creating dreams come true: try something new

it’s sunday – which means it’s creating dreams come true day. creating dreams come true is a free ongoing e-course and creative community to support you in living your dreams. if you are new, please feel free to join in. the more creative dreamers the better!  i am really enjoying how more dreamers keep finding us and joining in and sharing their lists.  if you look back through the posts from the last few weeks, you will see there are lots of new comments from beautiful new dreamers.

this week we are going to look at trying something new.

trying something new can create shifts.  sometimes we can be stuck in our ways, and there is no flexibility or space for dreams to grow.  small changes can break things loose and open up space to let some dreams in.

change can also help us see things in a new way, or think in a new way.  change is a very powerful tool in creating dreams come true.   so this week i want you to to create some kind of noticeable change in your life.  a few ideas of ways to create a change:

  • take a different route to work or school or wherever you go most days
  • make a new friend
  • wear a colour you wouldn’t normally wear (clothing or makeup)
  • change your hairstyle
  • try a new restaurant or recipe
  • if you usually go out on saturday night – stay in.  if you usually stay in – go out.
  • buy your groceries at a different store
  • if you are an artist – use the colours you usually don’t use
  • paint your bedroom a new colour or get new sheets for your bed
  • wake up at a different time or go to sleep at a different time
  • if you usually take showers – take a bath instead or vice versa
  • sign up for a class in something you are interested in, but don’t know how to do
  • if you drive to work – try public transportation, if you take public transportation, try getting on or off at a different stop and walking
  • buy a vegetable that you have never tried and figure out how to prepare it

if there is something you *always* do find a way to change it.

the purpose of this is to try on change, and see where it takes us.  creating a change opens up an opportunity for something new to come in.

for some change inspiration, check out the cheesy little video i made last year:  “making friends with change”.

creative dream assignment for this week: do something different, and then notice how it feels, see what happens, and report back next sunday.

creative dream check-in

meet me in the comments section below to share the success recording system you created and share what you have been doing to bring your dreams into reality.  also feel free to share anything good that is happening with your dreams, or any challenges you are facing.

my check-in:

at first, i created a page in my business planning art journal to track success.  after i finished my page i realised – i don’t want to cram it all into one page!  i want to make a whole book of success.  or even a series of books!  to start, i made a glittering cover page for my success book and painted the first few pages in fun colours to create a fun space to record my successes in.

success journal

what i have been doing to turn my dreams into reality:

  • clarified what i want to do next with my art and my workshops
  • added details and colours to my wall-sized “ABC creativity creative visioning map” in my art room
  • booked a travel doctor appointment and made a list of everything that i have to do for my trip to turkey and egypt
  • started writing extra “creating dreams come true” blog posts.  this is so i can schedule them to post automatically while i am away on my trip.
  • took advantage of warmer weather to go for long walks
  • brought my old pencil crayons to work and committed to sketching there on breaks
  • started a new blog: (it’s a collaborative blog – please join in if you like art journaling!)
  • went to a dance your prayers workshop
  • set a difficult-for-me-to-set boundary in a relationship that honoured me and what i really want
  • made more time for playing and experimenting in my art room
  • experimented with quinoa
  • took lots of bubble baths (santa was very generous with the lush bath products this year!)
  • spoke up about something that was really important to me, even though i was scared

i am really enjoying these steps into my dreams, feeling life my life is becoming clearer.  my dreams are taking up more space and other things are taking up less space.

i can’t wait to read about the wonderful things you have been up to.


andrea schroeder creates creativity workshops, downloadable creativity kits, art and guided meditations to support you in knowing and remembering that you are a creative being and you can create anything.