Living Successfully With Your Creative Dreams

Living successfully with your creative dreams is not about having the thing.

My three “big dreams” are: my creative spiritual business, my amazing home/studio/creative space and adventurous traveling to life-changing/heart-opening events.

It’s not having/doing/living these things that is The Most Rewarding Thing Ever, it’s the inner shifts and changes I had to make in order to create my beautiful dream life that matter most.

I had to become, on the inside, a person who could:

  • Stand up for myself, compassionately and firmly
  • Consciously leave relationships that don’t serve me
  • Speak my truth no matter how it is received by the other person
  • Trust, like really absolutely unshakably trust, that I can take care of myself – no matter what happens
  • Absolutely depend on my intuition and follow it no matter how crazy it seems
  • Speak to my inner critics with love and compassion without letting them get in my way
  • Believe in the beauty and power of my dreams even when no one else does
  • Allow and honour my feelings, no matter how uncomfortable it gets

This is where the magic is.

There is no magic in having everything be “perfect”.

Or being the biggest or the best.

Or having it all happen as fast and easy as possible.

We are too fast to judge.

We judge events as good if they line up with our expectations and wishes.

We judge events as bad when they don’t.

But when things work out exactly how you wanted them to you don’t learn anything.

It doesn’t help you develop the inner resources that are the most important part of living successfully with your dreams.

You don’t grow.

I got so frustrated by all of the sympathy and “oh no this is horrible!” kinds of messages I was getting about how long it was taking for my Dream Loft to be built.

I know people only meant to be kind and wanted me to have my new home.

But it was in the process of it taking exactly as long as it took that I learned things I could not have learned any other way.  I developed inner muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Dream Loft Delays = Magic. Pure sparkling magic.

Life is always giving you exactly what you need.

But if you’re busy judging things you can’t get at the gifts and lessons and treasures.

So last week I was away at my Creative Dream Retreat at the beach.

Two days of pure unadulterated bliss.

Sunshine and swimming and shady trees.  Blankets and sundresses.  Dreams growing and sparkling and shining.

And then I lost my car keys.

With all of my stuff in the car.

Holy crap, right?

No way to get home.

No way to get dry clothes (I was just back from the beach).

It was early evening and a thunderstorm was on its way.

The next day I discovered that solving this problem was a little complicated: new keys could only be coded by Volkswagen themselves and there was no “same day service”.  I couldn’t leave my car where it was as the campground was full all weekend.  The only tow truck in town couldn’t tow a Beetle (he said something about how it would damage the bumper).

The girl at the campground office was young and it seemed like she hadn’t yet learned about compassion.

I was stressed out and on the verge of tears (and shivering, still in my bathing suit and sundress since all my stuff was in my car and it was still raining) and she was rolling her eyes, being sarcastic and mean and talking to me like I was lying and trying to get away with something.

Getting from that point, to the point where everything was handled and I was on my way home was a pretty epic adventure.

The lessons I learned and the inner resources I activated astounded me.

I learned exactly what I needed to learn to move forward with the next steps of growing my dreams.

And that was exactly how the Creative Dream Retreat At The Beach needed to be.

Had it all been smooth and beautiful I’d have come back inspired and ready to dig into all of these changes I want to make but I wouldn’t have such a clear connection to the inner resources I need to really make this all happen.

This is what living successfully with your creative dreams is all about.

The sooner you can let go of your fairy tales of what it’s all supposed to look like the sooner you can grow your real, beautiful dreams.

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