It’s ok if working on your dream is boring sometimes.

The bigger vision of your dream is inspiring and exciting. But the steps that are in front of you? Not so much. Sometimes scary, sometimes uncomfortable, often boring, rarely exciting.

But imagine what would happen if you tried to skip over the steps that are in front of you while walking somewhere. All you can do is trip and fall – there just isn’t a way to get ahead without starting where you are.

Well it’s the same for dreams.

Yesterday I moved videos from the Creative Dream Incubator e-course to a new membership site for the Creative Dream Circle.

It’s boring. I mean I do what I can to make it fun for myself – I went to Starbucks and got a nice coffee and was listening to music I like. It’s certainly not a horrible way to spend time.

But it’s not the dream of how I want to spend my days.

It’s the work that supports the dream. Which simply must be done if you want to have the dream.

It’s the steps that are in front of me to take, even though I don’t really want to take them because the steps further down the line look so much more interesting.

My Big Project right now is the Year of Dreams 2018. The materials are mostly done, I am working on the layout on the site (because there are a lot of moving parts I want to have it be as simple + organised as possible) and then getting videos recorded that explain everything.

This is where the Year of Dreams 2018 collides with another project – a total update of the Creative Dream Circle website.

I don’t want to put the Year of Dreams onto the old site, then move everything over. The new site is just way better – it will make it easier for people to work through the classes, and to find what they are looking for. Also: a better forum for the mastermind groups and other upgrades.

But I have well over 100 classes, tools and resources in the Creative Dream Circle. And some of the classes, like the Creative Dream Incubator, include dozens of videos.

So it quickly turns into this Big Job. And while I wanted to outsource this job, that didn’t feel right.

As boring as a lot of it is, this job is also an opportunity to look at all of the content, to make any adjustments that need to be made. To clean things up. To make it better and brighter – which is always my aim with the Creative Dream Circle, that every year it’s better than it was the year before.

So this is what the Circle needs from me right now. This kind of deep tending as a way of preparing to move it to it’s new home where it will have more space to grow into what it is.

For months now I have been really excited and inspired to start working on new Creative Dream Alchemy programs. This is the big dream that is calling me right now.

Well these programs need a better home to live in. So this work helps that future work as well.

When I look at it in this way, I see that I am conditioning the soil for the dreams I want to plant next.

These are my next steps! As much as I want to skip ahead to the part where the flowers and blooming I can’t get there if I don’t condition the soil first.

So then it stops feeling boring and starts feeling meaningful.

Then I get the work done in the spirit of nourishing my dreams, which keeps me in a mindset of possibility which means all sorts of magic little things can happen along the way.

Because magic tends to not show up when I’m all grumbly-cranky about getting my work done.