creative visioning spotlight: ivor

i am going to be shining spotlights on some of people who are working with my creative visioning process, to show you what they are up to and how they are creating a path to their dreams come true.  it is so cool to see everyone working with the same material to create their totally unique and beautiful dream maps.  these are participants from my make it happen in 2010: creating a year of abundance, possibility and healing creativity workshop or people who purchased my e-guide version of the workshop create a map: a simple guide to creative visioning.

laughing ivor

our first spotlight is on ivor:

ivor participated in the make it happen: creating a year of abundance, possibility and healing workshop earlier this month.  i know ivor as a brave soul, willing to peek into the shadows and darkness, be true to himself by being honest about his feelings and his thoughts and continue to move forward into his dreams no matter what.

you can get to know ivor a little better by visiting his flickr page where he has a wonderful collection of photos.  he has created a whole collection of photos of his map, with his thoughts and feelings on the process.  ivor is a great photographer with loads of amazing photos to look through, including a photo of me in a beehive wig.


ivor’s map i especially love the “dream big! BIGGER!!!” part

in ivor’s words:

what dreams are you working with now?

I am working with “Improved Level of Fitness & Health” and “Become More Active & Move Forward with My Life” first, because pretty well every other dream hinges upon the success of those two.  “Get Creative with my Photography” is a close third because I really enjoy photography and how it challenges my creativeness.

what did you get out of the create a map process? 

I found it helpful.  The process of creating the map got me thinking more seriously about what I want to achieve and what obstacles stand in my way.  In every case, my obstacles are self-created – and the power to succeed is within!

map detail
map detail

how do you feel your map will support you going forward with your dreams?

Seeing my dreams in map form, they somehow take on a new reality.  I can more easily see how important it is to realize some dreams before fully working with others.

thank you so much ivor for your bravery in going first!

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Carrie Anspach,

Carrie Anspach,

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