It takes the time it takes.

it takes the time it takes

Creative Dream Alchemy isn’t about speeding up the process of manifestation. It’s about creating a deep alignment between your everyday conscious self and your True Self – so that the light of your inner truth can shine out to illuminate your whole life. It’s about literally living from your inner magic.

This is the real work of making dreams real and growing into your full potential. No spiritual by-pass. No “fake it till you make it”.  No praying for the universe to bring you your dream like it’s a cosmic vending machine.

Just the deep work work of unleashing the magic and power that you know already live inside of you.

The longer you are on the path the more it becomes about the process of navigating your life by your own internal wisdom and finding joy in the process instead of focusing on the external outcomes (aka getting the dream).

Ironically, that’s also when the external outcomes you want tend to start to come to you more easily (yay! you actually do get to get your dream!)

It takes the time it takes is one of the principles of Creative Dream Alchemy.

Your Dream Is Waiting For You To Come True is a free online class to learn more about how to use Creative Dream Alchemy to create change in your life.

The class is designed to work for beginners and seasoned dreamers alike – the principles + practices are the same, no matter where you are on the path.

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