Is it just me, or is the magic of the New Year starting to wear off a bit?

After the magic of celebrating a new year and looking ahead to everything I want to create in 2018…

Now that it’s really just time to get to work…

I am finding it hard to focus and it’s really frustrating because there is so much I want to do! So many projects jumping up and down and asking for my love and attention!

I want to be super focused and magically productive.

Instead, I feel dreamy and slow.

Like – everything is taking longer than I want it to and it’s January NINETEENTH and I still haven’t started on the projects I wanted to start in January.

I mean… ugh.

I know I can’t force my way into feeling how I want to feel.

There is no magic switch that will turn me from foggy to clear, from turtle-like to uber productive.

And, sadly, I also know that looking for the magic switch will only take me further away from where I want to be.

The answer is to be with it.

That’s always the answer because all of your power is in the present moment. There is no power in waiting or wishing for things to be different.

Which doesn’t mean accepting that I am currently un-focused and throwing in the towel on ever making the kind of creative progress I want to be making.

It means diving in and being with it:

Claiming what I want (clear focus and delicious creative flow) and bravely facing what is in the way (feeling unfocused, foggy and slow).

I mean I have done this a million times.

Focus isn’t something you just magically have – it’s something you need to cultivate and actively be working on.

And no – I have’t been cultivating it or working on it lately. I mean I had so much going on over the holidays that I’ve just needed a lot of quiet recovery time.

And now it’s time to get back to work, to get focused and cultivate that delicious creative flow that I want to be experiencing.

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