{Creating Dreams Come True} Yah! Magic Bubble!

Every Friday I write about Creating Dreams Come True. There is a lovely kind of magic that is created when Creative Dreamers come together, dream together and Make Dreams Real together – together we create a Magic Bubble of Possibility.  I invite you to tap into the magic that is here and use it as fuel to nourish and support you along the path to your dreams.

(If you are less in a Magic Bubble mood and more in a Creative Dreamer lesson and assignment mood you can check out Internal Shifts: Creating Dreams Come True from the Inside Out.)

All together now: Activate Magic Bubble of Possibility

You activate the Magic Bubble of Possibility when you become present with your dream.  You can just kind of relax into it and see what comes up, or use the Creative Dream Check-in questions (from last week’s post):

  • Where am I today in relation to my dream? Or if you are using a map, ask yourself: Where am I on the map today?
  • How does that feel?
  • What does my dream need?
  • What do I need?

I am really in need of some Magic Bubble time this week because so much is changing for me.  Everything is changing. There’s no escaping that change is a part of Creating Dreams Come True but when you’re in the midst of it it’s important to have these little bubbles of space and time where you can put everything down and just be with it.

Ahhhh.  Feels good to relax into it.

Because I have spent most of this week writing writing writing and then writing (for my Bringing your Dream to Life e-course) I feel all written out and I am going to be kind of brief here.  The dream I am working on is getting the e-course all finished and ready to go.

Where am I on the map today?

I am moving right along.  Every day it feels clearer as the pieces keep falling into place.

How does that feel?

It feels like relief.

What does my dream need?

This one is kind of a surprise.  My dreams needs more attention and play.  I am spending all of this time working on it.  It wants me to play with it.

What do I need?

I need to play with it too!  And to keep exploring different ways that I can nourish myself and my creative energy.  And to keep blocking off at least 2 hours each day to work on it – I feel best when I am taking slow, steady steps.

Your Creative Dream Check-In:

Everyone’s dreams grow more fully and beautifully when we grow them together in creative community.

You are welcome to do your check in in the comments. Or just say hello or let us know what you’re up to.