And now I’m falling in love with moving

After all this feeling overwhelmed and stressed and frustrated… it’s finally here.






Flow flow flow flow flow flow flow flow.

It’s really important to give myself space to feel how I am actually feeling.

To give each feeling legitimacy.

To not try to convince myself to feel differently, to plaster a happy face over a sad one.

To be with how I really am, for however long I am there for, which is trusting that there is a reason for it even when I can’t see it.

And this is is always the fastest way to move forward and, ironically, the fastest way to move back into flow and bliss and joy and wild creative freedom.

Today I gave away my old sewing machine.

It sells for $700 – $1500 in the secondhand market.

And I gave it away.

I gave it to an organization that will use it to teach women to sew.

Women who can most use a new skill and a creative outlet.

And giving it away felt like joy.

Felt like infusing this whole process of clutter clearing and packing and moving with generosity and freedom and creativity and connection.

With goodness.

And trust and faith.

And, instead of putting an extra $700 – $1500 in my bank account, I am putting trust and faith and goodness in my back account.

I am putting generosity into my bank account which actually has a much higher rate of return than cash does.

And it’s helping me to see more clearly – what I am doing here isn’t just packing and moving and this is why I’ve been overwhelmed with it all.

I’m doing a full-on all-out clearing.

Everything that no longer serves me – gone.

Blocks: dismantled and their components taken away to the thrift shop where someone else can build something beautiful out of them.

Obstacles: thrown into the recycling bin like they should have been long ago.

As I’m doing this with my stuff I’m also doing this with my stuff.

It’s a huge job.  It’s tiring physically and it’s exhausting emotionally.

Creating space for the next stage.

More creativity.  More freedom.  More possibility.  More flow.  More space.  More sparkle.

But to get there I’ve had to be really up close and personal with the blocks and obstacles and junk and stuff, in order to move it all away.  I’ve not been just throwing things away blindly – those things have a tendency to kind of crawl back into your experience.

I’m being considerate.  Understanding why and how I don’t need the thing anymore.  Finding new uses for things and seeing how they can be transformed and not just tossed aside.  Bringing in the qualities that I want to fill my new life with, and filling everything about my move with those qualities.

Creative Magic











Bring. It. On.