I have been wanting to tell you this for SO LONG!

I’ve known LeeAnn for a long time and for as long as I can remember, she has had this dream.

This Very Big Exciting Amazing Dream.

And in the Creative Dream Incubator and private coaching I’ve had the privilege of watching LeeAnn take some remarkable steps towards making that dream real.

I was unable to share her story until now because she didn’t want it on the internet where her boss could find it :) 

I can share it now because LeeAnn has given notice and quit! her! job!

AK! Exciting! It’s official.  It’s real!  Big! Dream! Come! True!

So I’ll stop now and let LeeAnn share her story….

LeeAnn in Scotland


Before the Creative Dream Incubator, I wanted to live in Scotland. That was my dream.

But how was I supposed to do that?

It seemed like a pretty daunting task to achieve. Sort of unrealistic and far fetched…Like something out of a book.

I was unhappy with a lot of things…most specifically with living in New York City…and didn’t know what to do to get out.

I was stuck in the how’s and all the fear that comes from the thought that you want/need to shake up and change your whole life.

I was holding on to what was because I couldn’t imagine how it could be. I had made the commitment to change but needed some guidance in a big way.

I was convinced I had to set up my new life before I left my old one behind. My energy was spent trying to manifest some sort of remote business so I could support myself while spending time in Scotland. How I would earn money was the first thought in my mind. How would I support myself if I left everything behind?

So I figured I needed to make that happen before I could leave. It was like I wanted to line up a new boyfriend before breaking up with the old one.

I was also going through so many changes…still working a cubicle job while pursuing an herbal apprenticeship and Reiki studies, writing a blog about following my bliss, being an artist.

I was slowly feeling pulled into a simpler, earthy lifestyle (and that scared me too because I didn’t know HOW to make the total shift).

It had become increasingly clear that I needed to live one life not split my energy between office and earthy.  But HOW could I let go of the person I was in order to step fully into the shoes of the woman I was becoming?

I completed the last week of the Creative Dream Incubator while on Iona, Scotland.

In Iona in Scotland

It was synchronicity to the max, I tell you.

I followed it up with some private coaching with Andrea and felt so incredibly grounded in the dream even though the how was still floating around my head.

Then I applied to volunteer on Iona. Baby stepping it all the way.

When Andrea offered The Creative Business Incubator I jumped at the chance since I was still thinking I had to quickly get my business going in order to move onto the next phase. And a funny thing happened. I realized that I needed to stop.

Before, all I thought about was building UP.  Doing the Creative Dream Incubator made me realize that, in my case, I needed to tear everything down; become vulnerable and learn again from the ground up.

I needed to truly embody simplifying my life.

And now, after the Creative Dream Incubator….

Currently, I am preparing to leave my cubicle job, apartment, and the city I’ve lived in since I was in college, to spend 6 months in Scotland.

I will be volunteering in the kitchen and in housekeeping for The Iona Community and then traveling a bit. I have no real plans, and it feels so good!

The Creative Dream Incubator helped me realize that the only way to figure out what comes next is to jump and see where I land. To go with no ties and see where the journey takes me next.

This is something I couldn’t have imagined happening at the start of this journey and it feels so right.

As soon as I started letting go of the hows and embracing the essence of my dream, everything started to flow to me. I learned the healthy balance of surrendering and taking action. Focusing on the feelings rather than the hows and whys.

I feel so much freer now…and the support has been amazing.

I had gone through a lot of guilt regarding leaving…that I’d be letting people down or worrying others. But I have learned that doing what I am called to do is the most important thing I can do for me and everyone around me.

I have also become so much more immersed in the flow with my life.

Trusting that things are working out the way they are supposed to, even when it seems dark. It’s not always easy but giving up control has been a huge thing for me. And learning how to let go an amazing gift.

LeeAnn's Creative Dream Creative Journal page

Another surprising thing that has happened, is that my dream has opened up. It has become so much bigger than “living in Scotland.” Funny thing about letting go of everything…it can bring in so much more.


Thank you for sharing that amazing story LeeAnn.

Follow LeeAnn’s continuing adventure on her beautiful blog. I know there is a lot more amazing stuff in store for her!

I also want to add that when LeeAnn started out – there were a LOT of hurdles in her way.  Among other things – she’s paid off an amazing amount of debt in order to be able to make this happen.

LeeAnn’s story is proof positive that even when your dream is so huge it would demand radical life changes in order for you to make it real – you can still do it.  You can still find ways to baby-step it.

LeeAnn’s story also shows how many other gifts open up when you start the process of making such a big dream real.  The way she learned so much about herself and what really matters to her.  The way she learned how to really get into the flow and trust the process of life.

Making a dream real is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Big or Small, the Creative Dream Incubator will help you Make Your Dream Real.

Click here to get started today.


  1. Angel on April 19, 2012 at 9:20 am


    LeeAnn!!! I remember e-mailing with you, briefly, in the biz incubator and wondering how things were going to play out for you… being so excited with the possibilities for you…

    and look at you NOW!

    I’m so excited for, and proud of you!!!! This is so amazing, and so perfect, and so… just *ahhhhh*-inducing!! <3

    Sending tons of love and sparkles your way… you're doing it!!! <3

  2. Tracy on April 19, 2012 at 10:33 am

    This is HUGE… and hugely inspiring! Sitting here in tears, so happy for LeeAnn! What a Courageous-Incubator-Goddess she is… Hearing her story is amazing. I hope she thrives in her Scotland for a long, long time. I had dream of going to Iona on retreat one day, so this was fun to see! :o)

  3. Lee Ann Monat on April 19, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    Thanks Angel! I know, sometimes I can’t believe where I am with all this. XOXO Thanks for your support and excitement!

    Tracy…Iona is a wonderful place for retreat. I’ve been there twice for that very purpose. Truly amazing.

  4. Barb on April 19, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! : ) Huge ear to ear grin.

  5. Nika | wRiteBrain© Creatives on April 20, 2012 at 9:31 pm

    Thank you for sharing this powerful story with us LeeAnn and Andrea.

    I’m always incredibly inspired when I read how other creative souls trust their instincts and “just go for it.”

    Andrea… you have inspired me more than you can ever know. Thanks to you I’ve started a new website where I unleash my creative persona to the world at large after having tried to hide it for most of my adult life.

    Mind you… I’m still unpacking the sparkles, the pens and the paper, but it’s taking more shape every day.

    To make a long story short… your website has been monumental in the shift that has allowed me to be brave and just go for it. So thank you dear lady.

    I owe you deep gratitude!


  6. Kimbundance on April 22, 2012 at 10:36 pm

    Yet another beautiful post.

  7. Bravery, Creative Impulses + Dreams Come True on April 26, 2012 at 8:13 am

    […] week I shared LeeAnn’s amazing story about how she is leaving her NYC cubicle-job behind and setting sail for Scotland – the land […]

  8. Rani Primmer - Jagged Touch Studio on April 26, 2012 at 9:52 am

    Truly inspiring post… and I can so relate to that process of trying to get everything in place before leaping…. I’m still in that mindset. Dangling between buildings…one hand grasping to the building of what is safe and known and one hand grasping the building of my ideal world…the unknown…. wanting to put both hands on my ideal world but feeling like I need to build a bridge first. Contemplating….

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