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it’s sunday – which means it’s creating dreams come true day. creating dreams come true is a free ongoing e-course and creative community to support you in living your dreams. if you are new, please feel free to join in. the more creative dreamers the better!

let's cheer each other on!

let's cheer each other on!

last week we had our creative dream spring check-up.  this week i want to provide space here for all of you to share what we found in our check-ups and to ask for support, encouragement and ideas where needed.  we’re going to have a creative brainstorm.

i first learned about the power of creative brainstorming when i read the book wishcraft about thirteen years ago.  in it, barbara sher speaks about getting together with others, sharing your ideas and your problems and gathering inspiration and resources from the group to move forward with your dreams.

the creative brainstorming process is so beautifully powerful.  others can help us dig out shortcuts or discover hidden secret paths to our dreams.  it’s not that we’re not smart enough to do it on our own.  we absolutely are.  but since every person has a unique perspective, other people can see things about your dreams that you can’t see.  gathering their perspectives and ideas helps you build a stronger path to your dream.

i will admit i’ve never attempted to do a creative brainstorm in a blog post before.  but we’ve got a fantastic group of creative dreamers here and i just know we can pull this off.

the creative brainstorm:

either in a post on your own blog (and give us a link to it in the comments below), or in the comments section below, share how you did with your creative dream check-in. ( for reference, the check-up questions are available as a downloadable worksheet in the creative dream spring check-up post.) if you didn’t do the check-in, just share where you’re at.  and let us know where you would like to do some creative brainstorming.  where do you need support?  where could you use a new idea?  what feels difficult for you right now?  let us know where you are looking for inspiration, ideas, support and resources.  make sure you give us enough information that we can be helpful.

don’t forget to read the other comments and add your creative ideas, resources and suggestions.  if you can, please check back throughout the week as not everyone posts their updates immediately.

when receiving ideas, do remember that these are *your* dreams and your decisions.  if something feels wrong for you, don’t act on it.  but do be open to considering other people’s ideas and perhaps they will spark new ideas of your own.

when giving ideas, do remember that we don’t want to tell other people what to do, we simply want to offer our ideas and encouragement.  remember that the person has the right to not use your particular idea.  this doesn’t make your idea wrong, it’s only not quite right for that person, at that time.

don’t be shy about sharing ideas, no matter how silly, odd or outrageous they may seem.  the purpose of a brainstorm is to gather lots and lots of creative energy and ideas.  by sharing the really outrageous ideas, they can spark other ideas that will be workable.  we never know what will inspire what – so share everything.

let the creative brainstorm begin!

roller derby: ready, set go!

ready, set, go!

not that we’re racing against each other, of course.  we are all on the same team here.  i just wanted to share some pics from the roller derby i went to last weekend.  let’s bring this kind of enthusiasm, strength and power to making our dreams real.

we are strong. nothing can get in our way

we are strong. nothing can get in our way

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