Mastermind meets healing circle meets magic school meets creative playground.

Mastermind meets healing circle meets magic school meets creative playground.

Dream Journey is starting Monday. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Q+A Group Coaching Calls every Monday (you can attend live to ask your questions, or post them in the forum and I’ll respond on the call) so you get support + guidance from me throughout the 21 days (4 live calls in total)
  • Simple but profound Creative Dream Alchemy tools that help you stay in that place of believing that it’s all possible for you.
  • A supportive structure that helps you go deeper into your dream – so you can make more progress than you think is possible.
  • Super Cute Journaling Kits!!! Printable prompts, dream mantas and bits of inspiration to colour + play with in your journal – all with messages that support you on your Dream Journey.
  • An inspiring community to explore with.
  • Plus I’ll be in our private classroom every day (Monday-Friday) to answer any questions that come up.

You’ll have deep support for making positive change in your life.

Together we’ll create a container of accelerated growth for you and your dream.

How you use the container is up to you – we’ll explore this together with some journaling prompts on our first call. You can use this group to do things like:

  • make some big progress towards your dream (or figure out what your next steps should be)
  • explore your “big stuck” (external obstacle, inner fear, etc,) more deeply to find your way through it
  • start doing a thing that you’ve been avoiding – like blogging or opening an Etsy shop or putting on your first creativity workshop
  • figure out which dream you should be focusing on right now
  • make time for some high-quality self-care

(If there is something specific you want right now and you’re not sure if this program will help, you can email me about it using the contact form on this page – I’m happy to help you decide if this is a right fit for your goals or not)

No matter what you are using the group for, I believe it will help you with:

  • being more connected to your dream, your intuition and your true self
  • structure for doing the inner work so your fears and doubts stop holding you back
  • clarity for doing the outer work so you know exactly what to DO next
  • feeling supported and encouraged with your dream – none of us have enough of this!

Obviously there will be lots of support for working through fears, doubts and other obstacles!

Guiding people to find the gifts in the hard places is my specialty so I’m sure we’ll be doing a lot of that on the live coaching calls.

Plus you’ll get focused, in-depth tools specifically for working through the hard stuff, if you’d rather do it on your own.

You’ll get tons of support, encouragement and inspiration throughout this process. The four live calls will happen on:

Monday, September 18
Monday, September 25
Monday, October 2
Monday, October 9

at 1:00 Central, NA (that’s: 11:00 AM in Los Angeles, 2:00 PM in New Work, 7:00 PM in London, 4:00 am the next day in Brisbane)

Recordings will be made available ASAP after we’re done each call.

I promise you don’t need to be there live to get what you need out of this program.  You can ask me your questions in the forum and I’ll answer in detail on the calls.

Plus I’ll be in our classroom answering questions every day (Monday-Friday) – I want to make sure you have all the support you need to get what you want from this process.

This is a one-time-only thing. We start on September 18.

The Dream Journey will happen inside the Creative Dream Circle (my online teaching center + community of kindred spirits).

You can join the Creative Dream Circle for $99 with the trial membership option – I think the Dream Journey itself will be worth more than this!

Find out more about what’s inside the Creative Dream Circle right here.

I can’t wait to explore all of this with you and your dream, starting September 18!

Mastermind meets healing circle meets magic school meets creative playground.