30 Day Journal Challenge! Day 30 – I Am Ready To:

We’re doing the Hello Day Journal Practice together, every day for 30 days. I’ll share the prompts here on my blog and also on Instagram – where you can join in with pictures of your Hello Day journal, using the hastag #hellodayjournal

I’m using my Hello Day Guided Journal + Coloring Book for this – it has a “Hello Day” doodle to colour and a different prompt for each day. You can get your own copy on Amazon:

USA: Amazon.com | Canada: Amazon.ca | Great Britain: Amazon.uk | Europe: Amazon.de

Or you can play along in your own journal.

Our prompt for Day 30 – I am ready to:

The past 30 days were a journey.  Where did it take you?

What’s next on your path? What are you ready to do now?

This is the thing I love so much about journaling – how the simple act of meeting yourself on the page can bring you to where you need to be.

I hope you have experienced some of that magic too – I know I have really enjoyed sharing this with you!

This is the end of the 30 days but hopefully not the end of your practice!

What parts of the Hello Day Journal Challenge would you like to integrate into your journaling practice?



30 Day Journal Challenge! Day 30 - I Am Ready To: