Creative Dream Coaching Circles


Dream Coaching and great advice available on demand!

Creative Dream Coaching Circles happened live, online on streaming video – so I record them with the audience. This means I stop and respond to questions and comments as I go.

So these videos are rich – we really dive in and explore each topic.

These Creative Dream Coaching Calls already happened and the recordings are now available with instant access:

Creative Planning + Project Management

This call was an hour an fifty minutes long – we explored a lot!

I shared, in detail, what I’ve learned about great planning (great as is: enjoying my work while making sure my creative projects DO see the light of day)

Then we did TON of Q+A and exploring together, looking at the specific places where people get stuck with creative planning and project management.

We did a ritual to release our past planning pain/fear/frustration – so we’re free to plan from a clear slate instead of staying stuck in our patterns, repeating our mistakes on an endless loop. And I shared the simple planning ritual that I use all the time.

It was a pretty packed call!

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Launching Your Creative Projects Out Into The World

The thought of putting your creative work out into the word can be pretty daunting! But you’re determined to make it happen.

There are a lot of people online offering a lot of launch tactics that range from a little cheesy to downright sleazy.

I use a simple energy alchemy process for connecting with the essence of my project, and with the essence of the people that my project is meant to serve – and work out a plan from there.

It’s a low-hype and high-vibe approach to getting your work out there.

Because of a tech mis-hap, this call is actually two calls: one hour of me sharing everything I’ve learned about this, then another hour call of really rich discussion and exploring all of the questions that people had from the first call.

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Turning Procrastination into Motivation

This was was designed to be used when you’re in the thick of procrastination and it will lead you through the procrastination and into true creative momentum.

We discovered gifts and insights and… yes, even magic in the process of exploring our procrastination tendencies.

Seriously – when you listen to the stories and experiences people shared on this call you’ll feel so much less alone in your procrastination.

And then follow along as I lead you through a process for transforming procrastination – you’ll end up feeling inspired to step back onto the path.

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Staying Connected To Your Dream While At Your Day Job

Most people who have built their own thing did it while working full time for someone else.

I mean – you have to pay the bills. Very few of us have enough money to fund our dreams without working, it’s just a fact of life.

But don’t let the facts keep you from your dream!

On the call I shared the energy alchemy process I used to stay connected to my dream while I had a day job – then we did some brainstorming about different ways to play with this, to fit different kinds of jobs.

We also explored what makes it hard to do this and what we can do to set things up so we can overcome that hard stuff faster.

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How To Grow Your Dreams When You’re surrounded by Dream Doubters and Negative Nellies


You want the people closest to you to support you in pursuing your dreams.

But often they can’t – I mean I hate to say it but this is just one of those things you’re going to have to overcome on the way to making your dream real.

This was a really beautiful, emotional, supportive call where we dove into how to make space for your dreams when the people in your life are not supportive.

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What if my dream is to find a relationship?

What if my dream is to find a relationship?

Often people think their dream of finding that right partner is not, like, a real dream.


I mean – what do you actually DO when your dream is to find someone?

But all dreams are valid. And while there are no guarantees about when/where/if you’ll meet that right person – there are things you can do create a more welcoming space in your life for the relationship you want.

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disarming self sabotage

Disarming Self-Sabotage

It’s normal to be equally excited about and scared of your dreams.

Because the dream is awesome but getting there is scary – this is just ALWAYS true.

You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears and take risks and be brave, over and over and over again.

So OF COURSE we sabotage ourselves! We’re trying to save ourselves the pain of all of that.

OF COURSE we sabotage ourselves sometimes and OF COURSE we’re brave enough to choose differently.

By giving space to how you’re really feeling – making space for the excitement and magic of your dream while also making space for how scary it is sometimes – you find gentle and do-able ways to move through the hard stuff.

In the Disarming Self-Sabotage call we’ll explore all of this together.

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