If you have a creative business you want to meet my friend Libby.

Before we begin: this is a post all about a wonderful woman who helped me with some business stuff.  Libby’s not paying me to do this or anything, I DO NOT do sponsored blog posts on the Creative Dream Incubator, I’m just so grateful and excited about what Libby has done for me and I know a lot of my readers would want to know about her so I want to share the love.

After 7 years of doing the Creative Dream Incubator as my full-time job, I took a step back starting last fall, looked at *everything* and spent a lot of time exploring how to make it all better.

That was a process that lasted about 8 months. Now I’m in the process of taking everything I learned and putting it into action.

While I was doing that exploring, I knew I needed to get some help. I have done business and marketing coaching with different people over the years, and I take new business classes regularly, but I was feeling like I didn’t quite know what to do on my own to bring this new vision I had to fruition.

Luckily, Libby Dickerson found me.

Libby took me on an adventure of exploring the inner and outer aspects of what I have to offer and who I want to offer it to and how I want to offer it.

Every call with her left me feeling more in love with my work and more optimistic about my plans for my business.

She didn’t throw a “traditional marketing structure” onto my business, crushing all of the creativity and uniqueness I have. She worked with me to build the structure, from the inside out, that would best serve me and the people I serve.

Now that we have finished the program I have more clarity than I thought I could even have. There is still a TON of work to do to IMPLEMENT everything, but I feel inspired and excited to do it.

My creative process for putting all of these ideas into place – both my marketing plan and the new programs I want to create – feels lighter, easier and more fun because of this structure we built in my business. Like everything has a place. Everything has the support it needs. Everything just makes more sense.

I don’t feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants, which is how I was feeling before.

I don’t feel overwhelmed or like I’ll never catch up with all of my ideas, which is how I was starting to feel.

I don’t feel penned in by my marketing plan, which I was afraid of when we started. I didn’t want to make some big elaborate plan and then feel stuck in it.

I don’t feel like I am being sleazy about marketing, which is the other fear I had. I actually feel like I am going to do a better job of being a light for all dreamers, regardless of if they join my classes or not.

Libby’s new book is out today: Content Marketing Playbook.

It’s designed for the creative business owner who loves their business, their customers, and their products, but does not love marketing. If your belief system runs counter to the swarm of internet marketing madmen intent on fleecing the masses, this book is for you. Use this system to create juicy, vibrant content from the heart that brings customers to you when they need you the most.

If you are a creative entrepreneur, or want to be one, I cannot suggest her work highly enough.