Your shadow self is actually FULL of all kinds of creative gifts. And learning how to dance with your shadow, to CLAIM your shadow and to channel your shadow energy is the best way we know to break free of creative stuckness and turbocharge your creative dynamism.

And that's exactly what we'll do in this one day, online workshop.

This workshop is for creative people who want to BREAK FREE.

It doesn't matter how much experience you have doing this kind of work. If you feel ready to step more deeply into your creative dynamism, then we're here to help.

If you've done Inner Work before you'll appreciate the supportive container to dive a little deeper into your own process.

If you haven't done Inner Work before you'll appreciate being expertly guided and held as you explore the gifts of your true potential.

We're doing this workshop because we want to see more creative people dreaming big and making the magic happen.

When creative people bring their dreams to life - everybody wins. Your dreams are here to nourish your self, your family and the world around you.

But the last thing you need is more positive affirmations and flowery statements about how the world needs your light.

Because the truth is: stepping up, shining your light and making your dreams real is terrifying.

There are *so many shitty things* that you are forced to explore on the path to a dream.

Fear of failure. Fear of success!

Fear of how vulnerable it is to share your dreams.

Fear of risking it all and ending up with nothing.

Fear of never reaching your full creative and spiritual potential.

Limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Unconscious dream-sabotaging behaviours.

I mean - I could go on but this is getting depressing.

So when Chris and I decided to do a workshop together, this is the topic we picked because this is the most helpful topic there is.

Shadow Work is the key to navigating the mind-field of creative fears and getting into that place of being in your own creative flow.

Chris and I together are really really good at holding space for this kind of work. We're each good at it on our own, but together there's this extra magic thing that happens.

Chris is the most skilled person I know when I comes to facilitating Shadow Work and I am just thrilled to be doing this with her.

Please note: It's been a few years since we've done a class together and it could be a few years (or more!) before we do this again.

The big thing that Chris and I have in common is the gift of bringing creativity, light and playfulness to Shadow Work.

This doesn't necessarily make the work easier (let's face it this work is excrutiating) but it makes the gifts more accessible.

Another thing Chris and I have in common is a commitment to helping creative, whole-hearted people go deeper into their inner worlds so they can own their power and make their dreams real.

This isn't easy work but it's 100% worth it.

Gifts of the Shadow: Wild Creative Momentum is happening on December 4.

The workshop happens in a private Facebook group. We'll be streaming live right into the Gifts of the Shadow private Facebook group, so you do need a Facebook account in order to participate in this one.

Our first call is at 11 am, Pacific - translate this into your time zone here.

After that call you will have some "homework" to do for the next few hours, and we will be available in the Facebook group for support during that time.

Our second call is at 2 pm, Pacific - translate this into your time zone here.

We plan to end around 3pm, Pacific but of course it does depend on how the conversation is going on that last call.

And of course everything is recorded so you can't be there with us live you can still work through the material in your own time.

The cost: $53 USD.

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