The Creative Planning + Project Management call is for creative people who:

 * Struggle to create workable plans to bring their many creative ideas to life

* Love planning but sometimes struggle to follow through with their plans and make the thing happen

The call is one hour and fifty minutes long.  We explored a lot!

I shared, in detail, what I’ve learned about great planning. (Great meaning – plans that make you feel happy and inspired to get to work so more of your creative projects see the light of day.)

I’ve been running the Creative Dream Incubator by myself as my full time job for over 6 years and along the way I’ve learned some really interesting and counter-intuitive things about planning which I will share on this call.

Then we did TON of Q+A and exploring together, looking at the specific places where people get stuck with creative planning and project management.

I shared the secret of where ALL planning mishaps come from and what to do about it.

We did a ritual to release our past planning pain/fear/frustration – so we’re free to plan from a clear slate instead of staying stuck in our patterns, repeating our mistakes on an endless loop.

And I shared the simple planning ritual that I use all the time.

It was a pretty packed call!


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What if it was easier to get to the part where your dream comes true?

What if you could gracefully navigate the path to your dream using your intuition and inner gifts, instead of working your ass off, copying what you see other people doing or taking big (scary!) risks?

The Creative Dream Circle will help you make it happen with life-altering e-courses, dream-growing tools and a heart-enhancing online community of creative kindred spirits – plus regular coaching calls and all the inspiration you can stand.

Carrie Anspach,

Carrie Anspach,

I’ve actually accomplished and received more clarity in the 4 weeks I’ve been in the Creative Dream Circle than I have in the past 4 years going it alone.

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