Celebrating 8 years since I quit my job to do my dream!

And here’s what I have been doing with all of this creative energy I’ve got: designing a whole new series of coaching groups for artists, world-changers and dreamers.

Turning the OBSTACLE into the WAY THROUGH: Alchemy for Artists, World-Changers, and Dreamers

Online Coaching Group: Feb 4 – 24

This is the true heart of alchemy: transforming the awful thing in front of you into the dreamy thing you wanted all along.

This coaching group is a supportive creative cocoon for facing the hard stuff and coming out stronger on the other side.

Signal Boost: Visibility for Artists, World-Changers, and Dreamers

Online Coaching Group: March 4 – 31

Let’s get together to experiment and explore and see where we can open up new possibilities for HOW we put ourselves out there.

No pushing or forcing. No fake it till you make it. Full on authenticity and wholehearted sharing.

You can be afraid. You can doubt yourself. You can feel not ready! AND you can still shine your light.

The world is waiting…

Your Gifts Are Needed. An Incubator For Would-Be World Changers

Online Coaching Group: April 1 – 28

What happens when you ask yourself: How can I use use my creative gifts to help others?

It’s such a big question.

It speaks to your purpose, your potential, your VALUE as a human being. 
And it touches all of this vulnerable, uncomfortable stuff, which is what makes it so hard to sit with this question.

But you’ll never find an answer, unless you sit with the question.

Your Gifts Are Needed: An Incubator For Would-Be World-Changers is a coaching group for everyone who has ever wanted to use their creative gifts to help others but isn’t sure about what to actually DO about it.

Upgrade Your Creative Engine: Generating Momentum for Artists, World-Changers, and Dreamers

Online Coaching Group: May 6 – June 2

You’re a creative genius and yet you want to be MORE creative. MORE productive.

This is how creativity works! The more creative you are, the more ideas you will have. The more ideas you have the more you want to accomplish. 

This can easily lead to burnout – faster faster more more more is NOT the healthiest speed for most of our creative engines.

Upgrade Your Creative Engine: Generating Momentum for Artists, World-Changers and Dreamers and a coaching group for people who want to create right-speed momentum which honours your self-care needs AND your creative impulses.

The groups are designed to work whether you are attending the calls live or working with the recordings.

The groups cost $99 each – or you can get access to all of them, plus a whole year of follow-up support for making the magic happen, when you join the Creative Dream Circle.

Registration will open soon. Watch this space!