30 Day Journal Challenge! Day 24 – I Am Looking Forward To:

We’re doing the Hello Day Journal Practice together, every day for 30 days. I’ll share the prompts here on my blog and also on Instagram – where you can join in with pictures of your Hello Day journal, using the hastag #hellodayjournal

I’m using my Hello Day Guided Journal + Coloring Book for this – it has a “Hello Day” doodle to colour and a different prompt for each day. You can get your own copy on Amazon:

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Or you can play along in your own journal.

30 Day Journal Challenge! Day 24

Our prompt for Day 24 – I Am Looking Forward To:

Today we’re back focusing on the positive.

Looking forward is a form of calling in. I look forward to good things happening and I become a magnet for good things that are looking for a place to land.

Now, we always start with Hello Day which is all about being present. So then when you write about what you are looking forward to – try to hold that energy with you, here in the present.

Don’t zoom off into the future.

Stay here and build that energy of expectancy in your present moment.

See if you can tell the difference in how it feels to stay present in the present and look forward to something, and focusing on the future and not staying present.

Living in a state of expectancy is powerful but living in the future is not.

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—> Reserve your spot here (this gives you access to both the live event and the recording)

—> Reserve your spot here (this gives you access to both the live event and the recording)