I often receive emails from brilliant creative dreamers telling me that they want to do what I do.  They are really excited about it but sometimes usually it feels like there is this nervousness around competition.

Maybe I’m doing what you want to do.  Or you are doing what i want to do.  Or we both want to do the same thing and how does this work?  We don’t want to fight over customers – but how does everyone get a piece of the pie without the pieces getting horribly small?

You can just feel that in the undercurrent of the conversation.

So I wanted to share the Creative Magic approach to competition: don’t do it.

Do not compete for tiny little slivers of pie.

It’s a stupid thing to do because really, we are tripping over pies.

There is pie everywhere.  Plenty of pie for everyone.

You have creative genius within you. Infinite Creative Potential.

You can be so creative about your career!

And about money.

About creating every aspect of your life the way you want to create it.

Looking at others as competition and comparing and being competitive takes energy away from your ability to create magic in your life. 

It also makes you small.

The powerful and smart choice is to keep your focus on your own work.

Polish your diamond. 

Make your brilliant plans and get your work out into the world.

And, once in a while, take a break from your work and look at what your peers are doing.

Look at them to create community.  Look at them and celebrate the amazing things they are doing!

We’re all in this together.

Each of us who is doing our own thing brings something really beautiful and unique to the mix.  And each of us adding our work to the mix actually makes the pie bigger, and sweeter, for everyone.

What are you going to add to the mix?