Creative Dream Oracle Message: Be More Specific

All of the cards can have many different meanings (which can change from time to time) - when doing your own readings trust you gut and ask your dream about what the message means for you.

Creative Dream Oracle Message: Be More Specific

There are two different scenarios that tend to be at play when you pick this card. Either:

You're being vague about your dreams because you're afraid. You're afraid that you can't have what you really want, or you're afraid that if you name it you'll have to do the work that you don't feel ready to do. Or you're afraid of success or failure or all of the things that we're all afraid of when it comes to our dreams. So you avoid all of that by being vague about what your dream really is.

Or you're focusing on the big picture of moving towards your authentic life and it's time to focus in on something more specific.

Either way, you dream needs you to narrow in right now. Figure out how to name exactly what your dream is in one sentence. Use numbers and dates to be ultra-specific.

This may be ultra-uncomfortable! Do it anyway.

Less: I am welcoming in infinite abundance.

More: I will make an extra $15,000 in the next three months (then make a plan for how you'll do it don't just wish for it).

Less: I am keeping my heart open to finding someone.

More: I will say hello to that cute person I see at the park all the time. Or try online dating. Or ask my crush out.

Less: I want to publish a best-seller that helps millions of people around the world.

More: I will set up a writing schedule that fits my real life and gets me writing for at least three hours a week.

If this is really hard for you to do - consider why it's hard. What are you afraid will happen when you get specific?

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Creative Dream Oracle Message: Be More Specific