I woke up feeling extra-cranky this morning, how about you?


This morning I woke up feeling overwhelmed.

Yesterday I was sooooo happy because the End The Year on a High Note Creative Dream Obstacle Release Ceremony went soooo well.

(You can still watch the recording right here – the recording is available until Jan 9)

So it somehow felt extra-disorienting to wake up this morning feeling overwhelmed and like everything is wrong.

But after a bit of journaling though I saw it from a different perspective: Actually I am seeing things more clearly this morning because I released! I released something at the ceremony yesterday.

Like: blinders removed.

I am seeing my own bullshit stories for what they are. Nonsense!

I am suddenly seeing the places where I set myself up to fail and THAT is what feels wrong.

It’s uncomfortable but this is the magic of release: clear vision.

And this is the sucky part because it means I have to change. Now that I know better I need to do better.

I think we go into Obstacle-Release Type Events hoping that it will change things for us. Like we’ll wake up the next morning and our lives will be better.

But more often than not this is what happens. We wake up and see where WE need to do better.

So as I start to write about what that means for me right now and make lists of exactly what I want to do next – the crankiness starts to fade as inspiration takes over.

Taking action, or at least making a plan to take action is reallllly helpful at this point.

I opened up a little discussion on this inside the Dream Lab if you’re having a hard time integrating your Release Ceremony experience – so pop in right here if you need some support.

(You need your Dream Lab login details to get in – if you don’t have those just email me and I’ll help you get in – Dream Lab is free, but I made a private site for it so we could share more openly)