it is, but this feels like a good spot to stop our meeting and give this a chance to marinate.

This is the mess of exploring the uncomfortable parts! You just don’t know where it’s going to lead.

But right now I am feeling immense relief to have seen the anger for what it is and have given it some space.

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NOTE: I only designed the cards.  The cards are sold, printed and shipped in the United States by a company called Game Crafter. All questions about ordering and shipping must go through Game Crafter

I love these cards and I am so happy to share them with you.

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Come play in the new Dream Lab :)

Click here to register now or read on for more details.

The video class and playbook will show you how to go miracle seeking inside your own dream.

This is the basic practice that I teach as the foundation for making your dream real.

Once you get this – you see how you really are ready, right now and you have everything you need to take your next step towards your dream, right now.

This class explains why this is hard and how there are miracles hidden in that hard stuff too.

Click here to register now.

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I’ve been working on my new class (Dream Lab: Exploring The Miracle Of Your Dream) full time for seven weeks. This is insane, in my perspective.

But necessary, in my dream’s perspective.

And I have learned that when my dream and I do not agree it’s always best to do what my dream wants, even when I don’t “get it” because my dream always see the bigger picture.

(Like how it was my dreams that brought me my husband – I was definitely not looking for one but he has sure made my life a lot better)

So this past seven weeks has been about a lot more than planning lessons, recording videos and creating playbooks.  That’s the easy part.

The hard part is the inner work.

See – I am not creating this class just to have a new class.

I mean I don’t even need a new class – this class replaces my Give Your Dream Wings class which is still beloved both by me and the participants – many of whom have written me to ask why I’m replacing such a fantastic class.

I am creating this class because my dreams are pushing me to grow as a creative being – to take my next steps to move towards my creative and spiritual potential.

Your dream is how your soul calls you towards your truth, your authenticity and your full potential.

(This is messy sometimes.)

I’ve been working on a plan to create a whole series of new classes, and the Dream Lab is the foundation for those classes.

So it’s been a big perspective-shift about how I work, how I share my work and what is possible around my work.

And it’s been an opening to more of my own potential and purpose.

And – a bit of an ass-kicking from my dreams, really.

It’s like we’re in this life-long struggle where I think certain things are impossible for me and my dream just laughs and tells me to do it anyway.

I mean – I have been working on this for the past seven weeks.

I never thought I’d be in a position where I would be able to devote myself to exploring a creative project for long stretches of time without worrying about where my income is coming from.

And it’s not like I am super-wealthy, which I had assumed I’d have to be to be able to do something like this. It’s pretty simple – I have steady income from my Creative Dream Circle and I live simply and below my income so I can afford to focus on non-income-generating-work right now since my dream is insisting it’s what I need for my future and I trust my dream.

(And I have found that living simply is actually living much more happily – like I have distilled my life into what really matters to me)

But, back to my story.

My dreams have been wanting me to look at my work from a new perspective and that was hard to do.

So every day I would meet with my dream (the way I taught in the Give Your Dream Wings class, which is also in the new Dream Lab class) and do my best to just listen.

What does my dream want me to know? What is it showing me?

It was so frustrating!

It’s like I was looking through fog – I could just get this vague sense of everything.

And I would brainstorm and mind map and journal and meditate for days and not get any closer to seeing it.

Until, one day, it started to get clearer.

And clearer and clearer and clearer until I could finally see it: the new vision for how I want my work to be.

And that’s when I got to work.

But getting to work meant facing all the details and I could still only see the big picture vision of how I want this all to look.

So I had to keep repeating the process as I explored all of the details of turning this vision into reality.

So I would do the work, then find out more and have to re-do everything I had done.

Over and over.

This is how I work from my depth. By not just doing whatever seems inspiring or obvious to me because that’s working from the surface.

This is why I took the time to go into a deeper connection to the heart and soul of my dream (which is also the heart and soul of my purpose, creativity, authenticity and, well, my own heart and soul). That’s where miracles come from. That’s where magic comes from.

That’s where my best work comes from.

This is how I have created all of my classes – but usually it’s been a smaller/shorter process because I’ve just been doing one thing at a time.

Right now I’m building a new foundation for a whole series of new things – plus a new way of talking about and sharing my work on a daily basis. All of this is connected.

This is my seventh year of doing this work full time.

Of course I was doing it for years while also working an office job to support me financially. But it really changed when this became my full time job.

And the seventh year feels significant because seven is a magic number for me – it’s always felt meaningful to me somehow.

So it feels right that this is the year I start re-building.

I feel good about where this process is taking me – but right now I feel exhausted by the it.

And that’s why I’ve been so quiet – it’s taking everything I’ve got just to stay in this process.

But I am hoping to have the Dream Lab ready to share by the end of this week.

I mean – that’s not a promise because I’m not in charge of this process. But it’s what I am working towards at this point.

On Thursday my husband is going out of town for a work thing – right near my favourite beach.

So I am planning to have the Dream Lab ready by Wednesday night, then go with him on Thursday, drop him off at his work thing and spend the day at the beach: meditating and journaling in my favourite place as a blessing to the Dream Lab and everyone who uses it.

And then on Friday – send it out.

But – again – I am not in charge of this process. That’s my plan. We’ll see what actually happens.


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We’re doing the Hello Day Journal Practice together, every day for 30 days.

I’ll share the prompts on my blog (you can subscribe to get my blog posts by email right here) and also on Instagram – where you can join in with pictures of your Hello Day journal, using the hastag #hellodayjournal 

I’m using my Hello Day Guided Journal + Coloring Book for this – it has a “Hello Day” doodle to colour and a different prompt for each day.

You can get your own copy on Amazon:

USA: | Canada: | Great Britain: | Europe:

Or you can play along in your own journal.

Day2 30 day journal challenge

Day 2 – Today I am Grateful for:

Well first I guess I need to share how mortified I was when I saw that I had mis-spelled grateful (gratful!).

Once I saw it I fixed it and uploaded the new file but Amazon can take some time to start drawing from the new data so I don’t know how many people  have the mis-spelled version.

Though if you do – thank you for being one of the first people to buy!

I hoping we can use it as a reminder that it’s ok to not be perfect in our journals, which is a really good thing to bring with us on this journey.

Permission to be where we are. Knowing that we are enough exactly as we are.

The Hello Day practice is not about creating a perfect product! It’s about greeting the day from where you are.

So let’s extend this idea of “you don’t have to be perfect” to include “it’s ok to miss some days” “it’s ok if you don’t do your Hello Day until right before bedtime”… whatever.

PS: On May 23 I’m doing a Group Coaching Call on: What if my dream is to find a relationship? Maybe you want to be a part of it?

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Finding my way back to a daily practice

There was a time when I did yin yoga every day, without fail.

Sometimes for an hour, sometimes for twenty minutes but daily yin yoga was non-negotiable.

Yin yoga is the kind where you hold poses for 5 minutes. You can use pillows, bolsters and supports to be able to stay in the pose – you want to keep your muscles soft to stretch the fascia.

I mean that is the very short over-simplified description of course, just trying to paint a picture here. If you want to try it this free one hour yin yoga class is really good for beginners.

Since I was doing each pose for 5 minutes (I use the timer on my phone) this counted as my daily meditation as well. So I would end my yoga feeling amazing in my body (which only becomes more important as I get older!) and my mind quiet and my soul happy.

I mean there is nothing I don’t love about yin yoga.

But these days I’m doing it very sporadically.

This morning I was journaling about that – what would it take to make daily yin yoga non-negotiable?

Because when I look back to the time in my life when it was non-negotiable… well I did it because I really needed it.

Now – I don’t neeeeeed it, exactly.

Like life is better/easier for me right now so some of the self-care stuff I used to do, like daily yin yoga, just stopped being non-negotiable.

But I want it.  And at 43 I am starting to have the kinds of creaks and aches that yin yoga is really good for.

And as I adjust (it’s a happy adjustment but an adjustment nonetheless) to being married and sharing my life with someone – well I feel like I do need it.

But I have been struggling to actually, like, do it.

As I was journaling about that, this is what I came to: I need to share this struggle.

At first I thought about printing out one of the calendars from the Year of Dreams Dream Plan Kit and filling in each day that I do it – like a place to keep track. Or maybe keeping that calendar on the fridge so I see it every day.

But I didn’t feel any “juice” about that.

Then I felt a spark – share it! Write this blog post about it then post progress on Instagram with pictures of that calendar and stories of either the delight of coming back to daily practice or the frustration of resistance.

I feel some “juice” for that – creative inspiration and a “YES energy” with a heavy dose of fear and uncertainty. That’s what tells me this is the right thing to do.

So I’m doing it. I’ll print out the calendar today and see where this goes…

PS: There is lots happening in the Creative Dream Incubator right now! Come play:

May 16: Journal Party with me and Effy Wild

May 17: 30 Day Journal Challenge starts

May 23: Group Coaching Call – What if my dream is to find a relationship?

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I got a shitty Amazon review

A few weeks ago I was doing a group coaching call on Launching Your Creative Projects Out Into The World and I remembered this one question that someone asked:

What if you do put yourself out there but then your work is criticized?” The question felt heavy like it carried some fear that I would say that this means there is something wrong, that if your work is criticized it means you don’t get to be an artist.

And the first thing I said was:

“Well – that’s just inevitable.”

And I could feel this sigh of relief.

I mean – the only way to make sure your work is never criticized is to never share it with anyone. That’s not a reasonable path for a lot of artists to take, so we have to learn how to dance with criticism.

So everybody gets criticized at some point but most tend to NOT share it, for obvious reasons.

I mean I received some criticism this week and I can tell you I definitely do not want to share it with you! I’d rather try to hide it than shine a light on it.

But when everyone is only sharing the praise they get and not the criticism they receive – well it sets us up to think that everyone else is just getting praised.

And since my work is about helping people make their dreams real and how to move through all of the icky and tricky things you have to deal with on that path – it would be disingenuous of me to not share this particular step on my path.

Art is vulnerable. All artists are putting their hearts out there.

To put your heart out there and have someone not get it or not appreciate it – well of course that’s going to sting.

But – I mean – no one is going to produce work that everyone in the world loves!

Some people won’t like your work. That’s fine.

And how the people who don’t like your work respond has nothing to do with you. They can be rude and belittling or polite and encouraging – how they respond is really more about them than it is about you.

That’s why I don’t want to talk about the criticizers.

I want to talk about what happens when your work is criticized – because it’s an opportunity for your inner critics to throw a big, stupid party.

See? I told you. You shouldn’t have bothered. 

Just take all those ideas and pack them up and put them away.

No one cares.

This is shit.

You are shit.

And you know what? The world becomes a shittier place when we listen to that shit.

Because art is a light.  All art.

And the world is a brighter place when you share it.

So my new book, the Hello Day Guided Journal + Coloring Book, has just one 1-star review on Amazon right now.

Now, most people don’t leave reviews until they have finished a book or at least got through enough of it to have developed an opinion. So other people who have bought the book are not likely to leave reviews for a while (if at all!) and it’s just going to stay like this.

Except that I know that my story doesn’t end here.

I share this for three reasons:

  1. I know I should share this in service to other artists. My mission includes shining a light on the actual path you take to get to a dream and it definitely includes some of this stuff so if I hide this part of the story from you then I’m just making you feel shittier when it happens to you.
  2. Because we can look back later and see that this didn’t stop me. It didn’t even slow me down. It’s nothing.
  3. Because shining a light on this part of the story helps it stand out in my own memory (and maybe yours too).  So then next time this happens to me or to you we can remember this post, remember that this is just a thing that happens, and not let it slow us down.

But I do have to say one thing to the woman who left me the shitty 1-star Amazon review, if you are reading this.

I know that you didn’t even try the journal. You didn’t understand it and you didn’t like what you saw, so you didn’t even try it.

And I’m sorry for that.

Mindfulness is hard. Mindfulness practices aren’t really things that you “get” before you do them.  You understand only after you’ve had the experience.

And that’s a frustrating place to be and I am truly sorry for that.

After I read your review, I looked over the first page in the book and saw that I could make it more clear how to begin so I added something there – it’s on the Hello Day page if you want to check that out.

And yes I could have done more to explain the practice in the book.  But I decided to instead do the 30 Day Journal Challenge to lead you through this book because learning mindfulness practices are hard so I am doing everything I can to show you how to use it.

(Or people who don’t buy the book can still play along in their journals – no purchase necessary)

So I am sorry that I didn’t make that more clear – while you were complaining about not learning how to do this practice you seemed to miss out on the fact that I am doing this whole thing to lead you through how to do the practice.

Partly I think you could have slowed down and read more carefully (I know you had the email where I explained this because you hit reply to it to send me a pretty rude response) and partly I should have been more clear and I have done what I can to fix that.

I believe that the 30 Day Journal Challenge is going to be magical. I mean Hello Day is a magical practice.  People are going to love it.

And some of them may even leave positive reviews on Amazon to balance out this shitty one.

For the artists: How to handle negative reviews.

First: you get to have feelings about it! Give yourself space to feel those feelings (by yourself or with your trusted people – don’t do this publicly!).

But: don’t take on the inner critic messages.  One person not liking your thing doesn’t mean there is something wrong with it. Do the inner work (if you’re in the Creative Dream Circle – take your feelings into the Un-Sticking Station to un-tangle it all)

Then: Do take a look to see if there is a kernel of truth in the review. Is there something you missed in your work? Does something need adjusting? Or is it just that this person is not the right audience for this work?

(It’s easier to be objective about that part after you’ve given yourself space to feel your feelings)

Then: Let it go. You’re bigger than the review. Your work matters. The world benefits when artists share their work. Keep going.

Feedback can help us grow and can make our work better.

If this feedback, and the change I made to the first page as a result, helps me help other people get more out of the book – then fantastic.

And I’m really hoping that in sharing my story of my poor book sitting there with the 1 star review sticks in your memory, so if you ever get a shitty review of something you can think back to this and remember that this didn’t stop me one bit and it won’t stop you either.

PS: There is lots happening in the Creative Dream Incubator right now! Come play:

May 16: Journal Party with me and Effy Wild

May 17: 30 Day Journal Challenge starts

May 23: Group Coaching Call – What if my dream is to find a relationship?

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