Journal Party Nov 7 with special guest Melissa Fernandez!


I know I have not blogged in a while. If you follow me on Instagram you know I went on a really lovely vacation in Mexico.

I definitely needed the break. I’d been on Creative Overdrive since the summer, and taking this time off to lay on the beach and have fun actually helped me solidify a lot of the ideas I had been working on. Now that I am back home I feel a new sense of clarity and direction for my work.

But instead of diving back into my creative projects, I got really sick and spent the next week in bed. So today I’m just starting to feel better and am figuring out how to re-introduce myself to my creative projects.

I feel like I have hundreds of blog posts swirling around in my mind but I can’t quite get them out just yet.

So I am glad that I got everything ready for next week’s Journal Party before I went on vacation! (Getting my work done ahead of time is one of the things that allows me to get so much work done! It means I don’t do the work under deadline-pressure) 

Journal Parties are free, one-hour creative playdates where we hang out together with our journals and chat. I’ll pick a few journaling prompts to get us started and then we’ll just play together… journaling, chatting, exploring.

The magic of journaling plus the support of community.

Journal parties will happen live online on streaming video. Plus they’ll all be recorded so if you can’t be there live you can journal along with us while you watch the replay.

Even though we’re all in our own homes for this, it’s amazing how we all end up feeling less alone by the end of the hour.  Journal Parties are magic!

I’ll host them, and each one has a special guest (a journaling teacher that I admire) and *everyone* is invited to play with us!

If you haven’t been to a Journal Party before you can watch replays from past parties right here.

Our next journal party is happening November 7 and our special guest is Melissa Fernandez from Wild Earth Spirit!

This is going to be our LAST Journal Party. So if this is something you’ve wanted to try – the time is now!

—> Click here to reserve your spot now. (This gets you a spot in the live event plus access to the recording)

Melissa is an intuitive artist and brave guide. She soulfully, curates the magic of daily life to keep the fire going for those who are ready to own their powerful stories and sacred expressions.

—> Click here to reserve your spot now! (This gets you a spot in the live event plus access to the recording)