Creative Dream Coaching Circle: Staying In Touch With Your Dream While At Your Day Job

I think we all dream of winning the lottery or being discovered by a generous patron who will support us so we are free to pursue our creative dreams full time.

Having a day job while also pursuing a dream can feel like you are living a double life.  Some days, it can feel like an impossible thing to balance and it seems like your dream is always the one that gets the short end of the stick.

The Creative Dream Incubator has been my full time job for just over 6 years.  Before that, it was my side-thing and biggest dream while I was working full time in an office that had nothing to do with creative dreams.

Most people who have built their own thing did it while working full time for someone else.

I mean – you have to pay the bills. Very few of us have enough money to fund our dreams without working, it’s just a fact of life.

But don’t let the facts keep you from your dream.

Just because you have to have a job right now does not mean that you can’t stay connected to your dream full time.

You can have a job and still be excited and inspired about your dream!

And when you do this – you generate more energy for your dream.

And then you get to leave work feeling energized and excited to work on your dream.

When you don’t stay connected to your dream, you tend to leave work feeling tired and resentful about not having enough time for your dream.

And then you don’t have the energy to work on your dream… and you make no progress…. and you get more tired and resentful.

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can have your job AND your dream.

You really, absolutely, totally, do not need to wait until you’re ready to quit your job before you can have that joy of being connected to your dream.

I promise.

And of course this works for people who don’t have day jobs too! No matter what you do all day, doing it while feeling connected to your dream makes it better.

On the call I shared the energy alchemy process I used to stay connected to my dream while I had a day job – then we did some brainstorming about different ways to play with this, to fit different kinds of jobs.

We also explored what makes it hard to do this and what we can do to set things up so we can overcome that hard stuff faster.

It was super inspiring.

The cost: Just $30 US a call (or free, for Creative Dream Circle members)

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