More reasons to freak out.

I really appreciate the feedback I got when I shared my Monster Goblin Fear Gremlin Attack story last week.

Even though I know that so important to share that stuff – I still get nervous every time I hit the “publish button” on one of those posts.  It’s not easy to shine a light on the dark stuff.

We live in a world that doesn’t encourage this kind of sharing and light shining.  We live in a world where most people don’t live their dreams.

And those two things are very closely related.

Because avoiding the monsters and the goblins and the scary places is what is keeping you from having what you really want.

I wrote some especially juicy posts about this over at the Creative Dream Incubator blog.   About taking risks.  And dealing with your fears and facing the things that stand in the way.

I want to encourage you to click on those links above and read them.  Reading about other people’s process can help you with yours.  And when it comes to looking at the shadows – every bit of light is important.

So I kept chatting with my monster goblin fear gremlin as I got more information about the condo and started looking, very seriously, at selling my house.

And let me tell you – this whole process is filled with reasons to freak out and run away.

Things to worry about.  Things to be afraid of.  Things to be uncertain and uncomfortable about.  Annoying things.  Exhausting things.  These things are everywhere I look!

How clean will I have to keep my house while I’m showing it?  (Ick!)

People are going to traipse through my house?  And judge it? (ICK!)

I have to fix those things I should have fixed long ago but have gotten really good at just not noticing? (AK!)

What if the inspection reveals some big problems with the house that I don’t know about and I can’t get as much money for it as I think I can? (AK!)

I could go on all day.  But I’ll spare you.

As numerous and annoying as these things are –  they’re not reasons to not do this.

And if I was still avoiding them, I would also be avoiding this:

A different condo that is less of a hobbit hole and more of a DreamFairyArtistLoft:

A park outside, with a little bridge that leads to my front door.

A gorgeous big open space with superhigh ceilings to work in with a loft over to the side for sleeping in.

Steam shower and soaker tub in the bathroom up in the loft.

Polished concrete floors.

Brand new everything.  Eco-friendly, toxin free and sustainable brand new everything.  With no fumes.

Oh yes my friends.  Dreams. Come. True.

Right now I’m doing yoga every morning in my art room which is a really a good sized art room, considering it’s in my house (I use the “living room” as my art room).  And it’s awesome.

my art room

my art rom

But how much more awesome will be it be to do yoga every morning in an open space loft?

And then go meditate in my very own steam shower?

Dreams don’t stop.

They only keep growing and getting sparklier and more magical the longer you stay with them.  The more you believe in them.  The more you’re willing to face whatever is in the way and stay with the process.

So once again I’m saying – seriously – read those posts. About taking risks.  And dealing with your fears and facing the things that stand in the way.

Because that is the only way you are ever going to get from where you are to where you really want to be.


Are you ready to face your monsters and goblins and scary places?

Are you ready to make some big progress on your Creative Dream?

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  1. Lee Ann Monat on May 25, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    Thank goodness I’m not freaking out…today. :) I feel more like I’m sitting still trying to keep my ears and eyes open. I’m sure that once an opportunity comes up, I’ll freak out a little bit, no matter how much I will want to take it. I trust that’s normal…and that I will “feel the fear and do it anyway…”

    The condo sounds divine :)

  2. Angela on May 26, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Wow! I love Love LOVE this whole sequence of posts! It fits so well with where I am in my life. I finally stopped this morning to ask for help in being more aware of what’s right in front of me and how to move through the resistance. And here I am … reading my story on your pages. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. MegG on May 27, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    OK, this place sounds absolutely incredible. Magical and homey and amazing. And totally worth all the ick.

    Also, I really appreciate the light you shine on the dark places. I'm starting to explore this in my own writing, and I know what you mean about feeling scared to hit "Publish" …but those are the posts that touch people the most, that move them and help them shift their own "stuff." Thank you for publishing this and all your other posts. *mwah!*

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