Ouch. Your dream is a million miles away and there isn't anything you can do right now to move towards it.

I know this pain well. I waited for fifteen years before I started doing creativity workshops.

My dream felt impossible but I couldn't let it go. I just held it tight in my heart and went on living a life that felt too small for my creative spirit.

I mean dreams don't come with instructions!

And sometimes they point you towards a life that is just so far away from your current reality there just isn't a path that leads from here to there.

So what do you do with that?

In the 15 years I waited, my dream only started to feel further away. That bridge between where I was and where I wanted to be never appeared.

Waiting really isn't a good plan. There are actually only 2 things you can do when your dream is impossible:

  1. give up
  2. step onto the path anyway

Remember what I teach in my free dream class on Creative Dream Alchemy: When the Outer Work is impossible, you focus on Inner Work and Dream Work.

Working with the inner qualities of your dream can change you, and can (gently!) start to change your life in ways that you cannot see right now.

The bridge may never just magically appear. But you can build a bridge, one brick at a time.

And while you're not ready to build the whole bridge today - you could start making just one brick.

I mean if you're just not ready to do anything and you don't want to do anything about that then that's it. You shouldn't do anything.

But if you're still reading this page then it seems like maybe you DO want to do something, you just don't see a way to move forward right now.

And THAT is something I can totally help with.

I post every day in the Creative Dream Circle (Monday-Friday) to share what I'm up to on my dream path.

I encourage you to get in the habit of reading these posts!

Then you'll see that I don't always know what to do, I'm not always sure what my dream is, I'm scared some days, I procrastinate some days...

but I keep moving myself towards my dream anyway.

You'll start to invite that energy into your life and that will open up new possibilities for how you can start working with your dream even if it still feels far away.

And you're going to do the Creative Dream Incubator e-course.

This is a 6 module course for making dreams real.

But you can SKIP module 3 which is all about making plans and taking steps and bringing your dream out into the world, and module 6 which is all about bringing the dream to life and how that changes things.

You can focus on Modules 1,2,4,5 to begin, to work on:

  • building the foundation for successful dreaming
  • learning how to connect with the inner essence of your dream which is always accessible no  matter how far away the outer dream is
  • facing the fears that come up as you do this work and learning how to bring healing and transformation to the places where you get stuck
  • developing a self-care practice that bolsters and strengthens you so you start to become able to do things that you can't do right now

And then, only when you feel ready, you can come back to modules 3 and 6 so you can:

  • start experimenting with making plans and taking little steps towards your dream
  • explore ways to make space in your life for your dream
  • look at your relationship with change and explore what it means to have your dream come true

Here's the thing. If your dream feels 100% impossible - you may be wrong about what your dream actually is or you may be wrong about what you need to do to start moving towards it.

By digging into the Inner Work of Dream Work in the Creative Dream Incubator, you will learn so much about what you really want, you'll start to grow more deeply towards your potential and you will start to see everything differently.

It helps you dream more authentically.

This won't help you build an impossible bridge, and your dream won't magically manifest in your life one day - but it can help you heal, shift and grow in such a way that your far-away dream starts to come into clearer focus.

When you dig in and start working with your dreams - things CHANGE. You do start to see little things you can do to bring more of what you want into your life.

Or, maybe your dream is 100% impossible right now. But you can still use it as a lantern - lighting the way for you.

Even if things can't look like you want them to on the outside - you do NOT have to live separate from your dream, your purpose, your potential, your creative magic.

You can live happier and more fulfilled - right where you are. Because the Inner Magic of your dream is always available to you.

This is ultimately what ALL of the classes, tools and resources in the Creative Dream Circle are designed to help you do.

And if you start by reading my posts and doing the Creative Dream Incubator course - things will shift enough for you that you're going to want to dive in to everything else the Creative Dream Circle has to offer.

The #1 complaint I used to get about the Circle is that there was just TOO MUCH stuff so people couldn't always find what they needed.

Especially if you're having an Inner Critic Attack or you're super stuck with something - you don't want to wade through stuff.

You want to find the thing that's going to help PRONTO.

So I created a map! This is what it looks like:

Each of these buttons has it's own section in the Circle.

On those pages I give you some insights + ideas about that particular situation, tips for how to approach it and then a list of all the different classes and tools in the Circle and how to use them specifically to help your situation.

It's like having a Creative Dream Coach On Demand, 24/7.

That last button, that says "My Question Is Not Listed Here" leads to the "Ask Andrea" section of the forum so you can ask me directly. If you're in a situation that other dreamers are likely to face - I'll make a new map section for you. If you're in a more unique situation, I'll just respond to you in directly in the forum. Either way I've got your back.

I spent a lot of years filling the Creative Dream Circle with classes and resources. Now I focus on helping the members in the Circle make the best use of those resources.The Creative Dream Circle is MY dream come true, I am very grateful for it and I work hard to keep supporting the Circle in being all it can be.

The Big Mother List of classes and resources that are included in the Creative Dream Circle:

This is an overwhelming list!

You definitely don't need to do all the classes to get your money's worth or to get what you need to move forward with your dream. Again - the map will help you narrow in on what will be most helpful to you.

Plus: The Magic.

Joining a group like this means you become a part of the group, energetically. You receive support, inspiration and that sense of being held by a community of kindred creative spirits.

And the daily (Monday-Friday) blog posts from me - on our private site where you can leave comments and connect with other Circle members.

When you join the Creative Dream Circle you’ll have me in your corner.

The success of all Circle members matters to me. Helping you make your dream real is my job and I take it seriously.

I promise that you can create significant and lasting change in your life.

You can't necessarily do it overnight - but you'll be amazed by how things can change when you do the work consistently, over time.

I am an active participant in the Creative Dream Circle - that's where I share the "behind the scenes" of what's going on with me and my dreams.

I do post every day (Monday-Friday) to share what I'm learning and exploring in my Dream Practice. I can't promise to respond to every single comment every day, but I am reading the forums, cheering for you and popping in with advice/encouragement as I am able.

And I did create a forum section JUST for asking me questions - so you can always ask me anything you want in there (and I do respond to ALL of those posts)


Here's The Fine Print: You need to read through the Creative Dream Circle Policies + Guidelines before you join.

Your registration in the Circle signifies your agreement with the Policies + Guidelines, which are absolutely non-negotiable.

** Every member honouring the guidelines is how we create the lovely supportive atmosphere in the Circle **


The price of the Creative Dream Circle is currently $199 (US) per year.

On September 21, the price is going up to $363 (US) per year.

There are two ways to join:

  • You can keep the $199/year price for as long as you choose to be a member (we do have members who have been here the whole 6 years the Circle has been around) if you sign up for annual recurring payments.
  • Or you can just sign up for one year for $199. You could come back of course, but you would be paying the current price.

Join the Creative Dream Circle today!

Not ready to commit for a whole year?

There is a way to join for just a month! With Project Miracle.

Project Miracle is a 30 day creative ceremony and support system for going deep into the creative process of miracle-making. It comes with 35 days access to the Creative Dream Circle. It costs $99 US, and at the end of the 35 days if you want to stay - you can take that $99 and apply it towards an annual membership in the Circle.

>>> Find out all about Project Miracle right here.

After a decade of doing this work, one thing I know for sure is that we are stronger together. When dreamers unite - magic happens.

Can't wait to explore this with you,


Interested, but have a question first?

Send me an email, I'm happy to help answer any questions: 

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PS: If you're wondering if you're ready for this, I want to remind you that you are always ready for your next step. And you do deserve to have support and encouragement along the way.

Once you join you will be supported in figuring out what you really want, opening up new possibilities for yourself and deciding how you want to get there - it's up to you if you want to take baby steps or giant leaps (I prefer baby steps myself).

Want to hear what members of the Circle have to say?

I have more testimonials on this page.

"I’m one of those people who used to think that I didn’t have enough time or money to participate in the Creative Dream Circle.

I realize now that thinking I didn’t have enough time or money was just an excuse. It was kind of tied into not believing in my own self worth, like I shouldn’t spend the money or take time away from my kids to do this because it was silly and it wasn’t going to cause a change in my life so what’s the point.

That was just my inner critic talking, I realize now, and boy was my inner critic wrong!

These resources and the daily practice of connecting with my creativity has changed my life!

It has impacted my relationships and my outlook in such a positive profound way in such a short period of time that there is no way I would ever stop playing in the Creative Dream Circle."

Melody Flurry

"This group is amazing and I am so grateful.  It has changed my world.

I no longer feel isolated. It supports me in a way that challenges me to my greatness, and in a way that nothing else in my (extensive and great) network of friends and colleagues could. Just like you said in our first video (I re-listened to it from my iPhone when I was doing my cardio at the gym yesterday).

The videos are awesome! Inspiring and practical.  You challenge me to deepen my spiritual trust and growth, and you provide practical tools and ideas to implement that help me ground my business in a creative and spiritual foundation.

You respond specifically to the needs of the group.

I listen to each video multiple times, and I get something really valuable and new from each time I listen. Thank YOU!!!!!

Andrea, you are an Alchemy Facilitator of Dreams."

Lynne Fairchild,


"I listened to you when you said that joining the circle would change things, would shift energy and would change me. But I don’t think I believed you.

I believe you now.  Your classes have changed things, shifted energy and changed me: profoundly."

Sheila Petruccelli,


"I’ve actually accomplished and received more clarity in the 4 weeks I’ve been in the Creative Dream Circle than I have in the past 4 years going it alone."

Carrie Anspach,


Join the Creative Dream Circle today!