3 Tips To Help You Get Focused

As I am getting ready to start the Focus Pocus Creative Support Group on Feb 5 I wanted to share some of my thoughts about getting and staying focused, to plant some seeds for the discussions we’ll have on our calls…

Today: Three tips to help you get focused.

get focused

Let’s get focused! Step 1: Make sure you’re focusing on something that you actually want.

This may seem obvious but it’s pretty amazing how often we’re trying to get focused on something when a huge part of us just doesn’t really want that thing. So if you are struggling to get focused on something the first thing to do is check in with yourself and find out if you really want do to it.

Do you feel like you should focus on it even though deep down you don’t really want to?  Is it something that you used to want, or something that someone else wants for you?

Or is it an unadulterated joyful YES like the way I feel about wanting a latte in the morning?

Feeling a lot of joy about the thing you’re trying to get focused on won’t magically make you ultra-focused but it is the first step to getting there.

And trying to make yourself focus on things you don’t really care about makes it harder for you to be able to focus on the things you do care about.

Step 2: Make sure you’re trying to focus on things that you can actually do.

Getting focused on what you’re going to DO is where we often get stuck when it comes to focusing on bigger goals, like:

  • Selling this painting.
  • Publishing this book
  • Making $xxxx this month.
  • Getting a promotion.

While they look like action steps actually these are all things that someone else does! A patron buys the painting. A publisher publishes the book. Your boss give you a promotion.

It’s hard to get focused on these kinds of goals because there is nothing for you to DO.

You’re just waiting for someone else to take the action step that leads to you getting what you want, which is going to make you feel pretty hopeless about the whole thing pretty fast.

Of course it’s uncomfortable to admit you don’t know what to do to make your dream happen so you try to avoid that feeling and end up in this loop of just being unable to focus.

Some helpful things to know here:

  • No one starts out already knowing how to make their dream real! You learn as you go. 
  • Research, education and getting help are valid things to do! This is how you learn.

So instead of focusing on selling your paintings, you could focus on learning about the business of selling art.

Selling your paintings is your dream, but it’s not your where you focus should be if you want to create momentum towards your dream. You want to be focused on what’s right in front of you.

Focusing on the end goal pulls you out of the present moment which is where all of your power and magic live.

And that’s the third thing to do to help get focused: bring your focus into the present.

You want to focus on the daily steps or practices that you can do right now that move you towards your goal. No excuses or waiting for things to change before you start.

The path that leads to your dream has to start right under your feet, exactly where they are right now.

Focusing on the steps that are further down the road is only going to trip you up. Look at the steps that are right in front of you, right now. Focus there.

Yes, doing this will get uncomfortable because it will trigger fears and doubt about whether or not you can really pull this off.

And THAT why we struggle so much with focus – because creating any kind of positive change in your life triggers your fears and inner critics and all that uncomfortable stuff.

So it becomes easier to just never get focused than it is to actually deal with that stuff that stops you from creating what you want in your life. Except, of course, that means you’ve never going to get anywhere with your dreams.

It’s ok to be scared! We’re all scared sometimes!

But don’t pretend that you’re bad at getting focused when really you’re avoiding facing your fear or self-doubt. Being honest with yourself, there is power in that.

So here are the three things to do right now to help you get focused:

  • Make sure you actually want the thing you’re trying to get focused on.
  • Brainstorm things you can actually DO to create what you want (don’t focus on hopes and wishes!).
  • Keep your focus in the present moment, where all of your magic + power live.

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