Creative Dream Coaching Circle: How To Grow Your Dreams When You’re surrounded by Dream Doubters and Negative Nellies

You want the people closest to you to support you in pursuing your dreams.

But often they can’t.

Maybe they’re afraid to see you take a risk. Maybe they don’t want you to get hurt. Maybe they’re embarrassed about your dream.

Maybe they’re uncomfortable about their own dreams and don’t want to face that discomfort so they don’t want to talk about dreams.

Maybe they just don’t want things to change.

There are a lot of reasons why people have a hard time supporting other people in going after their dreams.

Sometimes, depending on who the person is and how they respond to your dreams – it can be really painful. Sometimes it’s just annoying.

No matter who isn’t supporting you or how you feel about it – you can’t let it stop you.

This is just one of those things you’re going to have to overcome on the way to making your dream real.

Unfortunately it’s one of those things that almost everyone has to overcome – which is fortunate because it means I have a lot of experience helping people overcome it!

This was a really beautiful, emotional, supportive call where we dove into how to make space for your dreams when the people in your life are not supportive.


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