Focus helps you make your dreams real.

I mean how do you give a dream what it needs to grow if you don't focus on it?

You can't.

We all know this.

We all want to be able to focus "better".

But focus is uncomfortable.

It's so easy to NOT focus because creative minds love to dream! Creative minds just naturally generate LOTS of different ideas.
So how do you pick one to focus on? I mean often - you just can’t.

So what happens when you don’t focus?

You get to the end of the day and you haven’t made any progress on your dreams.
Then you get to the end of the week with progress.
It's not overly dramatic to say that months and years will start to go by and you won't be any closer to your dreams.
I know I talk about magic a lot, but dreams don't happen by magic. They happen when you choose them and then give them what they need to grow. 
I mean - magic will come into play - but that happens once you're on the path. You are the only one who can make that brave choice and put yourself on the path that leads to your dreams.

When you don’t choose to focus on your dreams you end up living by default. 

Living by default means making do with what you have instead of bravely creating the life you want to be living.

Also known as: living inside your comfort zone. Which, of course, isn't really comfortable at all most of the time. It's familiar.

But we go on living inside our uncomfortable familiar comfort zones.

Because it's freaking scary to get focused!

Being focused means you start taking practical small steps that actually move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Being focused means you're going to have to face the self-doubt that keeps you from taking brave steps.

Being focused means putting your excuses down.

Being focused means actually giving your dreams what they need to grow and thrive - which is also a way of giving your SELF what you need to grow and thrive.

It's scary AND it's awesome.

So what might help make this easier?


  1. Trust that you have chosen the right thing to focus on.
  2. Support for getting focused.
  3. Accountability for staying focused.
  4. Process for getting back on track when you fall off.

So what if you had each of these things? Would it still be so difficult to get focused?

Let's explore....

Trust that you have chosen the right thing to focus on.

Because creative minds just naturally generate so many ideas, more ideas than we could ever bring to fruition, choosing which idea to focus on now is key!

Sometimes it's hard to stay focused for the simple fact that you've chosen the wrong thing and your intuition is trying to get your attention and asking you to focus elsewhere.

The right idea will inspire and energize you. It will be magnetic. It will feel right.

Focusing on it will still be a little scary because your dreams are here to grow you, but with this idea there is as much (or more!) inspired + excitement as there is fear.

How do find this idea? Your intuition already knows, it's a matter of connecting and drawing it out.

Support for getting focused.

Your gifts may not include the ability to get focused. It's ok - not everything has to come naturally to you!

The parts of your dream that are hard for you are the parts that you need to get some support with!

I mean most of us don't berate ourselves for not being able to fix our own cars when they break down, why do we feel we have to go it alone when it comes to getting focused and working on our dreams?

If you've struggled to get focused on your own than try getting some support for it! 

Accountability for staying focused.

Because we've all failed so often at getting focused having an accountability partner or something like that can feel sooo daunting.

You know some days you're going to fail. Do you want to be accountable to some Drill Sargent on those days Accountability works when it's full of compassion and understanding of the very scary nature of chasing after a dream. 

That way on the days when you do fail, you can get some support and help for working through whatever it is that was really hard that day, so that your stumbling blocks turn into stepping stones.

Because when you stumble and you don't have any accountability partner you're much more likely to just drop your dream, get up and go back into your (un)comfort zone.

Process for getting back on track when you fall off.

I know it can seem horribly negative to go in assuming you're going to fail! But it's just reality.

Failure happens to everyone who goes after their dreams and it doesn't matter how much it happens to you.

I mean I know it sucks and it's painful and I don't wish that for you or anything - but it doesn't matter how often you fail, in terms of whether or not you're going to succeed.

It only matters how often you get up and try again.

So having an effective system for this seems like a no-brainer for me.

Want to try all of this with me?

Focus Pocus: Creative Support Group. Let's explore all of this together.

It's happening Feb 5-26 with weekly live streaming video calls (4 in total) and daily check-ins online (on our private website).

(Yes we already started and yes you can still join in)

During the 21 days you're going to get:

  • live group coaching calls every week (4 in total)
  • daily check-ins with the group (I'll send you an email every day with a link to that day's check in and some questions for you to answer)
  • a cut + paste journaling kit easy to use tools for maintaining focus (they'll be creative and playful of course)
  • a process for getting back on track when you get off track (like a safety net for your dream)

It's not just about being hyper focused for 21 days so we can get tons and tons of work done.

(Though of course we all want to get our creative work done!)

While we're in this Focus Pocus process you'll be learning more about your internal relationship with focus - where and why it gets hard for you and what kinds of things help make it easier.

So you'll learn about how to set things up to make it easier for you to focus in your day-to-day life.

This is not a productivity bootcamp. It's a healing circle.

I believe that if you are not able to focus on a dream or a project then there is a part of you who is not yet ready to succeed with that dream or project.

It may just be a teeny tiny little fear but it can still jam up the gears pretty good and stop all progress when it wants to.

And I believe that can choose to be ready at any time. Waiting to the "right time" is a procrastination technique.  There is only one time: right now.

Working (gently!) with the part of you who is afraid of success and bringing in whatever it needs to feel safe and secure and ready to succeed will do much more for your ability to focus than trying to change your habits or forcing yourself into some kind of productivity bootcamp.

So yes we want that outer result of glorious creative productivity but we don't focus (ha!) there.

We focus on the underlying patterns and stories that keep us from experiencing our natural creative flow.

We approach this whole thing with an open mind and a willingness to learn new things about ourselves.

We allow our inner gifts to emerge.

We make space for the magic to happen, as opposed to forcing ourselves to sit down and do the work.

How it all works:

Focus Pocus is meant to be structured enough to give you the support you need to get focused on the thing you want to focus on...

... but not so structured that you're taking time away from your dream to work on Focus Pocus homework.

There are three components to it:

  • Weekly calls (online, over streaming video)
  • Daily check-ins online (on a private forum away from Facebook and other distractions)
  • Journaling tools for helping you get + stay focused

On our first call we'll go over everything together and you'll decide HOW you're going to participate in the group.

You do NOT have to do everything! You want to get exactly as much support as you need to get focused, and that's going to be different for everyone.

So on our first call on Feb 5 we'll get organised together. Then we'll start our daily check-ins on line on Feb 6.

After that, we will have daily check-ins every day (this is where I'll share my stories as I work on getting focused on this thing I want to do, and invite you to do the same) and calls every Monday for Q+A and talking together.

It's pretty magical what happens when you don't feel alone in your efforts to get focused.

Calls happen at 1:00 pm Central (which is 11:00 am Pacific, 2:00 pm Eastern - and when you sign up you get the little conversion thing that lets you see what time this is in your time zone).

The recordings will be available immediately after. If you can't attend live you can send me your questions via email and I'll address them on the call.

Why am I a good person to help you with this?

Well I have enough experience to know that I don't have your answers. Your answers live inside of you.

And I have enough experience to know that I am really good at helping other people access their own inner knowing. So I focus there, which is why my live calls are so insightful and magical.

And I am really good at creating spaces where people can explore and cultivate their own magic. I've been working hard at this for years.

You can read about what my students and clients have had to say about me right here. You can read about my background and training right here.

By nature I am a very grounded person and also a huge dreamer. (Taurus sun sign with Aquarius rising, INFJ)

Focus is essentially about grounding your vision. Taking your castle in the clouds and putting it on the ground where you can live in it.

This is what I have done, and continue to do, in my own life and I bring that grounded energy to how I create the circle.

Also: I care!

I believe that creative people bringing their dreams to life is going to change the world. I believe in the magic and power of your dreams and want you to succeed. I know that this is my purpose on this planet and I pursue this wholeheartedly.

Even if you can't be on the live calls each week you can email me your questions and I will answer on the call. I will do everything I can to help you through the places where you get stuck with getting and staying focused.

This is what I know about focus:

Your creative flow is a wild river.

It has the power to move mountains.

Your focus is the riverbank.

Imagine a river without a riverbank. Without boundaries to guide it ,your creative flow has nowhere to go and becomes a stagnant swamp.

Creating a riverbank allows you to choose a destination for your creative flow. 

This is how your creative flow leads to your dream. You do have the power + ability to do this.

Focus Pocus: Creative Support Group is happening Feb 5-26 inside the Creative Dream Circle.

There are two different membership options for the Creative Dream Circle.  Both options include the Focus Pocus Creative Support Group:

  • $100 USD: 3 month trial membership
  • $199 USD: annual subscription

Find out all about it right here.

** If you got the full Year of Dreams kit and would like to be a part of this, you can apply the money you spent on the Year of Dreams towards an annual membership in the Circle - just email me and I'll set it up for you**

I hope to see you there!