I Am Juggling More Things Than I Can Carry


Juggling more things than I can carry

I just got it – this is why we “juggle” stuff!! Because we couldn’t possibly hold it all.

So I just had a really beautiful and relaxing vacation. And then I was sick in bed for 6 days. And now here I am… behind on all of my projects.

Oh, while I was on vacation I was offered a really great opportunity which I did say yes to, so that added a new project to the pile of things I can’t hold.

This is part of building something. Sometimes it’s overwhelming.

Sometimes there is an exhausting amount of work to be done. Overworking as a way of life is not helpful, but sometimes an opportunity comes your way that is absolutely work working weekends for.

The pitfalls of overworking are obvious. What’s not always so obvious is that always staying “balanced” (I wrote here about how I think balance is bullshit) means you are always staying in your comfort zone, which radically limits what you are able to create in your life.

I like this productivity sprints.

I also hate them.

While I was sick, I binge-watched Scandal on Netflix (I decided to re-watch the whole series before savouring the last season which just came to Canadian Netflix) and knitted and drank tea and book long hot baths and naps.

I didn’t leave the house for 6 days, except for one trip to the store 1/2 a block away. I was going stir-crazy.

So while this morning I was soooo happy to feel better and get dressed and take my laptop to Starbucks and get some actual work done, now that I am sitting here with the reality of my to-do list, I would really like to curl up with Scandal and finish that hoodie I was knitting.

I use love, inspiration and enthusiasm as the fuel.

So when I am wishing to be not-working, I connect with the essence of my dream (what I teach in Dream Lab, my free class). Then I connect with the love I feel for my dream. I connect with the inspiration and enthusiasm I have for it.

I fill up on these qualities until I feel energized and excited to get to work.

Working from this atmosphere of love, inspiration and enthusiasm tends to result in doing better work with less effort because things just so more smoothly.

So, right here in Starbucks, I just connected with the essence of my dream and the love, inspiration and enthusiasm I feel.

And you know what? It all felt pretty far away.

My resistance and tiredness was much closer to me. Or – I was much closer to them.

So I moved myself closer to my dream and all of the good feelings around it and I ask “So what should I do today?”

I get this sense that yes there is a lot of work ahead of me but I can only do one thing at a time.  And that today I’m still moving slow and that’s ok.

Oh, and I get the sense that I have to stop juggling.

Of course, I love my projects and I can’t just drop them. I mean that’s why I am juggling in the first place!

But I can’t give any one thing the love and attention it deserves if I am juggling all of the other things.

So I put them down. Carefully, safely tucked away in my Asana project management app.

I can give everything due dates and alarms so I remember when to come back to them and to give myself the peace of mind of knowing that everything is ok, I won’t miss anything important.

Oh, OK that feels better.

I’m off to work…