Following Inspiration + Choosing What to Focus On for 2018

Last January I really wanted to explore three things with the Creative Dream Incubator:

  • Journal Parties
  • Creative Dream Coaching Circles
  • Real life paper versions of my Guided Journal + Playbooks published on Amazon

Of course, I had different fears and worries about each of these things so I made these cards to help me hold that focus and keep working at these (no matter what the results were) for the year.


For most of the year I kept them tucked into my daytimer/journal (I have one that I use for both) so that as I was making plans I was always checking in with my three things.

Of course, I wasn’t always focused on all three, but I always took time to remember “Oh yeah these are the things things I want to focus on this year“. So I kept them as priorities, no matter what came up over the course of the year.

Honestly, these cards seem like such a small thing but they really were amazing at keeping me from forgetting.

We don’t forget these things because we’re forgetful. We forget because our resistance/fears/self-doubt/inner critics want us to give up. And the easiest way to do that is just to gradually drop it over time – nothing dramatic just letting the dream quietly die.

So these little cards kept these dreams alive for most of the year.

By fall I moved them from my daytimer to my desk. I wasn’t checking in with them all the time anymore, in some ways they felt complete and it was time to let them go as my focus – it was like they had led me to my next things.

I was just tidying up my desk and found them and realised that I need to “officially” let them go as I choose a new focus for the new year.

So this is me letting them go.

Journal Parties:

Last year I had the idea to do these Journal Parties – free, online gatherings with a different guest host each time.

I loved these! And I also feel complete with them. I’m glad I had this idea, I’m glad I kept doing them all year and they did take more energy than I thought they would and I want to free that energy up for other things in 2018.

You can watch the Journal Parties right here but at some point this year I’ll be taking that page down. (After so many years of blogging and doing things online I have found that I need to take things down when they’re done or else it’s just too many old pages floating around)

In theory the idea of doing a live thing that’s not a class just a hangout thing seemed like a good idea – but actually I’m a teacher and I think I should focus on teaching. I am grateful for that lesson/reminder.

Creative Dream Coaching Circles:

This idea came from wanting to give my Creative Dream Circle members what they need to succeed. So at the beginning of the year I asked what kinds of things they needed help with, and then did group coaching calls on those topics.

These calls are also available outside of the Circle, right here.

I love these calls and want to keep doing them.

I will probably not keep making them available outside of the Circle though. The extra admin and promotion work just didn’t quite feel right – I want to focus on serving the people who want to be in the Circle. Also – on the calls I like to be able to refer people to use other tools + classes we have in the Circle – so we can keep doing deeper.

I am so grateful for these calls! I love having them accessible to all of my circle members. For 2018 I want to do some more of these, but also shift my focus to create new Creative Dream Alchemy programs on specific topics. Going deeper.

Guided Journal + Playbooks:

This was an idea that just felt SUPER important for me to pursue that ended up being kind of meh in the end.

But I self-published two guided journal + colouring books this year:

You Got This Guided Journal + Coloring Book for Dissolving Doubt and Bolstering Your Capacity to Believe in Yourself

Order from amazon:

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Hello Day Guided Journal & Coloring Book: 30 Days of Mindfulness, Coloring & Self-Discovery:

Order from amazon:

USA: | Canada: | Great Britain: | Europe:

I have been creating workbooks as a part of my classes for years, but something about self-publishing real life paper version and putting them on Amazon felt daunting.

But once I went through the process and actually did it I saw that it really isn’t all that different. I mean some people prefer to buy a paper book, some people prefer to print their own at home but the principle of putting it out there is really the same.

EXCEPT that when I do the downloadable books I can include guided meditations and video lessons and all that cool stuff. And that is why I know now that I prefer to offer the downloadable kinds.

Making these books and learning how to self-publish was a big job! To put all of that work in just to learn that I don’t want to do this – well that’s the kind of thing that happens sometimes when you pursue your creative dreams with gusto.

I’m so grateful that I did do this, I mean it felt SO daunting so it just feels amazing to have done it anyway, you know? So I feel creatively stronger as a result of having done this.

Choosing new things to focus on.

Actually my focus has been gradually shifting anyway. I mean the process of staying focused on a creative dream will always grow you, so these projects grew me and they grew my inspiration and they grew my dreams.

So actually focusing on those three things led me to the next things to focus on:

  • Creative Dream Alchemy kits
  • Being more creative + structured + intentional about how I’m inviting people into the Creative Dream Incubator (or: marketing my work in ways that inspire + delight)

Now I know if I focus on these two things for the next year I won’t necessarily get the results that I think I want right now – but this will grow me and my dreams again.

It will bring me to the next things to focus on.

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