A Bottle of Comfort + The Cure For Stuckness

Once upon a time, there was a cranky cranky girl.

And she was moping around her parent’s house because construction on her new dream loft condo was delayed. FOR TWO MORE MONTHS.

And then a package arrived in the mail that changed everything.

That packaged contained a bottle of comfort, which was exactly what the cranky girl needed.

Comfort: Tender Love + Gentle Healing

The cranky girl dosed herself in the magical oil and then *pouf* all was well in her world.

Because one of her magical, magical friends had created this oil using the cranky girl’s very own magic potions.

And when the cranky girl experienced her very own magic potion, wrapped up inside this ridiculously gorgeous magically charged perfumed oil it struck her:

There is so much magic in life, it’s ridiculous.  Ridiculous!

And she woke up from her cranky spell.

So this happened last week when I was having a rough time.

I was incredibly disappointed about this most recent delay in the loft condo.

I also didn’t want to be disappointed.  And I recognized that I am one lucky girl.  Hello!  I bought my dream loft condo!  It’s amazing!  So what that I have to wait 2 more months?  As if it won’t be worth it!

So I was tempted to try to “positive think” the stuck away.

I wanted to not dwell on it.  Or complain about it.

I definitely wanted to not tell the truth when people asked “How are you?

And yes, that’s tempting.  It’s also exactly the wrong approach to take.

Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!

I have a lot of training when it comes to positive thinking and using the law of attraction. I have had a lot of clients. I have been in classes and taught classes with so many different people. (I am a trained and accredited New Though Practitioner which is a teacher, mentor and guide for using the law of attraction.)

And I saw the same thing happen Every Single Time.

Positive thinking your way out of stuck puts you onto a hampster wheel.  Saying, and maybe even believing, that everything is just fine.  Always taking steps forward but not really getting anywhere new.

Changing the characters and scenes but not the story.

As you know – I don’t like to see people be stuck.  And I don’t like to be stuck, myself.

But there is no way to be more stuck than to not even admit to yourself that you are stuck.

Because being stuck is normal.

So.  Deep breath.  I let my temptation to positive think my way out of the cranky fade away.

And instead I turned around and faced the cranky.

And then I followed my disappointment inward and I found other things hidden there:  Worry that I’d made the wrong choice somewhere.  Worry that this is just the start of everything derailing for me.  Lots of small and big worries.  And it started to make sense why I was so cranky.

Now none of these worries were true.

But they were still there.

And they were making me snap at people and want to hide in bed all day.

Not good.

So here it is. The cure for stuck.

First fill up on:



Self care.



Doesn’t that already feel so much better?

No need to beat yourself up just because you’re stuck.  Or make yourself wrong. Or bad. Or in any way less than.

Remember: being stuck is normal. So if you’re stuck – congrats! You’re normal!

OK. So you’re stuck. Be stuck then.

Actually be with the stuck.

Find out what the stuck needs and give it that.

If you can’t figure out what it needs, just send it love.  Send love to the stuck and to the part of you who is stuck.

This gets you un-stuck so fast your head may spin!

But please notice how this is different from diving headfirst into the stuck or believing that it’s the truth about who you are or that it’s bigger than you.

(It’s not true.  And it’s not bigger than you.  I promise.)

Being with it is different from being in it.

Just be with it.

Find out what it needs and find out how you can give it what it needs.

As long as you stay open to it, what you need will show up.

Maybe not as quickly as you want it to, but it will show up right on time.  (Just like my condo)

You may not have the most deliciously amazing bottle of magic oil show up at your doorstop. Or you might.

It may take a bunch of practice. It may take a lot of time.

Every time you need to, and even more often than that, remember to fill up on:



Self care.



That’s really the key. Be gentle with your sweet self.

I know. Your Inner Critic is the last thing you want to talk about.

It’s stupid.  And annoying.

You definitely don’t want to spend money on a course to learn more about it!

But this is important.

Because as much as dealing with your inner critic is annoying and stupid what’s more annoying and more stupid is letting it hold you back.  Which is what happens if you don’t deal with it.

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  1. Ginny on November 29, 2011 at 8:30 am

    This is exactly what I needed to hear (read) this morning. Exactly exactly. I’ve been kicking myself and giving myself a hard time for not being able to ‘positive think’ my way out of how I’m feeling right now. I needed this reminder. Thank you…

  2. Lee Ann Monat on November 29, 2011 at 10:41 am


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