Everything is Changing and the Dream Lab is Closing


Since last summer I have been working on a new program about Creative Dream Alchemy.

The work hasn’t really looked like work. It’s looked like:

  • A lot of meditating and praying and just sitting quietly thinking about what I want to do and noticing how intimidating it is to begin such a big project.
  • Meeting with all of the fear and self-doubt that came up as I did that, offering them love and helping them feel ok about what I’m doing.
  • Journaling and doodling while connecting with my wishes and hopes for this new project. Writing out the same things over and over as though I am circling around something that I can’t quite see.
  • Asking my inner wisdom for guidance and getting really super vague answers and being forced to let this process take the time it takes even though I wanted to just get to work already.
  • Exploring all ideas that come to me and experimenting with them. Hitting lots of dead ends but picking up tiny pieces of information each time I try something new and gathering those bits together until they started to turn into something new.

Exploring something I can’t see yet is complicated and it’s been hard to keep showing up for this!

I am so relieved to finally be seeing some fruits from this labour and I am starting to see exactly what this new project is: a total re-working of all of my work from the past 7 years. A new framework that:

  • captures the complexity of the inner process of healing + transformation in a simpler way
  • links that inner work with the outer work of making dreams real (truly soul-powered: the inner work fuels + directs the outer journey)
  • makes it more accessible to dive in and just take the step that your dream is calling you to take
  • supports you more deeply, making it easier to take those steps

I am in love with it.

And now I start the “outer work” – the creative work of making it real.

This means a complete re-structuring of everything I am currently doing because the new work replaces my old work.

Creative Dream Circle members: yes you get this new program and no you aren’t going to lose anything.

The current classes will be moved into an archive and will remain accessible inside the Circle because I know you still like them and I think they’ll become even more helpful within the framework of the new Creative Dream Alchemy program.

So the Creative Dream Alchemy will take the “front seat” in the Circle and will be the thing we focus on the most but as always you are free to do whatever you want!

My main intention for this class is to make it easier to come in to the Circle and get exactly what you need right there in the moment to take your next steps. So it’s a support system for daily work of working/living with your dreams, no matter where you are on the path.

You may have noticed that I switched the header on my website last week.

This is part of the experiments I am doing to create a new visual look for the Creative Dream Incubator that supports the new Creative Dream Alchemy project.

This is not the final look or anything, but I wanted to put this on my site as an energetic placeholder to help me stay connected to the essence of it as I face and begin the practical work of bringing this idea to life.

The Dream Lab (my free class for exploring the miracle of your dream) is closing.

It will be moved into that archive of my older classes and available only for Circle members. It will NOT be available anymore outside of the Circle.

So if you’re a member of the Dream Lab and haven’t worked through everything yet – the time to do that is now. Or if you’re curious about it go check it out.

I don’t have a date yet for when the Dream Lab will close, but I wanted to give you as much notice as a can which is why I am telling you now, before I know when it will happen.

I know I just made the Dream Lab last year!

But it turns out that was a part of the experiments I was doing as I was learning more about this new Creative Dream Alchemy program.

There will be new free stuff to go with the new Creative Dream Alchemy program, I won’t take the Dream Lab away and leave you with nothing.

I am SO excited about where this is all going.

It is my hope that everyone who wants to (Circle members, Dream Lab members, people who casually read the blog or follow the Creative Dream Incubator on social media) is going to feel more supported in their dreams through this new work.

And now I need to get to work….