I expect this to be intense.

I started my Dream Journey yesterday. (Officially, Dream Journey – my new 3 week group coaching/magic-making circle – starts next Monday, September 18 and I hope you’ll be there!)

But I am starting my journey a week early, as a way of holding space for myself to work through my process to be stronger in supporting you in working through your process. And as a way of helping you get ready for the journey, by seeing more about what it’s about.

I expect this to be intense. All true transformation is intense.

This is a more “advanced” way of working with Creative Dream Alchemy that I usually teach, which is why I am having a coaching/Q+A call every Monday, so I can offer lots of support. I will also be visiting the forum every day (Monday-Friday) and answering questions there.

This is probably going overboard in terms of how much support you’ll need but better safe than sorry!

It’s intense, but in a way that brings you exactly what you need. Since each of us will be on our own unique journey, we’ll each find different gifts in it.

You can trust in the magic of your dream to bring you exactly what you need right now (even if you’re not sure what that is).

So today I worked out what I want my journey to be like.

I want to go from:

  • slightly overwhelmed
  • feeling disorganized
  • too many balls in the air (it sure feels this way but I’m not sure this is true)


  • feeling energized and enthusiastic about my projects
  • focused and clear
  • that beautiful sparkling feeling in my heart that I have when I am deeply connected to my dream

You don’t have to know how to get from Point A to Point B!

Together we”ll use the tools in the Dream Journey kit to take a small step every day and allow the journey to unfold, trusting the magic of intention and power of daily practice to bring us exactly what we need.

For today, this means I explored the Field of Nourishment, and placed my dream into the field.

(This is the printable Field of Nourishment that you get in the Dream Journey kit – I glued it in my journal)

As I got more in touch with the energy of the soul of nourishment, this felt like an explosion of light, a million tiny stars bursting in my heart.

While this was good, it was also too much.

Like I can’t hold all of this good energy.

And that’s ok! One of the guidelines of Creative Dream Alchemy is to stay curious and not judge our experience.

So this really good energy is too much for me. I need to acclimate to it before I can do much with it. Also – the process of acclimating to it will change me, and will change my dream. So acclimating is my work right now.

(Each of you will respond differently to this Field of Nourishment, so each of you will take different steps at this part)

Getting started actually takes a fair bit of energy, and so that’s all I am doing with this today.

I’ll be back here tomorrow with the next chapter from my Dream Journey.

PS: Dream Journey – my new 3 week group coaching/magic-making circle – starts next Monday, September 18 and I hope you’ll be there!


I expect this to be intense. Setting out on a 21 day journey of magic, miracles + connecting with the heart of my dream.