hello 2011 you are perfect

so far, i am totally in love with 2011.

pink dress

party dress! celebrate! {my favourite dress from the zandra rhodes exhibit at mingei international museum in san diego}

i woke up fairly early this morning, considering i was out late (for me) ringing in the new year at 2 different parties last night.

i woke up inspired.

i re-did a post and video about kindness and new year’s resolutions which will be posted at kind over matter on monday. i finished up a custom meditation for a really dear client and i must say – i totally rocked it. it feels so good to send something out that i just know is going to make a huge positive difference for someone.

all that before i’d even had coffee.

so then i went out for coffee, did some reading and came home to tidy up, unpack from my trip and get ready for an amazing 2011. i was getting hungry for some lunch and i thought “oh i think i have a pizza in the freezer” and opened it up to find not one but two pizzas and delicious artichoke puff pastry thingies.

abundance = discovering that i have way more than i thought i did

it feels like this is setting the stage for my new year.  discovering that i have way more than i thought i had.  discovering i can do more than i think i can.  discovering more joy, creativity and dreams come true than i even know are possible.

i am already living with many dreams come true that at one time felt absolutely impossible.  my house.  the number and type of trips i go on.  spa days.  there was a time when i couldn’t quite afford all of the basics.  like if i got sick i had to really think about whether or not to buy cough medicine because it just wasn’t in my budget.  and now instead i wonder things like… do i want to go back to turkey this year or wait for next year?  big shifts.

so because all of these things have shifted for me, and impossible has become possible over and over again – it’s become easier for me to trust that this will keep happening.  impossible dreams will shift into possible dreams.  possible dreams will shift into dreams come true.  sometimes through a series of small shifts and sometimes in one great big one.

speaking of big shifts – i don’t have a job anymore

yesterday, new year’s eve, was my last day at work.  i packed up my things and handed in my keys and parking pass.  i drove out of the parking lot wondering “what do i do now?”  i know what i’m doing with my business and creative career, what i didn’t know is “what do i want to go right now in this moment?  how do i want to mark this event?”  i decided to go visit my tree, the one that gave me such good advice that i made it my business partner back in the fall.

it’s a lot harder to visit the tree now.  it’s not on a path, so i had to walk through a lot of snow.  but i got there and sat down on the bench under it. i would have taken a picture for you but it was windy and cold and i needed to stay all bundled up.

sitting there, i could feel the tree celebrating with me.  saying “yah you did it!  i am so proud of you.”  i could feel absolute certainty that this was the right move for me to make.  the timing is perfect.  i am so ready.

big shifts.  it feels like all this new stuff is opening up.  possibilities.  opportunities.  ideas.  and i feel so supported in it all.

it feels like 2011 holds so many gifts and i can’t wait to open them up

i am wishing you a 2011 overflowing with abundance, delight and dreams come true.  i am excited about the new stuff i am going to be doing on my blog, the new classes and coaching programs i am putting together – all to give you the tools you need to make your big beautiful dreams come true.

you can do it.  you have more than you think you do.  your dreams are closer than you think they are.  it really is possible.