Your gifts are needed in the world.

You already know this, you can feel that deep desire to share your creative gifts as an offering of love, healing and transformation for the world.

But…ummm… how do you do this, exactly?

It’s a BIG question.

The Creative Dream Incubator has been my full time job since Jan 1, 2011. Yes I do know a lot about how to share my gifts as a offering to the world now - but I didn’t know very much about it at all when I started!

One thing I have learned is that you build the path by walking.

So that calling you feel to use your creative gifts to help the world - that’s all you need to begin your journey. You start walking by taking the step that's in front of you to take.

I started by offering creativity workshops that no one came to. Because I had lots of ideas about how to do a creativity workshop and NO ideas about how to sell one.

I did not start where I am now, with enough steady business to support me. That took years to develop.

(Yes I know the internet is full of people who tell you they can show you how to set up your business to make 6 figures in the next 3 weeks. And if that's what you're looking for you are in the wrong place.)

Sharing your creative gifts as an offering of healing and transformation to the world is an epic hero's journey.

It's the journey that will grow you - you don't wait until you've already grown before you begin the journey.

That call to offer your gifts is your sign that now is the time to begin.

The journey will help you develop and grow your gifts while you build a sturdy structure for being able to offer them to the people who need them.

Nobody starts out already knowing how to do this!

And there's no guidebook - everyone's journey with this is going to be unique. It has to be that way because your gifts are unique.

You learn as you go. You build the path by walking.

The process of offering your creative gifts to the world is really the process of growing into who you really are.

You are here to offer these gifts - you can feel it.

A lot of dreamers waste a lot of time trying to figure out all of the details before they jump in and start offering what they want to offer.

All you can ever do, with any dream, is take the step that's in front of you to take.

If you wait until you can see the whole path you're going to wait your whole life.

Your desire to offer your creative gifts in service to the world is all you need to begin.

Offer your gifts from where you are right now. I mean don't put yourself out there as some kind of expert before you've had your first client. Be honest about where you're at.

Start from where you are.

And then refine as you move forward.

I post every day in the Creative Dream Circle (Monday-Friday) to share what I'm up to on my dream path.

I encourage you to get in the habit of reading these posts! This is where you get to see the inner workings of what it means to show up for your dream, every day.

And you'll see that I don't always have clarity about what my dreams are going to look like... but I keep moving myself towards them anyway.

You'll start to invite that energy and Creative Dream Support into your life and that will open up new possibilities for how you can get engaged with your dream.

The first class you should take in the Circle is the Creative Dream Incubator e-Course. This will give you a whole new foundation for working with your dream.

You'll learn:

  • about the essence and inner workings of your desire to offer your creative gifts in service to the world, which helps you see this dream in a whole new light.
  • some ways of handling the fear and doubt that comes up, so you can move through them.
  • ways to start taking little steps towards actually doing this.

It will go from this hazy-I-don't-know-what-this-looks-like-dreamy-thing to a clear goal that you can focus on and work with.

Getting to that point is not as far away as it feels right now.

Yes, the dream is sharing your creative gifts in service to the world is HUGE I mean who knows where this can take you?

But there ARE small and simple things you can do right now and taking small and simple steps will move you along the path, you can generate momentum BEFORE you really understand what this dream is going to look like in the end.

Once you get just a little bit of clarity and momentum - everything is going to change.

When that "I don't know what it looks like" energy gets replaced with some ideas and inspiration - watch out world!

You'll probably have more ideas than you have time for, and a whole new set of challenges to work through as you get further down the path towards this dream.

But at that point you'll have the whole smorgasbord of dream classes, tools and support of the Creative Dream Circle to choose from to face those challenges and keep moving forward.

The #1 complaint I used to get about the Circle is that there was just TOO MUCH stuff so people couldn't always find what they needed.

Especially if you're having an Inner Critic Attack or you're super stuck with something - you don't want to wade through stuff.

You want to find the thing that's going to help PRONTO.

So I created a map! This is what it looks like:

Each of these buttons has it's own section in the Circle.

On those pages I give you some insights + ideas about that particular situation, tips for how to approach it and then a list of all the different classes and tools in the Circle and how to use them specifically to help your situation.

It's like having a Creative Dream Coach On Demand, 24/7.

That last button, that says "My Question Is Not Listed Here" leads to the "Ask Andrea" section of the forum so you can ask me directly. If you're in a situation that other dreamers are likely to face - I'll make a new map section for you. If you're in a more unique situation, I'll just respond to you in directly in the forum. Either way I've got your back.

I spent a lot of years filling the Creative Dream Circle with classes and resources. Now I focus on helping the members in the Circle make the best use of those resources.The Creative Dream Circle is MY dream come true, I am very grateful for it and I work hard to keep supporting the Circle in being all it can be.

The Big Mother List of classes and resources that are included in the Creative Dream Circle:

This is an overwhelming list!

You definitely don't need to do all the classes to get your money's worth or to get what you need to move forward with your dream. Again - the map will help you narrow in on what will be most helpful to you.

In my free class, Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True, I explain how Creative Dream Alchemy works and at the end I talk about how I am building a library of Creative Dream Alchemy practices.

These are deeply transformative energy alchemy processes for making the magic happen - like exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

The Library of Creative Dream Alchemy teaches you how to harness the full potential of your creative power - your power to create what you want in your world. I am not talking about making vision boards or positive thinking exercises, this is the deep work of inner transformation and growing into your True Self.

When you are plugged into the magic of your True Self, it gets easier to dream.

This is partly because it means you're plugged into your inner power source and partly because it aligns you with your actual purpose and authenticity.

So I am not promising you'll make 6 figures, loose 50 pounds or get 100,000 twitter followers. I'm promising you'll move towards a life that is actually true and authentic for you.

The Library of Creative Dream Alchemy gives you the tools for that journey.

You know how I talk about the inner work being a miracle generator? This is where we do that work - the library is like the workshop for actually DOING Creative Dream Alchemy.

I use these tools every day and I can't wait to share them with you.

And that special magic that comes from being a part of a group of creative kindred spirit dreamers.

I write every day (Monday-Friday) on our private site to share the behind-the-scenes stories of how I'm working with my dreams. I talk about which tools I'm using, how I'm using the and what I'm learning.

These are usually pretty short posts - some days everything kind of sucks, some days are pure magic. But when you read these little bits from my own Dream Story, day after day, they actually invite you deeper into your own unfolding process of working with your dream.

And, every day Circle members gather in the comments section of these posts to share what they're doing with their dreams. It's so amazing to be able to share our journeys in this way. We learn so much from each other, we inspire each other, we support each other.

All of this happens on our private website - I know no one wants to share this vulnerable stuff on Facebook. It's such a gift to be able to share our stories and get daily support from people who "get it".

We truly are stronger together.

When you join the Creative Dream Circle you’ll have me in your corner.

The success of all Circle members matters to me. Helping you make your dream real is my job and I take it seriously.

I promise that you can create significant and lasting change in your life.

You can't necessarily do it overnight - but you'll be amazed by how things can change when you do the work consistently, over time.

I am an active participant in the Creative Dream Circle - that's where I share the "behind the scenes" of what's going on with me and my dreams.

I do post every day (Monday-Friday) to share what I'm learning and exploring in my Dream Practice. I can't promise to respond to every single comment every day, but I am reading the forums, cheering for you and popping in with advice/encouragement as I am able.

And I did create a forum section JUST for asking me questions - so you can always ask me anything you want in there (and I do respond to ALL of those posts)


Here's The Fine Print: You need to read through the Creative Dream Circle Policies + Guidelines before you join.

Your registration in the Circle signifies your agreement with the Policies + Guidelines, which are absolutely non-negotiable.

** Every member honouring the guidelines is how we create the lovely supportive atmosphere in the Circle **


Membership in the Creative Dream Circle is $363 (US) per year.

There are two ways to join:

  1. You can join for one year for $363 and make no additional payments. Your membership ends 1 year from your start date.
  2. You can sign up for a recurring subscription. This means you would be making the payment every year, until you choose to cancel your membership. You get 2 reminder emails before your payment goes through, and there's a video where I show you exactly how to cancel your payment.

When you sign up for the subscription, you are "locked in" at the current price. So even when the price goes up (the Circle has been running since 2012, yes of course the price increases periodically) you'll keep your payments the same. If you sign up for one year only, you are always welcome back, but it would be at the most current fee.

Join the Creative Dream Circle today!

Not ready to commit for a whole year?

There is a way to join for just a month! With Project Miracle.

Project Miracle is a 30 day creative ceremony and support system for going deep into the creative process of miracle-making. It comes with 35 days access to the Creative Dream Circle. It costs $99 US, and at the end of the 35 days if you want to stay - you can take that $99 and apply it towards an annual membership in the Circle.

>> Find out all about Project Miracle right here.

After a decade of doing this work, one thing I know for sure is that we are stronger together. When dreamers unite - magic happens.

Can't wait to explore this with you,


Interested, but have a question first?

Send me an email, I'm happy to help answer any questions: 

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PS: If you're wondering if you're ready for this, I want to remind you that you are always ready for your next step. And you do deserve to have support and encouragement along the way.

Once you join you will be supported in figuring out what you really want, opening up new possibilities for yourself and deciding how you want to get there - it's up to you if you want to take baby steps or giant leaps (I prefer baby steps myself).

Want to hear what members of the Circle have to say?

I have more testimonials on this page.

"I’m one of those people who used to think that I didn’t have enough time or money to participate in the Creative Dream Circle.

I realize now that thinking I didn’t have enough time or money was just an excuse. It was kind of tied into not believing in my own self worth, like I shouldn’t spend the money or take time away from my kids to do this because it was silly and it wasn’t going to cause a change in my life so what’s the point.

That was just my inner critic talking, I realize now, and boy was my inner critic wrong!

These resources and the daily practice of connecting with my creativity has changed my life!

It has impacted my relationships and my outlook in such a positive profound way in such a short period of time that there is no way I would ever stop playing in the Creative Dream Circle."

Melody Flurry

"This group is amazing and I am so grateful.  It has changed my world.

I no longer feel isolated. It supports me in a way that challenges me to my greatness, and in a way that nothing else in my (extensive and great) network of friends and colleagues could. Just like you said in our first video (I re-listened to it from my iPhone when I was doing my cardio at the gym yesterday).

The videos are awesome! Inspiring and practical.  You challenge me to deepen my spiritual trust and growth, and you provide practical tools and ideas to implement that help me ground my business in a creative and spiritual foundation.

You respond specifically to the needs of the group.

I listen to each video multiple times, and I get something really valuable and new from each time I listen. Thank YOU!!!!!

Andrea, you are an Alchemy Facilitator of Dreams."

Lynne Fairchild,

"I listened to you when you said that joining the circle would change things, would shift energy and would change me. But I don’t think I believed you.

I believe you now.  Your classes have changed things, shifted energy and changed me: profoundly."

Sheila Petruccelli,

"I’ve actually accomplished and received more clarity in the 4 weeks I’ve been in the Creative Dream Circle than I have in the past 4 years going it alone."

Carrie Anspach,

Join the Creative Dream Circle today!