How do you make your dream real when the world is falling apart?


Over the weekend I shared this post from Chani Nicholas who had re-posted the image from Traceee Ellis Ross but added her own comments.

If you’ve got white privilege put the words in your mouth. Call it what it is. White Supremacy. White Terrorism. Anti-Semitism. Nazism. Call it. All. The. Time. Put the words in your mouth so they can find their way into the ears of the folks around you that are sheltered by their privilege. This is love. Love cares enough to be honest. Love cares enough to be angry at injustice. Love cares enough to put itself on the line.


It really speaks to me how Channi connects outer-world political work that needs to be done with the inner-world cycles and journeys that we go on as we grow towards our wholeness.

These two cannot be held separate.

When you’re working on your dream you are doing your own inner work of growing towards your full creative and spiritual potential.

This grows you. This changes how you show up in the world and it deepens the impact you are able to have on the world.

I mean at the core your dream is about changing the world.

It’s easy to think that your dream is about changing YOUR world. But dreams are more connected than that.

Your dream is your purpose, authenticity and creativity brought to life. Your dream serves as a light that lights the path for the dreamers who come next.

Your dreams support other dreamer’s dreams. And other dreamer’s dreams support yours – in millions of ways known and unknown, seen and unseen.

Dreams do not get divided up by the race of the dreamer!

When people of colour have a harder time making their dreams real because they are facing the obstacles of systemic racism as well as the obstacles to dreaming that we all face – it means we all miss out.

We are all in this together. We need to support each other.

Most of the people reading my blog are white women.

White women are being called upon to help right now. It is time (I mean it’s way beyond time but the present is all we have) to dismantle the systems of oppression that make life easier for white people and harder for people of colour.

I know you want to say “Wait! I struggle too! My life has not been easy!” and of course it hasn’t. No one’s life has been easy.

But you and your family have not been treated differently by society at large your whole life because of the colour of your skin. Your sons are not more likely to be incarcerated or even killed by Police (if you live in the US). Your daughters are not more likely to be murdered or go missing indefinitely with no answers (if you live in Canada). You job applications do not get rejected because you have “a weird name”.

There are millions of obstacles, big and small, that people of colour face that we white people don’t even think about.

So I will say it again. It is time (I mean it’s way beyond time but the present is all we have) to dismantle the systems of oppression that make life easier for white people and harder for people of colour.

And white people need to be a part of that process.

This helps create a better world for all of us. This helps create more possibilities for all of us. This supports everyone’s dreams.

This is a part of your dream work.


It’s best to do some googling yourself to look at the issues that are facing your community specifically – that’s where you can be the best help.

Please come to this post on Facebook so you can add links to helpful resources that you know of. I am not an expert! We need to help each other here.

How to fight racism

Hard Conversations: An Intro to Racism course

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In America:

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In Canada:

Read this book!!!

Ryan McMahon’s 12-step guide to decolonizing Canada on CBC

And please do comment on Facebook to add more resources.