Hey New Project, Can We Talk?

I feel ridiculous calling you “my new project”. I mean you are so much more than that. But I don’t know what else to call you.

Do you have something you want me to call you?


Right. You don’t care what I call you.

No it’s not that I don’t care. It’s that it isn’t the question for you to focus on right now.

Alright then.

So. I wanted to talk to you today because I feel like I need to bring everything together. I mean I have been journaling with/about you in my huge giant journal and also in my huge art journal and also in my normal Year of Dreams journal and also in the tiny project journal.

project journals

You’re everywhere! I wonder if you are too spread out and I should consolidate.

Well you know that you’re on the right track. And I don’t care which journals you use – that’s more for your own sense of organisation and clarity.  I’m glad you’ve been doing your best to connect with me and create space for me to grow into what I am, instead of your usual pattern of wanting to control and shape what is coming through.

Yeah, I think I am getting better at this part.

Well – you’re ready now. You trust yourself and your work and you’re standing on a firm foundation. You couldn’t have worked in this way until now.  That’s part of why you feel the weight of this new project so heavily – you’re shifting how you work. This is a big deal. You’re opening the door to your best work.

I get the sense that “my best work” is a moving target.

Well of course it evolves as you do.

OK so it makes sense that making space for this project has been such a huge deal. It’s taking so much of my own energy plus it’s making a lot of demands in terms of me changing things up in my business to make space for it.

I am here to help evolve your work, yes.

So now I’m kind of laughing at myself for asking about what to call you. Yes – I have much more important questions to ponder. I’m also seeing how I need to make better use of my energy and not follow the questions that don’t matter.

Like leaving Facebook.

Yeah, feels like that will free up a lot of energy that was just wasted.

It’s not like you’ll take every second you used to spend on Facebook being super productive. It’s more like you’ll be forced to look for higher quality sources of down time.  I mean literally sitting and staring out the window is already a much higher quality way to spend your time – you can feel that already. It opens up possibility, it protects your energy because you’re not being inundated so everyone else’s stuff.

Everything that you already know about holding and using your power. Do that.

Well yeah. I’m excited about finding my next steps with this.

So I guess, when I said “So. I wanted to talk to you today because I feel like I need to bring everything together” I mean – I want to check in and make sure I’m on the right track.

You are.

Because these next steps feel really big. I mean it’s a ton of small steps that need to be co-ordinated together to create this shift.

And as I’ve been sitting with this and exploring all of it I am amazed at how it addresses my needs but also addresses the needs of the people who work with me. Like it makes everything better for everyone -me and the people who engage with my free stuff and the members of the Creative Dream Circle.

It also addresses some of the big shifts I’ve been seeing in how people engage online and I think it will help new people find me without me doing the “business things” that I am not comfortable with. It’s like it’s a way to cut through the noise with vulnerability and authenticity and the actual power of creative energy – instead of being louder or making ridiculous promises to draw people in.

I mean – it’s magic.

Well yeah. That’s how this works. You know that. One idea can serve many different things. These are the kinds of ideas you get when you slow down to listen deeper in the way that you have been these past few weeks.

OK so now I feel more sure that I am on the right path. I guess I wanted to check-in before diving into the “work” part.

I do want to dive into that and just run wild with my creativity while getting all of this work done while trusting that this deeper, quieter, planning work I’ve done has created a strong enough structure to hold and shape my creative flow.

Yup – that’s what I think is going to happen. That work of creating a strong enough structure to hold and shape your creative flow – that’s why you’ve been so exhausted lately. You built a real sturdy thing there, it’s just invisible.

Wow. OK so I’m going to get to work then.

I’m also circling back to my question about the journals – I want to keep this connection to you. So I will do that in my project planning journal. A daily check-in.

That sounds perfect. And again – that’s for YOU, not me. So if you want to change how you do that – that’s cool with me. Do what you need to do to connect to me – I am always here and always open to you.

A big discussion with my new project on: the evolution of my work * leaving Facebook * marketing without marketing * magic * creating a strong enough structure to hold and shape creative flow