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Hello Gorgeous Dreamer!
Your Mission: You Make Your Creative Dream(s) Real.
Because you want to create a life that feels true to who you really are.
Everyone secretly worries that their dream is too wacky, too bold, too ambitious, too expensive, too [insert fear-triggered, self-created obstacle here].

Everyone believes that they’re the only one who’s stuck, scared and confused. That somehow their dream is just not possible. Or that now is not the right time.

Creative journaling

TRUTH: Unless your dream involves a pet unicorn, the ability to breathe underwater or a new planet of your very own (and a moon to go with it), it IS possible.
And the best time to start making it real is NOW.
You don’t need gazillions of dollars, a wall of fancy degrees, or superpowers (other than the ones you already have!) to make your dream come true. You don't need more time. You don't need to FEEL ready (nobody FEELS ready - at first).

You don’t even need to know how it’s all going to work. (Really!)

You need to say YES to your dream. TODAY.

You need a space to nurture and accelerate your dream. You need guidance and the right tools.
You need a Creative Dream Incubator.
(Good thing it exists!)
Jenny Ryan AKA Cranky Fibro Girl,

Jenny Ryan AKA Cranky Fibro Girl,

Hey, Andrea, I just wanted to write and let you know how amazing this program is being for me.


Crazy-awesome changes keep happening, and obstacles that I thought were surely blocks are just melting away like butter.

The Creative Dream Incubator is a wish-fulfillment master class to help you GROW YOUR DREAM, by guiding you through every stage of the Creative Dream Process.

The Creative Dream Incubator will show you how to:

* Create a crystal clear path that leads from where you are right to where you want to be.
* Gently (no bulldozing here!) overcome the obstacles using unique tools and processes to ACTIVATE and MAGNIFY your creativity, spirituality + INNER MAGIC.
* Work EFFECTIVELY with inner critics, fears + doubts to get them working FOR you, rather than against you.
* Access new levels of intuitive wisdom, creative superpowers and positive dream-growing energy.
* MAKE YOUR DREAM REAL (and it will be even better than you imagine!)
* Wash, rinse, repeat as necessary make all the other dreams real too (and watch it get easier each time!)
Picture it now: Supreme Creative Joyful EASE.

When you bring your Creative Dream into the Incubator: everything changes.

Read on to find out how Creative Dream Incubees use the Incubator to navigate through fogginess, frustrations and fears and get to the prize: their dream made REAL.


LeeAnn changed… well… her whole life. From working in a cubicle while struggling to pay off debt in NYC to free-as-a-bird and having amazing adventures in the country of her dreams (and heart), Scotland.


Read LeeAnn’s Creative Dream Story here.


(Hint: Even if your dream feels WAY too big, you can still get there if you take it one step at a time)


Meg went from hiding under the blankets to an impressive list of Creative Dream Successes.


Read Meg’s Creative Dream Story here.


(Hint: You don’t have to feel brave to accomplish amazing things!)


Angel’s dream grew from a vague blob of ideas, thoughts and hopes into a real, solid dream-come-true!

Read Angel’s Creative Dream Story here.


(Hint: You REALLY don’t need to wait to know what your dream is, before you start incubating it!)


Helen’s inner dream landscape softened to allow new dreams to take root and grow. The result: an unexpected new knitting venture was born..


Read Helen’s Creative Dream Story here.


(Hint: Creating just for the joy of it leads to amazing new ventures.)

Sounds good?

Let’s get started. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Dream that means a lot to you (or the desire to FIND your next Big Dream)
  • A computer with Internet access, so you can download the course materials (and you’ll need to know how to log into private websites, play videos and download stuff, or have someone who can help you with that part)
  • A printer (to print out the digital workbooks – or, save a tree & keep them on your ‘puter)
  • A journal or notebook (and something to write with – I can’t promise but I’m pretty sure you’ll get better results if you use glitter pens)
  • A willingness to play, scribble, draw, be brave, stomp your feet, and approach Creativity and Dreams in a whole new way

The Creative Dream Incubator is packed with videos, resources, guided meditations, homeplay (not work!) assignments, worksheets and absolutely oozes inspiration, as you can see:


Here’s what you get:

6 Creative Dream Incubator Workbooks, totaling over 105 whimsical pages of Creative Dream Magic:

Module 1: INCEPTION or How to plant the seed of your dream in such a way that it will actually GROW.

Module 2: ESSENCE or Why the HEART + SOUL of your dream is the most important part and how getting to know it, soul to soul, activates the MAGIC.

Module 3: EXPRESSION or The Magic + Sparkle of making dreams REAL.

Module 4: UNFURL or How meeting your fears with creativity and love means you’ll NEVER have to be STUCK.

Module 5: AMPLIFY or How self-care and play activate your SUPERPOWERS.

Module 6: FRUITION or How your DREAM COME TRUE is going to make demands of you and what to do about it.

21 (!) Creative Dream Incubator Videos: leading you step-by-step through the sometimes-confusing terrain of bringing a dream to life, from the inside out. Each video is between 2 and 22 minutes long – it’s like having me right there in your livingroom, sharing all of the secrets of Creative Dreaming.

6 Creative Dream Meditations: One for each module.  My Creative Meditation mp3s are NOT designed for sleepy relaxation. They’re supercharged servings of ENCOURAGEMENT to amplify your Creative Spirit — and they’re part of the “secret sauce” of bringing dreams to life. Each meditation is 15 minutes long.

The Creative BUSINESS Incubator Plug-In.  This is not one of those sleazy “make a zillion dollars online in 3 easy steps” kind of things.  It’s an honest and vulnerable series of videos where I share what I learned in the process of turning my dream from my hobby into my job.

Lisa vanEgmond, Artist and Creative Arts Therapist,

Lisa vanEgmond, Artist and Creative Arts Therapist,

Andrea’s courses are amazing, she is a beacon of light (super creative light) in this world.


I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone to wants to be more creative or make their dreams real.



Dear Andrea,


I just wanted to write and say thank you thank you thank you for the Creative Dream Incubator.


It changed my life.


I was stuck in fear and resistance and getting buried under an ever expanding pile of self-loathing because of it. And when we got to Module 4…everything shifted. I realized that my fear didn’t mean that my dream was “the wrong one” or that I wasn’t “good enough” or “brave enough” to go for it. I realized that my fear was just…fear.


And if I moved through it everything would get better. So I did. And it did!


And taking that first step shifted EVERYTHING else.

I feel so different now than I did at the start of the CDI.


I see more magic everywhere. I’m handling setbacks with more calm and determination. I have more faith in my dream. Even my parents have noticed a difference!


Thank you for bringing this beautiful dream of yours into the world. Thank you for your gentle, kind, and supportive presence. You are amazing, and you are doing such important work.

Helping you get what you WANT is my life’s work...and play.

About me: The Creator of the Creative Dream Incubator

I’ve studied the spiritual art of DREAM-FULFILLMENT for eighteen years, and have counseled & coached people into jobs they they treasure...relationships that light them aglow...and creative adventures (large & small) that color their lives with joy.

Everyone suspects that their dream is impossible, too far-fetched, too big. Happily, everyone is wrong.

I have the tools to help you get what you want. And I’m literally wiggle-dancing with excitement to share them with you.
Are you ready for a Creative Playful Systematic Process for Making YOUR dream REAL?
The Creative Dream Incubator e-Course is celebrating it's 4th birthday this year and we're doing something special...

I promise: if you do the work, it's going to work. Let's do this!
Your dreams are waiting.