Creative Dream Oracle Message: Call It In

All of the cards can have many different meanings (which can change from time to time) – when doing your own readings trust you gut and ask your dream about what the message means for you.

creative dream oracle cards

It’s dinner time and your kids are out playing somewhere in the neighbourhood. You’re standing on the porch calling them in.

Dinner’s ready. It’s time. You have 100% certainty that your kids are going to show up when you call them in.

That’s the energy you want to bring here.

Call your dream in with absolute conviction that it’s close enough to hear you and it will be standing at your doorstep shortly.

Though this doesn’t mean your dream will magically appear as you call it – the focus here is on your own energy.

When you’re in that state of conviction you think differently, you move differently, you act differently.

I mean if you’re calling it in – then diner better be ready.

Don’t depend on your dream to do all the work of finding it’s way to you, do your part to make room for it in your life as you call it in.

What do you need to do to be able to confidently call your dream in today?

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