30 Day Journal Challenge! Day 1. Today I Hope:

We’re doing the Hello Day Journal Practice together, every day for 30 days.

I’ll share the prompts on my blog (you can subscribe to get my blog posts by email right here) and also on Instagram – where you can join in with pictures of your Hello Day journal, using the hastag #hellodayjournal 

I’m using my Hello Day Guided Journal + Coloring Book for this – it has a “Hello Day” doodle to colour and a different prompt for each day.

You can get your own copy on Amazon:

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Or you can play along in your own journal.

Day 1 30 day journal challenge

Day One. Today I hope:

OMG it felt good to sit down and colour out “Hello Day”. I could feel myself sink into the present as I greeted the day.

It’s like when you say hello to someone you love and you want to know all about them. You are present with them.

That’s all you’re doing here. Saying hello to your day.

This might feel really good or really weird or like you’re not doing anything at all. However it feels – you’re doing it right. This is the kind of thing where you may have to do it a while before you feel comfortable with it.

Our first prompt is Today I hope:

Journaling about hope helps activate the quality of hope within you, which is always a good way to start a new journey.

So what do you hope for?

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Hello Day 30 Day Journal Challenge. Hello Day 30 Day Journal Challenge.