{creating dreams come true} is anything stuck?

creative dreamerit’s sunday – which means it’s creating dreams come true day. creating dreams come true is a free ongoing e-course and creative community to support you in living your dreams. if you are new, please feel free to join right in. the more creative dreamers the better!

last week we did a creative dream assessment.

this can be really challenging and hard.  or it can be light and celebratory.  and it may be both.

so let’s remember again that we are incredibly brave beings for having dreams and naming them and taking steps towards them.  and that we are smashing successes for just being here on the journey.  and at the same time, let’s provide some space here to look at where we may be stuck.

where are our dreams not flowing and growing the way we wanted them to?
where do we feel unsure?
where are we kind of down about dreams?
what are we avoiding?
where are our dreams stuck?

i know this can be really uncomfortable but please stay with me here.

avoiding and ignoring the stuck doesn’t get it moving.

exploring the stuck can bring light, insight and movement in.  and the stuck can have really awesome messages.  it can show us where we don’t really want to do the work.  it can show us where a different path would work better.  it can show us what we are afraid of.

creative dream assignment: naming the stuck

so, after doing your creative dream assessment – where are your dreams stuck?

you might want to share it in the comments and you might prefer to keep it to yourself.  sharing our stuck parts can feel really vulnerable and scary.  but i do promise you: admitting that you are stuck, when you are stuck, will be a big fat giant relief.

so here is where i have been getting stuck: eating heathy.  i go in circles. i make great progress. i take ten steps back.  i pick up amazing new habits like green smoothies. i forget to make time for grocery shopping and i get too tired to cook.  one week i eat mostly salads with tofu.  the next week i eat mostly pizza.  bleh.

and you know what – writing it feels like a relief.  like oh it’s not really that bad.  like actually i am doing the best i can.  and i am making progress – i am just taking small steps with it.  and i am learning.  and i am human.  and it’s ok.

important note about sharing the stuck: please please PLEASE do not try and fix anyone in the comments section.  no giving advice on this one.  no making anyone wrong for being stuck. it takes a lot of courage to be honest about where we are so let’s just honour ourselves and each other in this.

and the next part – what does this have to teach me?  i’m going to leave that question out there and see what comes to me over the next week.

creative dream check-in:

join us the comments below and let us know where your dreams are growing and flowing and where they’re stuck. also share any questions or ideas about this week’s assignment, or just say hello and cheer your fellow dreamers on.

everyone’s dreams grow more fully and beautifully when we grow them together in creative community.

how did your assessment go?  what did you learn about you and your dreams?

looking forward to your updates…


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