If you’re looking for a sign: this is it.

I create the Year of Dreams journaling kit prompts and schedule them to go out way ahead of time.  Then each week I grab the new sheet to journal with and it feels like my own ideas come back to me as little oracles.

This is what I got this week: GO FOR IT. And it came at exactly the right time.

So much is changing in terms of how my dreams are asking me to show up and I while it’s tiring to keep up some days, I am just delighted and wildly inspired by it all. (You can see some of it in the new art I’m sharing on Instagram – I’ll be sharing new inspiring artwork there every day for the next few months at least)

There are times when stillness and inner exploration are needed and there are times when following your wildest creative impulse is needed. I do love these creative flow times.

On that note: Project Miracle is now available as an on-demand offering.

Miracles on demand!

Check it out here.