Creative Dream Oracle Message: You’re In The Right Place

All of the cards can have many different meanings (which can change from time to time) – when doing your own readings trust you gut and ask your dream about what the message means for you.

Creative Dream Oracle Message: You're In The Right Place

You’re in the right place. You have what you need, right here, to get to where you want to be.

Right now your dream is asking you to stop focusing on trying to get somewhere else and instead focus on growing your dream from where you are right now.

We waste so much energy wanting to get to “the right place” to begin that long journey to a dream, when really the secret is just to begin from where you are.

And when you begin from where you are you discover that you really were in the perfect place all along!

What would change if you could trust that you are in the right place right now?

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Creative Dream Oracle Message: You're In The Right Place