ABCcreativity interview with nola diamantopoulos

i have been working very hard on ABCcreativity. i have worked my way down to 3 days a week at my day job and i’m getting ready now to take the leap into full time self employment. exciting! scary! and so i am interviewing super inspiring creative beans to gather tools, tips and inspiration from them. and i am sharing their gems here on my blog, every wednesday.

also: i have created a stepping out of your day job and into your creative dream resource page. on this page you can find links to all of the interviews in this series, and resources for building your creative dreams.

this week’s interview is with nola:

who are you and how are you creatively self employed?

My name is nola diamantopoulos and I have a studio called nolastudio in Sydney Australia. This is where I run creativity programs that expand your experience of what it means to be creative – like why you do my kindred spirit. At the studio I mosaic, draw, sculpt, paint, create programs for team building and for personal personal awakening. Every two years or so I have an exhibition of my sculptures and drawings, my mosaics are commission only or community work and I have a one on one coaching practice. Everything I do involves art and creativity.

what was your day job before you were fully self employed?

I was an international tax manager in the oil & gas industry. My work was mentally challenging and stimulating and allowed me to travel to different countries around the world. I loved my work however I would never go back to doing that again. In fact I can not even imagine how I could work in a corporate environment again – ever!  (oh except when I am facilitating a creative corporate program of course)The idea of waking up to shower and dress in office attire (I dont wear high heels anymore – hey – thats a good title for a book), then getting to work in peak hour, working indoors, eating lunch at my desk, maybe going for a lunchtime run, working until 6 or 7pm and getting home in time for dinner and too tired for anything else. Now I might be doing exactly the same hours (actually more)  at my studio(actually more) however the energy is different. I wake up and am excited about the day ahead. I plan to get to the studio at  9.30am and I leave as whenever. I dress as I please, do my hair as I please (or not), enjoy my lunch in my courtyard, think, reflect, meditate, create, explore, discover, share, laugh and then eat again!

how did you make the switch into full time creative employment? did you plan for it or did it just happen? was it gradual or sudden?

It was immediate and surprising. One day I was thinking about my next career move, something you do every 3 – 5 years in a career cycle. I was almost through my second degree, this one in law and then a question came…”how is it that you are working in a company where you are part of a team who’s aim is to grow profits and protect shareholder funds?” and another question…”do you know these shareholders?” I changed in that moment and for the very first time I didnt know what I was going to do next. Shall I tease you now and leave the next chapter for another interview??

what fears came up along the way and what did you do with them?

When the insight came to become an artist, it was a clear, it was a calling and I was fearless and have been ever since.

what was the biggest surprise along the way?

Not only did I discover a passion for the expressive arts and a strong motivation to learn (which has not stopped and in act become stronger), I also discovered  a passion to educate, to share my learnings. Its very natural actually – I cannot consider being one without the other.

i have been working on my dream for some time. i have worked myself down to three days a week at my day job, and i am preparing to make the leap into full time self employment. what advice or tips do you have for me?

My guidance would be to create your Tribe. Your Tribe is your beautiful wonderful supportive environment. With each member of your Tribe you create commitments. Its like a personal coaching program that YOU have tailor made from people that you know well – or only know a little bit well. So for example. I am transitioning & transforming again. And in this phase I reflected on the people in my life and their talents and asked 3 of them to be my guides. I made commitments with each of them – generally it was a longish initial meeting (one on one) where we concluded what could be achieved and what guidance could be given. From that I had three people who I would call once  a week for 20mins – half an hour. This commitment lasted for as long as it needed to last. It was invaluable. We all benefited, we shared resources (“Oh I know someone who might be able to do that for you” came up a lot). This is so powerful at so many levels. Happy to expand on this one if you would like me to Andrea.

where can people find you online? please share your blog/website/facebook/twitter links and any exciting news you may have:

the exciting news is that nolastudio is about to change to….

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thank you nola.

nola is such a creative kindred, it’s a delight to have her here on my blog!

stay tuned next week to hear from our next amazing and inspiring guest – darrah parker.

i am so excited about this whole interview series. in hearing all of these amazing real life stories about making creative dreams real, i hope to inspire both me and you to take the leap, go for it, and dive into our dreams. check out the stepping out of your day job and into your creative dream resource page for more support, ideas and resources.



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