{creating dreams come true} dressing up as a dream

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happy halloween!


me in my bunny costume

dress-up is cool and fun.  it can also be a really powerful way of trying on new ways of being and exploring different aspects of you.  you can wear things you would never wear.  you can be someone else.

what i want to look at this week is how we can dress up as our dream come true – dress up as the version of ourselves who lives our dream.  this is a way of trying on our dream and seeing how it fits.

and trying it on actually helps us to step into it.  oh.  this is how i dress when i am my dream come true.  this is how i walk.  this is what i eat.  this is what i say.

you can learn so much this way about what needs to change in order for you to really live your dreams.

and you can find some aspects of living your dream that you can start living today, which opens doors for more aspects of your dream to come into your life.

some time ago, i was going to a halloween party and i didn’t think of a costume ahead of time.  so the day of the party i decided to be a dragonfly.  mostly because i loved using halloween as an excuse to play with eyeshadow.  so i let my love for eyeshadow lead the way and i made my face into a dragonfly by drawing the body on my nose with eyeliner and creating amazing iridescent wings all around my eyes.

i wasn’t consciously trying to dress up as my dream.  i just knew that every year i used halloween as an excuse to play with eyeshadow and i loved it.

what i realised the next day is that i really loved playing with the eyeshadow and creating the wings and i realised – whenever there is an opportunity to wear a lot of makeup i am so excited about it.  why don’t i just wear it whenever i want to?

telling the story now this seems so silly!

but really – deep down inside i wanted to be wearing fun eyeshadow and i wasn’t doing it because i hadn’t fully realised this is what i wanted.

so i started playing with eyeshadow and this whole new world opened up.  i started buying more kinds of eye makeup and experimenting with different textures and combinations of things.

i began to see eye makeup as art supplies for my face and i started making art, on my face, every morning.

at that time in my life i wasn’t making a lot of art.  i was doing holistic interior design.  the eyeshadow became the colourful creative outlet that i was craving.  and, as silly as it seems, it actually led to me getting back into art and opening up to my creativity more fully.

and that happened by me trying on one small part of a dream and wearing it in my regular life.  that shifted my regular life to bring it more into alignment with my creative dreams.

creative dream assignment: dress up as your dream

so i don’t want you to do this for halloween, i want you to do this somewhere in your regular life.  how can you dress up as the version of you who lives your dreams?  does that version of you dress differently?  is her hair different?  are her shoes different?  are her eating or sleeping patterns different?  how can you try your dreams on just like trying on a halloween costume?

creative dream check-in:

join us the comments below and let us know where your dreams are growing and flowing and where they’re stuck. also share any questions or ideas about this week’s assignment, or just say hello and cheer your fellow dreamers on.

everyone’s dreams grow more fully and beautifully when we grow them together in creative community.

and i so want to see your answers to last week’s fill in the blanks questions!!

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